[REL] Grimarillion v90d


  1. I’ll fix this.
    2)uhh no idea
    3)ill see what I can do. Maybe fixes 2 with whatever changes I make if I’m lucky.

Something in here labelled as a beast with no other description. Mouldering Fields area.

Hm, probably a grimmest specific creature. Which one was “nameless”? The boar or the basilisk? ( I think that’s a boar…)

Really couldn’t say Asylum101. I was concentrating on the basilisk, but the weapon was pointing at the other at that moment so could be either of them. :undecided:

I don’t understand why this has happened.

You’re playing on an old, broken version.

So for v1.1.2.5 with AoM, what should I be using? Apparently despite 64a being ‘the last version for AoM’, it’s an old broken version.

Yep, keep going back one version until it works. Non-FG versions aren’t supported anymore.

Going back versions seems like it’d be counterproductive, but if that’s what it takes.

Hi. I decided to play the most recent versions with grim internals and its great. :slight_smile:
So I was wondering if its possible to increase the shared. stash size in the future for us hoarders. The ideal would be something like 16 tabs so we could fit 1 category per tab (1 handed, rings and so on). Barring that 13 tabs would be great too.

Not possible, stasher mod increases the stash capacity but that’s as far as we can go. You’ll have to use gdstash if it’s not enough.

Is it possible to upload also a source link for new versions?
I don’t like stasher mod because of 4x3 display resolution - because of this I want to make my own stash with your mod.

I had no idea such a tool existed. Thanks for letting me know about it.

hi, where do I put the script file u mention in download section?
and autopickup doesnt, maybe i’m doing something wrong :3

Auto pickup is disabled.

Asylum101/jiaco Witch Doctor’s Fire Bomb doesn’t break hero orbs. Breaks barrels, bone piles, doors, etc, but not those which is a bit of a nuisance if you want it on the LMB.

Sorry, no source link. I don’t have the time to zip and upload the source in addition to the mod itself.

Scripts goes into the grimarillion/resources folder, autopickup is disabled as medea said due to various issues it was causing.

For some reasons the modifier Spray of Teeth from Demon Hunter Mastery does not work for me.
The blue burst animation is there, the added piercing damage still works, but the AoE effect does not come into action nor the DoT effect.

v67 (standalone)


[Mod Updates]
*Updated grimmest scripts to 1.1a.
*Added Shattered Affixes mod.
*Added Hairstyles mod.

[Grim Quest]
Heroic Vault:
*Increased leap distance from 12m to 13m.
*Reduced cooldown to 3.6 seconds from 5.
*Reduced starting flat phys but scaling overall increased.
*Added bleeding and piercing damage.
*%Wpn Dmg reduced slightly.
*Mana costs reduced at lower ranks but increased at higher ranks.

Heroic Vault - Olympian Might:
*Range increase flattened to 3m.
*Removed % All Damage scaling
*Added %bleeding and %bleed duration.
*Added cooldown reduction
*Added flat trauma.


*Adjusted base resists.
*Adjusted base stats. Less starting health, better everything else. Now has higher attack damage, higher base attack speed, lower cooldown on cleave, and base retaliation dmg.
*Armor per level halved. (was getting way more than intended)
*Boulder toss cooldown reduced to 6 seconds and aoe reduced by half. Damage values tweaked.
*Added new spawn fx.

Coredweller - Inner Fire:

Coredweller - Wildfire:
*Reworked, no longer creates a small burning field. Instead now deals fire/phys damage in a massive 10m PBAOE and causes confusion.

Earth Enchantment:
*Removed Flat burn
*Removed Phys > Fire Conversion for players and pets.

Earth Enchantment - Flames of Tartarus:
*Moved, is now a high level passive instead of a transmuter.

Earth Enchantment - Prometheus’ Gift:
*New Transmuter
*Converts phys > fire for players and pets.

Earth Enchantment - Stone Skin:
*Added flat physical damage.
*Swapped Fire resist for elemental resist, reduced slightly.

Eruption - Molten Lava:
*Armor reduction replaced with physical resist reduction.
*Flat damage reduction replaced with 18% fumble/impaired aim.
*Reduced the duration of all effects to 5 seconds.

