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There are no new weapon categories, but more animations for each category.

oh sorry i miss read.I am not native English sorry lol either way it’s a good update all and all.Just may run out of masteries space if you add li8ke 80 masteries.

If that day ever comes then the solution is simply to ask Crate to add more “room”. I suspect, tho, that by the time we get to 80 masteries most people’s creations will be fairly redundant and pointless by that point. How many Necromancers do we need, really?

We do not even have 80 masteries across all the different mods I believe - and we certainly won’t have 80 masteries that are totally unique instead of slight variations of each other, as powbam said

My mod now has 40 and if I want to add another 20 I get close to having different iterations of the same mastery (Cataclysm, Cataclysm Redone, Apocalypse) just to fill the available slots :wink:

I know i was more joking around :grin: personally i think 40’s enough.Maybe if someone added more mastery classes with item support etc then it can be considered but for now DoM and Grimmilion are both good with 40 classes each.

Scratch necros, we need pure passives mastery, like Training from TQ’s Destinies mod.

Only classes i really want to see get added to DoM/Grimmilion are D@ classes if they can get source/permission.Imagine building a D2 Barb and a Crusader or a D2 Barb and D3 Barb.Would be hectic :D.

I will agree there’s a lot of summoning classes we need more damage classes like astlym/masteries etc in TQ.

What mod is DoM? It’s name? If it has 40 masteries I assume they are what Grimarillion has.

So apparently sometimes people do get what they want, LOL (masteries). Does this mean I’m off the hook from my difficult idea? :wink:

DoM is Dawn of Masteries

I think you can put the infinite mastery merger to rest for a while :wink:

Wow Mamba. Resurrecting old class mods long since abandoned! SWEET! And it was put out just a few months ago. :slight_smile: Yes, I’d consider this noteworthy and would play it if I continue playing GD in general. Nice work. :slight_smile: The token system looks like a good compromise too, considering the complexity of all those new classes.

Well I am happy overall since I’m not a modder. I was thinking of becoming one over the years, mostly I just do graphics by tweaking original assets with filters (Will soon release Wolf 3D HD on the GzDoom forums once I get time to finish it based on a Wolf 3D TC for Doom 2).

I’ve given this a second go to see if there was anything I was leaving out. Overhauled the devotion set-up to give me Tree of Life to heal my pets, different equipment to better emphasize Vitality damage. It doesn’t help. For sure, they can more easily beat vanilla Nemeses like Fabius, but Corrupted Nymphs simply don’t do enough damage against the new Nemeses like Kaisan before he simply wipes the field. I tried SR65 five times and failed all of them, with some of the runs dying in the exploration shards due to the placement of Diablo Nemeses (which are on a completely different level from Grim Dawn Nemeses, so take all my problems above and raise it even more).

My suggestion - since the weapon is gearing towards Corrupted Nymph where Nature class has no Vitality RR - is either remove the -50% total damage mod all together or give the Corrupted Nymph transmuter a chock full of flat Vitality damage as Nature already has a +Crit and +Total Damage Modifier buff for the Sylvan already.

I’ve tried a few dummy tests to see how much damage the Nymphs are doing. The highest damage I’ve seen was around 2.5 crits for only 8K damage. That’s Skeleton-level damage, and you don’t have the excuse that you’re using 10-12 of them. Sylvan Nymph damage needs to be upped significantly.

Out of the GQ pet builds I’ve tried, Nature Wolves are OP with the new GQ set, Nymphs are too weak, Force of Nature is great. Spirit pets are pathetic with the exception of the Outsider and maybe Bone Fiend, if I’m being generous. Earth’s Core Dweller and Storm’s Winter Sprite work surprisingly well paired together, but having tried it in SR, the same problem applies: you have no way to keep your pets from dying, and you end up having available to you 2% of your DPS at least 50% of the time because the multiple bosses gimp your pets before they can do anything. Dream pet I’m not optimistic on in terms of how much damage it does, but the Master Mind buff is really nice now.

I’ll make sure to post the builds in my Compendium so you can see where the pets shine and where they’re lacking.

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@ASYLUM101 I’ve got an odd bug in a brand new game. The image shows items in my inventory, but they’re not actually there. I cannot select any of them and hovering over doesn’t even present the description…

Edit: the items appear to be in the inventory in some manner. When I hover over gear that can use any of the components that I can’t select, the components light up like normal.


