Rotating Keep with Flatten Terrain Bug

I can’t imagine it’s intended, and not sure if there’s a “breaking point”, but in my current map, after placing my keep, and using the flatten terrain tool under and around it, I am able to rotate the keep building model approximately half a degree at a time - anti clockwise.

The keep is currently offset from other surrounding structures by a few degrees after using the flatten tool multiple times.

The save file already has the flatten terrain plot underneath the keep to demonstrate - if you want it sent?

Additionally when I attempt to relocate the building, it initially retains its offset orientation (even the grid lines are offset) until pressing tab which rotates and snaps it back to the base grid lines.

However when construction begins the construction plot is still offset :grimacing:

As an added bonus…the entirety of my gold has apparently been transferred to the keep!
I think it’s the first time I’ve seen the totals match :man_shrugging: But I might be mistaken or something I’ve not been doing right previously :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I’ve had a few buildings do that, including a guard tower that was at 45°

Using the flatten tool to rotate? Or just one off snap to 45?

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