Flame Surge:
*Reduced base cost of the skill by more than half.
*Energy cost scaling increased but still costs less at all ranks. (I never realized how oppressive this skills costs were at early ranks)
*Increased the projectile speed and range.

Flame Surge - Incinerate (Transmuter):

Flame Surge - Hellfire Wave:
*New transmuter
*Converts the flame surge skill into a chaos damage skill.

Flame Surge - Barrage:
*Renamed to Scorch.
*Removed skill cost reduction.
*Added scaling energy cost with ranks.
*Added chance to stun.

Flame Surge - Flame Arch:
*Reduced base energy cost and cost scaling.
*Added crit damage.
*Added burn duration.

Heat Shield:
*Reworked. Now functions as a toggled buff similar to Vindictive Flame.
*Added % Weapon Dmg, % Retal dmg, % retal to attack, physical damage and burn damage.
*Removed Damage absorption.
*Removed max fire resist.
*Removed burn duration reduction.

Heat Shield - Hephaestus’ Anvil:
*Removed stun resistance (now part of Stone Form.)
*Added Chaos resistance.
*Added reduced burn duration.

Heat Shield - Earth Attunement:
*Reworked into a passive, no longer requires heat shield to be active.
*Removed Spontaneous Combustion Proc.
*Removed % Retaliation
*Added Energy regen.
*Added scaling to Energy Absorption.

*Renamed to Rain of Fire
*Instead of dropping one giant meteor, the skill will now drop many smaller meteors similar to Devastation.
*Cooldown reduced to 18 seconds, damage heavily reduced (as to be expected for having more meteors…)
*Removed Knockdown.

NEW SKILL Radiate:
*Deals fire and physical damage in a large aoe and reduces damage dealt by enemies in the area.

Ring of Flame:
*Max rank reduced to 12.
*Replaced active cost with energy reserve. (400 at 22/12)

Ring of Flame - Soften Metal:
*Replaced active cost with energy reserve. (220 at 22/12)

Stone Form:
*Renamed to Mountain Shell.
*Reworked. Now functions as a toggled buff, doesn’t force the player to become immobilized either.
*Damage absorption changed to flat damage absorption.
*Retaliation damage removed
*Added total damage penalty.
*Health regen value stays about the same.

Stone Form - Molten Rock:
*Renamed to Immovable.
*Now provides CC resist.
*Also increases % health regeneration.

Volcanic Orb:
*Adjusted some projectile stuff

Volcanic Orb - Entropy:
*Adjusted some projectile stuff

Volcanic Orb - Conflagration:
*Replaced reduced target’s % Elemental resist with reduced target’s resist (flat, still unstacking tho)

*Added % internal trauma modifier.

Skeletal Soldiers:
*Adjusted base resists.
*Textures changed, skeletons are now way more visible.
*Shield, armor, and weapons are now aesthetic only, and no longer provide bonuses. Shield block is only relevant in the first levels of the game, once dmg values exceed ~200, the damage blocked is meaningless since there is no “pet damage blocked” stat. Armor/weapon damage bonuses baked into random items is too much RNG.
*Block recovery and block damage removed from level growth stats.
*Base damage of skeletons increased.
*Base attack speed of skeletons increased.
*Removed target restriction from Shield Smack.
*Shield smack wpn dmg reduced, debuff effects removed.

Skeletal Soldiers - Relentless Evil:
*Renamed to Unrelenting Dead
*Removed health regen and life leech.
*Now has a max of 5 charges, charge 4 is unlocked at rank 12, and charge 5 at rank 20.
*Added weapon damage scaling.
*Removed %HP reduction.

*Adjusted base resists.

*Adjusted base resists.

*Adjusted base resists.

*Mastery reworked

Astral Rift:
*No longer follows the player around.
*Damage types changed to vitality/decay/chaos.

Dreamers Flux:
*Removed along with the 2 transmuters for it.

Distortion Field:
*Removed %Damage absorbed.
*Added physical and pierce resistances
*Added life regen modifier.

Distortion Wave:
*Added %Weapon Damage
*Cooldown reduced to 2.8 seconds
*Mana costs adjusted.
*Physical damage reduced
*Added vitality decay over 3.
*Slow duration reduced to 3 seconds from 4.

