[REL] Grimarillion v90d

Ah cool, thanks for the quick response - at least I know i’m not just going crazy!

Excuse me, I do not speak English so it is possible that it is not understood, please, please, can someone help me about giving me a direct link to mod grimarillon? I have been looking for the thread for 2 hours to see if there is any new update, please where is it? thank you

Hi ArnyetLich, I moved your post into the current thread. See the OP for download link and stuff.

thank you so much. excuse me

Grimarillion Item Color Coding File

Screen Shot

This is an item color coding file for Grimarillion colored based on WareBare’s Item Filter mod.

5.7 (2024): update for Grimarillion v90d (v90c compatible)
Grimarillion_90d_rainbow_03.zip (636.7 KB)

  • _02: Fixed UI text was normal.

  • Some colour-coding errors corrected.

  • GD v1.2.0.4 Support. Slight changes to vanilla skills, and addition of the Loyalist 3 items.

  • v90c_01: Fixed the version number, class names.

  • Usage:
    Grim Dawn\mods\grimarillion\resources\Text_EN.arc
    Replace the Text_EN.arc in the resources folder with the one in the zip. Change the old file to something like “Text_EN_org.arc” and put it back when you want the normal view.

  • Note:
    If you have created a “Grim Dawn\localization” folder as the way before GDv1.2.0.0.
    With the GDv1.2 update, the localization folder is no longer functional and the Text_EN.arc in the mod must be changed. So, you may delete the localization folder.

  • For use in languages other than English:
    If you want to use this file in a language other than English, rename Text_EN.arc to the name of your language. For example, if your language is French, rename it to Text_FR.arc so that the base part is in French and the mod is in English.

  • For translators:
    If you want to translate the mod, use archivetool.exe to extract the text from Text_EN.arc and translate it, then make Tex_FR (or other languages if necessary).arc.
    Note that the conversations in the mod need to be put in route when translating arc. In other words, the place to put it is the same place as the base texts, not the mod or DLC folders.
    Grimalillion-specific conversations should also be added to the text.
    NPCs such as Zeke and blacksmiths moved to the private hideout in the v90 update, and conversations about this were added. (v90d compatible)
    grimaril_90_cnv_text.zip (11.7 KB)



It’s realy the best mod i ever played, thanks for updating it everytime

Btw, with this trash new forums, we can’t saw the patchnotes (thx the new forum :))) !!

The link are not the good but ofc we can see them bc you wrote it

You’re realy the best

Again and again, thanks!

How is this?

Grimarillion Change Log


Using GD stash it seems that it does not differentiate between different versions of uniques. Like (S) Maiven’s hood, for example. Is there a workaround or am I doing something wrong?

Did you set it for the mod in the configuration section and also in the transfer and crafting sections?

Yes, I have.

Did you import the database again?

Somehow that fixed that even though I didn’t do anything differently. Though now that many items have multiple versions most of my stash got wiped out.

i wish blink from monk wast removed :frowning:

Hey guys!
Could someone help me out?
Grimarillion is really awesome, but I’d like either merge it with Better Levels mod if possible

or just impelement Bet Lev features into Grimarillion 67a+ (lev cap 250, dev cap 200, 5 SP per level, 3 AP per level, etc. see the Bet Lev description).
Spent tons of hours trying to do so by myself via built-in Asset Manager, but no use.
Would really appreciate if someone could do that! Maybe the second option (just modifying the 67a+) is easier than merging of two mods.
Thanks in advance people!

should be simple enough, from the description it sounds like BL only changes a handful of files, so learn how to extract the .arz, use something like WinMerge to see what changes there are between the BL amd Grimari8llion files (and vanilla, to identify the BL changes) and use AssetManager to build a new .arz. No need to touch the .arcs at all…

I don’t think this is something that should be added to Grim, way too unbalanced

Thanks for reply!
The thing is that in general I understand the principle, but after trying 100500 tymes to do this in AssetManager I still failed. I know I am a total n00b in modding lol:).
As for the balance - totally agree, just want such mod for fun.
So maybe you or someone else of experienced modders could kindly help me out and make such mod?
I would really appreciate that and of course your karma will have a great bonus! :slight_smile:

I will see if somebody will do such thing,maybe then I will give a try too. Also btw - shouldn’t Grimarillion got updated to fully support last patch?

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Thanks man, that would be just awesome! Don’t know about the update…

just to inform that the crate pet in new dlc can’t work with latest grimarillion

Well, anyway the point was in a grimarillion + lev 250 and dev 200 cap + att and skill points increased rate + buyable dev points and higher iron pieces drop rate + 2.25 or something xp for monsters. These are the featurea I’d like to integrate into grimarillion. All the rest is optional :wink: