S:Resistances (augments) should be on a NPC instead behind faction walls (recommended for the future)

Hey guys and of course dear lovely crate team.
I played alot of grim dawn lately but one thing is annoying me alot…
Its about resistances (augments) and how they work and how you unlock them…
I mean its a core function after normal and with the skipping function and crucible and of course greater r… erm… Shattered Realms I really dislike how they unlock and the progressing… In the past it makes sense where you havent played crucible or SR but now its absolute senseless because you have to play all the way through ultimate because if you dont do it you havent the core function, resistances from your factions.
I think a easy solution would be a NPC who has all those resistances in store and you unlock them by lvl requirements instead of the faction walls… Its so annoying to not kill Anasteria because of her shiny powders… I hope for a future patch which includes such a function like the smith can craft it or a NPC who introduces resistances because alot of newcomes dont even know about it! Thats not right because its important for the late game , not even inevitable to take those enchantments.
For crucible only players and SR players its absolute senseless to farm the way up to the max faction lvl again and again… I hope you can understand me here and we can get a real solution on it. Kind regards.

I always hit Revered without a problem if I use Mandates while levelling and clear a faction’s quests on 2 difficulties (1 usually puts me up to Honoured).

If you don’t want to deal with faction rep grinding anymore, there are 3rd party tools that can do that for you and the developers fully support players using them.

very helpful… I played the game 2000+hours and Iam at that point that its the most repitive thing in the game… If you want to play a char only in cruci it makes no sense… Crate said in early times that this is a alternate game mode in which you dont have to farm reputition first to play it … And exact that is what i dont want , using mods is cheating for me, I want such a feature by the devs and they have to understand that because how it actually works, isnt right. So simple.

Citation needed.

But really, this has never been the case. Crucible has always been intended as a proving ground side mode that you take campaign characters into. I’d say Crucible is a secondary/supplementary option to the main campaign, it is never meant to outright replace it unless you want to mod the game to do so like the discontinued CrucibleLT mod.

you dont even know the facts but nvm.

[UNLOCKED] $520k - SURVIVAL MODE! We’ll create a new gameplay mode that will be free for all backers (KS or Website Pre-order). In survival mode players will fight to stay alive against increasingly difficult waves of monsters. It will release sometime after the game so as not to delay development.

new mode :wink: and ya i was a early backer.

if you want to do something 100 times again like it was before with the difficult modes do it … write a mod that you have to do it like it was before FG… The fact is that resistances are a core function of gd and noone says it in the basegame which is in my eyes very bad game design, yes it is. I love grim dawn but for newbies its hard to understand that you have to build up the factions to get resis. thats not the way it should be :wink:

  • I don’t see how this is a problem? Grim Dawn has never been a game to hold your hand or advice the player on literally everything. Why not let players check faction quartermasters and the good gear they have and then realise the importance in raising reputation in those areas for themselves?

  • You don’t need faction augments for resistances to complete the game on Normal/Veteran. They will only become significant during late Elite/all of Ultimate. Places a minority of the player base reach.

You are in the minority here until proven otherwise. If you want all of the augments in a nice, condensed or easy-to-access place, then logically you should make the mod for it yourself.

if it would be in the game, noone would go back to the old way it is at the moment ,same with FG and difficulties :wink: its redundant as hell. you have to do it again and again and again…

thats how it should be, noone else want it in a other way…

I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree :stuck_out_tongue:



  1. There are 20 factions in game with AoM and FG now. To many for comfort search in one tab of faction menu and they are sorted by name.
    a) Divide factions to two tabs - Allied and Enemy.
    b) Or/and give us posibility to sort order of factions at least from Revered to Nemesis.
  2. Why we are not able to see all five bounties on the table and choose which to take first? We can list them from first to last then they are all lie on table, but we can see only upper bounty, why so?
    a) Create a “Bounty table” interface or menu.
    b) Or change dialog menu and add 5 options to choose with concise description goals of each 5 bounties.