Distortion Wave - Psionic Immolation:
*Increases the distance traveled by Distortion Wave by 2 meters.
*Reduced energy costs.
*Added flat vitality damage
*Removed Trauma
*Added chance to stun.
*Removed racial damage.

Distortion Wave - Chaotic Resonance:
*Reduced energy costs.
*Reduced phys modifier.
*Added flat chaos damage.
*Added vitality modifer.
*Added decay modifier.

Distort Reality:
*Added % Weapon Damage
*Fixed an issue where this skill ignored racial damage bonuses.
*Cooldown reduced to 3 seconds.
*Energy costs heavily reduced.
*Petrify replaced with Stun
*Radius reduced to 5 meters.
*FX cleaned up.
*Damage now split between chaos and physical.

Distort Reality - Temporal Rift:
*Added physical damage modifier.
*Added chaos damage modifier.
*Removed Trauma
*Added Vitality Decay
*Removed Racial damage bonus.

Distort Reality - Disturbance:

Distort Reality - Trance of Wrath:
*No longer an exclusive.
*Now a modifier to Distort Reality.
*Removed physical/lightning/vitality resist reductions.
*Removed trauma
*Added chaos damage and vitality decay.
*Added target DA reduction.

Lucid Dream:
*Moved down 2 tiers.
*Added reflection resist.
*Added flat OA and flat DA.
*Removed all damage modifiers.

*Moved to Psionic Touch as a modifier.

Temporal Flux:
*Moved down 1 tier.

*Moved down 1 tier.
*Physical damage replaced with chaos damage.
*Electrocute replaced with Vitality Decay.
*Adjusted base resists.

Nightmare - Hypnotic Gaze:
*Resist reduction changed for damage reduction.

Nightmare - Dream Surge:
*Moved down 1 tier.
*Physical damage replaced with chaos damage.
*Electrocute replaced with Vitality Decay.

Nightmare - Mastermind:
*Now affects players as well.
*Increased %All Damage
*Reduced health and energy regeneration modifiers.

Phantom Strike:
*Moved down 1 tier.
*Reduced % Weapon Damage.
*Cooldown reduced by 10%.
*Energy costs reduced.
*Physical damage reduced.
*Added vitality damage.
*Added vitality decay.

Phantom Strike - Dreamstealer:
*Energy costs reduced.
*Now increases the distace traveled by Phantom Strike by 3 meters at all ranks.
*Now reduces the cooldown of Phantom Strike.
*Removed physical damage.
*Added Chaos Damage
*Removed % All Damage
*Added Crit Damage
*Added Vitality Decay modifier.
*Removed mana leech.
*Removed stun.

NEWPhantom Strike - Night Terrors:
*After hitting an enemy with Phantom Strike, creates up to 4 orbiting projectiles every 0.5 seconds. These projectiles pierce deal decay/chaos damage and cause confusion.

Psionic Touch:
*No longer works as a Cadence-clone. Works more like Primal Strike now.
*Reduced %Weapon Damage.
*Added 1.8 second cooldown.
*Increased energy costs.
*Reduced physical damage
*Added vitality damage
*Added decay.
*Added stun chance.
*Added scaling radius.

Psionic Touch - Psionic Artery:

Psionic Touch - Psionic Burn:

NEW Psionic Touch - Premonition:
*After hitting an enemy with Psionic Touch, grants a buff to the player. This buff grants % physical, flat chaos damage, % chaos, flat vitality damage, % vitality, and % decay.

Sands of Sleep:
*Reworked as a Pox-type curse. Causes enemies to be put to sleep. While the curse lingers on the target, they take chaos and decay damage and are fumbled.

Sands of Sleep - Troubled Dreams:
*Added chaos and decay damage
*Removed trauma
*DA reduction changed to a stackable type.
*Now reduces chaos, vitality, and physical resists. (stackable)

Trance of Convalescence:
*No longer exclusive.
*Moved down 3 tiers.
*Removed damage absorption.
*Removed decay/trauma/electrocute duration reduction.
*Removed constitution bonus.
*Added Chaos and Vitality resistances.

