Return Player

decide to play Again
kinda lost what builds are good
want to do all endgame content was looking on youtube forums and found death knight is good?
or any other good builds out there :slight_smile:

Welcome back! :slightly_smiling_face:

Assuming you have both expansions for the game.

Endgame builds

Beginner builds

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Here’s another list of builds (usually focused on performance in endgame): GrimSheet

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Thanks too tqFan :slight_smile:
Thanks too medea_fleecestealer
I go with Beastcaller can do all content
if any have a bad ass tank like a spin2win i will do that couldn’t find one dat was strong

I’m not sure if players normally build them tanky enough to able to do all endgame content but I saw video made by @Rakso maybe he can give you his link

Also @RektbyProtoss killed Ravager with his build and plays on hardcore

You can check out all these builds too

Not sure which are the tankiest.

Didn’t know you watch my videos MonkaGiga

Feel free to hmu in a DM here if you want to talk in depth about builds and find one that is right for your playstyle. I’m always up for helping folks

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