Thanks. With respect from admirer of Grim Dawn.

hes talking about something similar… gd got very big and we need QoL changes!! why we cant get in the main citys a npc called quartermaster who has all equip around all factions you unlocked…

None of these relate to your original proposal though which as I understand it was this:

Like, I mentioned - I don’t think it’s necessary so agree to disagree.

IMO, crucible is possibly the closest thing to a labratory for theorycrafters. Especially now that SR offers better loot for less trouble.

TBH, I revisited GD’s veteran campaign, and was surprised to see how much tougher it had become. Imagine my chagrin when Krieg kicked me in the ovaries (my spec is a female).

@innoruuk - which brings me to my point. If new players haven’t figured out that resistances are a core aspect of the game by the end of act 1, they WILL just continue to die. And I also think the game makes it a point to remind you about resistances at the loading screen, so it’s not as though the following is needed:

As for farming faction rep to get augments…in my legit play through, I hit revered rather easily by the end of elite. Up till then, I simply patched my resistances up with components. Wasn’t too difficult, really.

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and you think that is fun? Always to hit rep of factions? The people dont even know where to buy those enchantments… You say it by yourself , with the new difficulty balancing its more relevant then ever that you easy know how to raise your resis. As a newcomer you dont know how many factions exist and you dont know what those enchantments on factions are… As I said, resis are a core function of gd and faction walls are not the right thing for it. Its so easy… You guys are all gd veterans including me. But if I look to the game and if I start it today I would say its not good how those resis are implemented. Alot of dislike votes are because of (I cant play my class because I die to often) that beeing said I know exactly why, and that is sad.

I think it’s about as fun as farming ugdenblooms which is why I GDstash.

I also do know players who enjoy the grinding/farming process. @contragor, @malawiglenn are 2 who pop into mind.

That’s the thing about GD - it’s like life. You can’t expect every aspect of the game to fit your very specific set of wants/desires. So crate offers (and even supports!) mods which will allow people to play the game as they please.

But I can understand your wish to play legit. It’s respectable.

However, what makes your preferences more important than others? How about the players who enjoy the farming?


You can pretty much fix all your resistance needs with the items above and items you pick up along the way all the way up to mid/end elite.

Well, tbh i don’t really see a real Argument on your side with this Quote, because Crate delievered with Crucible exactly what they announced. There is by no means a statement, that Crucible will be something entirely seperate on it’s own, but rather a (small)Survival-Mode as a “extra”. That doesn’t justify your Argument about them should sh*** on the basegame for the sake of the rest of playerbase which rather play an survival arena mode instead of the core-game. /Edit: I mean look at the Balancing Topic… i’d say it’s more than enough that Crucible already have influence at some parts of the Balancinge towards basegame, due it’s a good indicator. But more would kinda overdo it.

I’d say part of the Problem is, that Ressistances in Videogames normally are handled differently. If i look at my Friends which didn’t inform themself in any way, and also my struggles with the first playthroughs as well, the thing is most Games handles Ressistances as a “Bonus”… a small extra to reduce a bit of Damage and improve survivalbility to a dagree. GD i’d argue to max out(and even overcap it) is a requirement / must, and that’s why some folks have a issue to understand there is a huge gap / difference between haven 40-50% resisstance or maxed out.

Well, first of all, i kinda dislike your way to argue here. You completly mix up two different things for the sake of forcing down your opinion down to others.

First of all, if it comes down to “Newcomers”, i’d argue not every Game needs to be completly casual and newcomer-friendly. A lot of People in this Community love Grim Dawn for it’s more “Core” Approach and not being as handholding as most modern Games, like as example, Diablo 3. I don’t see were your Argument is any valid, even more considered that on Normal you don’t even need to care about game-mechanics and stuff at all. The only way it can become frustrating is if a newcomer completly f*** up, but than again i’d argue why should devs cater a audience, which doesn’t play the game with full interest, because if you use at least a little bit of your brain and focus on the Game, you will learn stuff naturaly and don’t f*** up anyway on normal.