Trance of Empathy:
*No longer exclusive.
*Moved up 2 tiers.
*Now a modifier for Trance of Convalescence.
*Removed life steal.
*Removed Reflection resistance.
*Added flat physical damage.
*Reduced flat physical retaliation.

NEW Skill
Psionic Burn:
*Channels a tight cone that deals chaos and vitality damage.

NEW Skill
Psionic Drain:
*Adds lifesteal, crit damage, decay, increases chaos and vitality damage dealt.

NEW Skill
*Grants CC reduction, %Crit dmg for a short duration and heals the player for a small amount. Cooldown is less than the duration so it can be kept up indefinitely.

NEW Skill
Ikelos’ Fright:
*First exclusive of 2, grants flat chaos damage, % Dmg Absorb, %OA, %Chaos Dmg, %vitality, %decay, phys > Chaos conversion, and % Dmg to Chthonics.

NEW Skill
Boon of Morpheus:
*Second exclusive, grants flat aether damage, %DA, % Cooldown reduction, %lightning, %aether, %electrocute, vitality > lightning conversion, chaos > aether conversion, and %dmg to aetherials.
Thorn Sprite:
*Adjusted base resists.
*Adjusted base stats to be more like GD Necromancer Skeletons.
*Armor per level halved to be more like GD Necromancer Skeletons.

Force of Nature:
*Adjusted base resists.
*Adjusted base stats to be more in line with the Primal Spirit, this means it gains better OA but greatly reduced HP.

Sylvan Nymph:
*Adjusted base resists.
*Adjusted base stats to be more like Occultist Raven. (She has always used this but a much much older version of it)

Call of the Wild:
*Adjusted base resists.
*Adjusted base stats.
*Armor per level reduced.
*Base damage reduced.

Call of the Wild - Maul:
*Merged into base skill.
*Reduced flat damage to compensate for the increased summon amount.
*Added movement speed so the skill could be used by the wolves to hunt down prey.
*Removed target limitation.

Call of the Wild - Pack Dogs:
*Replacement to Maul, mirrors Undead Legion. Reduces cooldown and cost of Call of the Wild and increases the number of wolves spawned.

Spectral Hunter:
*Adjusted base resists.

Fletchette Minefield:
*Adjusted base resists.

Monster Lure:
*Adjusted base resists.

Winter Sprite
*Adjusted base resists.
*Adjusted base stats. Less starting health, better everything else.
*Doubled armor per level.

Lay Trap:
*Adjusted base resists.

no special install instructions, assuming I packed it right you should just need to place the contents of the zip into the grimdawn/mod folder as usual. Remove the old version beforehand, we don’t want any old files sneaking in somehow.

As usual, I’m loving the updates so far! Especially to Dream… I’ve been waiting for a viable Chaos-Vitality class and this one not only has an interesting mix of skills, it also looks the part. Extremely well done!

Just a heads-up, Psionic Touch still has it’s original descriptor… a little misleading.

Thanks for the comments, I’ve already got a few small tweaks lined up for a small update, possibly for later tonight if I finish and I get no other reports.


Requires v67 to be installed, overwrite the contents of 67 with 67a.


*Updated the version number to 67a.

Psionic Touch:
*Updated the skill description.

Phantom Strike:
*Updated the tooltip since the skill doesn’t need a melee weapon anymore.

*Lowered the CC resistance to match the crit dmg bonus. When I was testing the design originally, the cooldown was higherand duration lower, but I flipped it and forgot to update the stats.

Distort Reality - Reoccuring Nightmare:
*Fixed an issue where the stun reduction was missing.
*Fixed an issue where the transmuter had 3 levels when it should have only had 1.

Phantom Strike - Dreamstealer:
*Fixed an issue where the bonuses for this skill were applying twice.

Phantom Strike - Night Terrors:
*Fixed an issue where this skill didn’t appear “connected” to Phantom Strike or Dreamstealer.

Psionic Burn:
*Removed slowed movement speed, this stat was leftover from the old psionic burn.

Earthen Carapace:
*Increased damage absorption scaling after rank 8 slightly, scaling after rank 12 increased greatly.

Weapon Training:
*Fixed an issue where this was removed from the skill tree.