Does using the auto sort butto move them? It may fix the issue.

That did it. Thank you for the suggestion.

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v75a Changelog

*Fixed an issue with Rift Stone and Chipped Claw still having partials.
*Fixed an issue where the skillful crafting recipes were cheaper than intended. (i removed the component requirements for testing, forgot to readd them)
*Fixed an issue where one of the affixes for the skillful rings had an invalid skill bonus.
*Onuris Spear now unlocks the ability to use Rupture with spears.
*Fixed an issue where the Divine Ordu Composite Bow mesh was missing.
*Bumped Sigil of Bast’s health scaling, should put it at 18k hp from 15.4k at level 100.
*New set added, Armament of the Fiery Legion
*Adjusted some stuff so it is no longer considered as a pet, functionally should be more or less the same.

Strands of Fate:
*Increased regen and all damage ranks 1-10. All Damage scaling increased slightly beyond rank 10.
*Increased total speed scaling.

Skeletal Soldier:
*Replaced physical damage with cold, replaced bleeding damage with flat vitality.

Skeletal Soldier - Unrelenting Dead:
*Replaced physical resist bonus with elemental resist.

Bone Fiend:
*Replaced physical damage with cold.

Lich King:
*Soul blight skill adjusted, removed % HP reduction, but added base damage and weapon damage. RR Reduced at high levels, reduced at low levels. (12-30 from 8-45) Soul Blight projectile changed to be similar to Spectral Bolt.
*Adjusted the AI.
*Adjusted the projectile for the basic attack, should now be more accurate and easier to hit targets in buildings.

Dark Covenant:
*Removed flat cold damage bonus.
*Removed active health cost.
*Added flat energy cost.
*Increased radius to 20m.

Dark Covenant - Unearthly Power:
*Replaced flat vitality damage with cold.
*Removed active health cost.
*Added flat energy cost.

Spirit Ward:
*Added 12m radius.
*Added active cost.
*Reduced reserve scaling slightly.

Spirit Ward - Spirit Bane:
*Adjusted flat aether damage.
*Added % Cold and % Frostburn
*Added energy reserve + active cost.

Sylvan Nymph - Corrupt Nymph:
*Replaced bleeding damage with vitality decay.

*Removed vitality damage from basic attack, re evaluated damage numbers. (big buff)
*Hypnotic Gaze now deals damage in short wave in front of the nightmare. Added flat chaos, vitality, decay, and weapon damage. Confusion flattened to 1 second, damage reduction removed.


Same deal as usual, drag and drop into your grim dawn/mods folder, remove the old one first to be safe. Also back up your characters, to be safe.

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Hello ASYLUM101.
I am glad to see that you keep up to date this mod,time to play GD again , almost a year since the last time i played GD in general. Now because of the Covid19 i have at least 15 days to enjoy video games .
And also i want to create my own mod from scratch , not a big project just some minor changes and i would apreciate if you give me some advice about the following:
1 - Creating a single difficulty where all the shrines and quests are avaible + increasing the Devotion points from 55 to 70 ,also adding some shrines in some areas .
2 - All shrines to be desecrated like the Mogdrogen Shrine(Material Requirements and monster Spawn )
3 - Make act 1 - 2 Veteran difficulty ,act 3 Elite , and from act 4 to be ultimate(If Possible).
4 - Increasing the hero spawns and the exp so at the end of the game to be almost max lvl.
5 - Modifying some quests to be avaible in that unique difficulty ( more atribute points and skill points to compensate ,Lutra Quest, Path of the 3 … )

I want to create a mod like this because i like to complete ,map,quests,shrines one time not to be obligated to change the difficulty to gain the atribute points , skill points some quest give,devotion ponts and also the quests that are restricted to ultimate .

I have no idea about modding and the only thing i did for the moment was to read the tutorial witch gave me the impresion that i need to copy the base game files and modify them(No idea what should i copy,what to modify and how to modify them).

Just finished downloading the new Grimarillion update, Great Job and thank you .

Updated the Rainbow File for Grimarillion v75a.


Hi, I am having an issue with a crafting recipe. Ellena’s necklace does not register when attempting to craft LeviathanZE.

Here is the screenshot:

You don’t have to play through the game multiple times anymore. Idk when the last time you played was but you can buy merits in the Forgotten Gods region to give to low level characters and it allows them to skip difficulties and gain some quest rewards from the previous difficulties.