Secondly i find it rather armusing someone trying to argue about not being “Fun” if you need to repetiviely replay something, but than try to argue with Crucible and SR, which is basically the same stuff happen over and over again as well. Especially Crucible. I’d argue compared to Crucible, even doing boutys offer more variety as a whole than standing in the same arena for 170 Waves.

The Problem with your Argumentation is - that it’s pretty biased and only represents your own opinion, but trying to argue on a more factual base without considering the different viewpoints and sides. What you would argue as “unfun” could be for other People part of the fun, and if you would take away Rep-Farming and Bounties, basegame players would lose one additional aspect to spent time on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like i don’t understand your critique in it’s core, and i can imagine that for peoples, who prefer doing only SR and Crucible they will hit easily a while. But given the fact that this aren’t “main-modes” but “additional modes” to add diversity / variety and not to replace other core-mechanics or in this case core-game, i still don’t see a proper solution for it.

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Wasn’t resistances highly important in D2?

And isn’t GD advertised to be the spiritual successor of D2?

EDIT: I’m not being sarcastic here btw. I played D2 when I was like 11 and had no idea wtf I was doing. :rofl:

I think you argue the same way I do.

because if you use at least a little bit of your brain and focus on the Game, you will learn stuff naturaly and don’t f*** up anyway on normal.

not all people can spend hundreds of hours into gd, but nvm. The fact is: that resistances behind faction walls are not the right way to introduce them. Its my opinion. If you played the game thousands of hours then this makes absolut no sense. Alot of people want to play crucible but at some point you are “forced” to use “cheats” or play the base game to raise your rep to get resistances… think about it.

there are people outside which said the new item filter is garbage… its the best thing i have every seen in a arpg by the way. You have to give players choices and a “you have to do rep for factions” or you cant get to ultimate or high SR or high cruci rank is not right, its simple a no way for me

Hold up.

Are you saying that #% X resistance can only be found in faction-purchasable gear?

If yes…words fail me. I literally am unable to formulate a response.

If no, then clearly the concept of resistances is introduced to the player in a very universal manner

lmao. You are not forced to do anything.

Let’s not be so…dramatic shall we?

And mate…did you even click the links I sent you?

Look at this - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0XAYJV

That’s more than 50% of my resistances taken care of.

Well. It’s confusing, because he did make this point initially:

I think he talks about Augments.

That’s contradictory. It can be either a Fact or Opinion. Not both…

yes sir, thanks

About this Content

The Crucible DLC introduces a challenging new arena gameplay mode to the Action RPG Grim Dawn. Enter the Crucible, a harsh battleground filled with waves of Grim Dawn’s deadliest fiends. There you will engage in magnificent combat for the amusement of the Crucible’s mysterious overlord, Lokarr. But he is not a cruel master: endure his trials and be rewarded with vast wealth; fail, and know only his scorn.
Countless combatants have fallen prey to the Crucible’s brutal machinations. Will you survive where others have fallen? Or will the arena’s monstrosities, traps, and dark magic get the best of you?

The Crucible is an alternate game mode available to all Main Campaign characters, starting at level 1.

Key Features

Multiple Arenas – Battle across four deadly arenas filled with Grim Dawn’s most vicious beasts and monstrosities. Each arena features a different layout with varied defensive positions.

  • Conquer 150 Unique Waves – Wage tireless battle against 150 unique waves of Grim Dawn’s monster menagerie. The farther you go, the more challenging the combinations become, with the possibility of encountering multiple bosses at once! Progress through the first 100 waves to unlock additional difficulties, which present an even greater challenge but also more reward.

So : if you pay for a dlc and they say its a alternate game mode (where stands you have to play to ultimate in the basegame first to hit the endgame of cruci) thats fact
dont misunderstand me, iam not a cruci lover or hater. but you need augments at a higer rank same as GR