[REL] Grimarillion v90d

I’m afraid there will be little level 100 for accessories …

Far as I know Asylum has no plans to increase the max level. For one thing the highest tier for gear is L94 so going much higher would mean creating a whole new level of gear to support it.

I see, thank you!

Amazing mod!!
exists a full translation for the mod to portuguese?

I want to say up front that I absolutely love this mod. However, I would like to make some minor edits and possibly merge in a few other small mods. I would be doing this for personal use only, I won’t post it anywhere, and I expect no technical support for the errors I will (inevitably) cause when I mess with things. Is there a way that I can obtain the source code for Grimarillion?

Sorry if there is already a link to the source files somewhere that I missed or if this isn’t the place to ask this.

You get the source (well, much of it) by extracting the arz and arcs.

The arz gives you all the dbrs, which is probably all you need for minor tweaks

Okkaaay, there’s something really weird going on with Earth’s Coredweller. Just started a pet based Elementalist and began with Earth. Have a point in Rupture, a couple in Enchantment and Corrie was started. Once I got to him I decided to max the base skill so added points when I next levelled up. Went to resummon him and the screen went black; music still played, but had to use Task Manager to close the game down. Restarted again, resummoned him and got to the next level. Added points to him again and went to resummon and got this.

That’s Devil’s Crossing inside the prison.

I’m on v80a of the mod and of the game. Verified the game files, but not sure if that does anything to help the mod.

Thank you! Still getting used to the modding tools and such for this game

that bug with core has been there awhile. I found dont open skills window if your not in a safe place. One work around is to open a teleport for some reason that pulls him back out of the ground.

I extracted grimarillion.arz and templates.arc into a separate mod to work on them (so I could make my edits and build the .arz using Asset Manager, then replace the original grimarillion.arz) since I only want to edit playerlevels and the devotion shrines records. Most of it builds fine, but even without making any edits I get some errors:

Couldn’t load template for record: records/skills/hunting/huntingskilltree.dbr (database/templates/skilltree_expanded.tpl)

I also get the same error for a few of the other masteries (although not all). The ones that get this error show up fine in the mastery select screen, but when selected show a bunch of empty squares with no skills. The skilltree_expanded.tpl is in the right place as far as I can tell. What am I missing?

It is not in the right place, it has to be where the vanilla templates are (ie your AM working dir\database\templates)

You don’t even need to rebuild the whole database, you can just patch the original grimarillion.arz with the changed records. This also prevents the error you get.

How do you patch an arz ? Don’t you have to rebuild the grimarillion.arz ?

You can do it this way.

I don’t even have a proper source for Nydiamar anymore, I just patch the latest .arz (and .arcs through archivetool) like this when doing an update.

Thank you for your help - I was able to get it all working!

Dunno. Doesn’t happen for me. What are you doing when it triggers the bug? Does CD have a devotion bound? Are you using rainbow/GI? What are your graphic settings?

Chances of being able to fix this are close to 0 so…

As I said, resummoning Corrie after putting points into the base skill. Only L8 so no devotions and no I don’t use GI or Rainbow.



Nothing out of the ordinary for gear, just anything I have in store in GDStash with pet bonuses on it.

Loving the mod but for example with the diablo illusion sets that show more skin than Grim Dawn allows it shows our PJ’s…

Is there a possibility to remove our PJ’s or underwear or get an update later on custom fitting the outfits to each illusion? The wolf gear DLC crate made changes the boob size and contour of your character to fit the armor so I’d imagine this can be difficult.

Simple fix to just remove the underwear texture and just put our skin instead if possible. Looking forward to a reply.

I had this same thing happen with some of the pets. One thing you can do to fix it is tell your pet to walk somewhere on screen and everything will come back. I have no idea what is causing it. (If you don’t have more than 1 Pet than I don’t know how to fix it.)

I have noticed some weird stuff when you have an item with +1 to all skills in Earth Master (any pet class not just this one) and then remove or change it out for something else. You can fix it by logging out to main menu. The buttons are still there for me when this happens so I just use muscle memory to know where to click.