[REL] Grimarillion v90d

thank u <3

How realistic is it to start on Ultimate from lvl 1? i see a ton of elite mobs.
Should I just start on normal as usual?

On the current default setting? How much of a masochist are you? :smiley: There are two groups of 5-6 heroes just over the bridge into Lower Crossing in Normal difficulty. Do you really want to face those on Ultimate at L1?

Hi ty for the update.Just want to double check something.The Dream master has a skill Distortion wave and it’s add on ripple says cooldown reduction +100% which should make it 0 it still stays at 2.8sec cd on it.

You probably did not have a Staff or Caster off-hand item equipped. I’ve been using the same skill without issue.

The elite mobs scale to your level iirc, at level 1 on normal they are usually a pushover. On ultimate though, they will retain the difficulty bonuses so they will be quite tough. I’m sure it’s doable but it will be a slow ride, probably best to disable grimmest settings until you’re stronger.

May have something to do with the fact that those “spin” skills seem to require melee weapons. Staffs are ranged weapons, so they react with the skill the same way a gun or crossbow do and nothing happens.

Thanks for the answer - I disable them through the item/npc I get when starting the game, right? How do I enable them back tho?

OMG seriously am i going blind lol didnt see it require staff wanted to build a melee dreamer :furious:

My builditis is in full swing, already have 8 new characters in the mod. :smiley:

Is it normal that components aren’t automatically picked up anymore?

Yes they took it out cause of bug in MP just use grim internals

Thanks to Asylum101 and all the modders involved for their awesome work!

Um, would the Grim Dawn Reborn Mod be merged with this union in the near future or at least are there any plans or consideration for it?

I doubt it. That mod is a drastic change in the way the base classes behave. That and it’s obviously focused on pet builds, so short of those who are focused on such a gameplay style are unlikely to find the changes very fun.

There are no plans to merge any other mods at this time.

oh, okay. Thank you

I’m unsure how the new forum layout works so I haven’t been able to properly search the thread for this, but the Shaman skills for 2h weapons (such as Brute Force, Might of the Bear modifier for Savagery, Primal Strike) don’t seem to work for Staffs. From the devotions, Staffs seem to count as Ranged and caster weapons and they DEFINITELY count as 2handed weapons. Just wondering if this is intended?

Staves only work for things that I have explicitly gone through the trouble of adding support for them. They “technically” aren’t 2h weapons, so they don’t have any support in GD or any other mods afaik. If I remember I’ll see if I get around to updating some vanilla skills but I’m hesitant to modify vanilla stuff because it becomes a headache whenever Crate changes those skills since I’ll have to update them again.