[REL] Grimarillion v90d

If you don’t have Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods then the movement skills aren’t available.

shit… could u anyone give me a list of classes that the skills are unavaiable for me now? :smiley:

Without AoM and FG, the mod will be pretty broken for you, that is not limited to a few skills… e.g. you are missing half the items from the drop tables. Do not play mods that require AoM or FG if you do not have those

Can you add the ability for all the loot to have prefixes and suffixes? Even Epics and legendaries?

Without AoM or FG? Pretty much only the first 6 vanilla classes. Maybe Zenith classes, that’s it, but you will have pleeeeeeeeenty of other issues to worry about so… have fun running into bugs I guess. :eek:

Can I? Probably.

But am I gonna?


I am curious on this though. Is doing so a huge undertaking? Do you need to edit each item to allow this to occur? I’ve only seen it in one or two mods.

And even though you aren’t. Still playing the hell out of Grimarillion. :smiley:

You have to modify every loot table where the item can appear, either by adding all the desired affixes to a loottable or adding all the uniques to an existing loottable that already has affixes, and you have to do this for every loottable for each item type (helmet, sword, 2h sword, etc)

Having a bit of an issue, cant seem to get the auto-loot to work for anything. Is that just not working at the moment or was there something I have to activate, or what? None of the components ever get picked up.

For now, we have removed that feature since a lot of users are using Grim Internals, which seems to do a better job than any mod can do in terms of auto-pickup. I had tried to use a different version of autopick for Grimmest but it led to issues in MP. At the moment, this whole issue is sort of on the back-burner. You should be able to use Grim Internals and customize it to only perform auto-pickup if that is all you are after.

I knew there was another mod I was forgetting about, thanks for letting me know.

Sounds monstrous. If this was a task I wanted to undertake is there source available for Grimarillion?

I cannot activate those skills.


Well, if you have Trance of Wrath I’m not sure you’d want Convalescence anyway as only one trance can be active at a time. Nightmare you should be able to put points into.

Just want to ask.Did you remove bows from the game?I did find a bow of the nile.

Convalescence cannot activate in the first place. Nightmare is cast but nothing show up.:confused::confused::confused:

These skills are working fine, make sure you have the latest version of Grimarillion and GD with AOM and FG installed.

Remove? No, there are no bows. I added crossbows for GQ, Bow of the Nile would be one of them.

Just a note from a version before the last expansion:
the Deathchill Aura from Spirit Mastery seems to prevent the Deathchill Aura from the Deathchill relic.


See we still have our floating orb friend. :smiley:

Question: the forgotten souls we get to make items with - can those items be used by any character?

Playing with the transmuted Volcanic Orb from Earth, which I think in general is fantastic, however I’ve run into a few issues so far:

1.) While the orb is supposed to pierce, I frequently see it getting detonated to enemy projectiles. With the 3-second recast and moderate energy cost, this is quite frustrating.

2.) Occasionally, the terrain or the location of the enemy will cause the chaos-energy and the stone(orb?) itself to separate and go in different directions and miss the target.

3.) The orb flies right over low enemies without activating.

Anyone not run into these issues?