Scion of Arcane Force

Give this weapon please 50 % physical damage converted to elemental so that it can utilize more Deadly Momentum on Cadence. It will make its damage output a bit better. I have made a build using it. This weapon is meant for Cadence so it should be able to use Deadly Momentum as well. If I am not mistaken its damage is not converted by the transmuter.

Elemental Cadence can already use the flat in Deadly Momentum because the Discord transmuter will convert the flat in Deadly Momentum when it passes through the weapon damage of Cadence.

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Thanks, so this thread can be closed.

If I’m not mistaken, that means the 1st and 2nd hits are not converted though.

True, so it would still help then.

But the weapon already has two global conversions. Never heard or seen a weapon with three

First and second damage is irrelevant because they are basic weapon attacks and that particular weapon provides no physical damage.

Deadly Momentum does and it applies to them and it adds a lot if converted.

Does that transmuter on Cadence apply even for those two non Cadence hits? I think I read somwhere that conversion on items for Cadence works this way. It would then be OK as it is.

Because it’s not supported in the current game engine.

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Yeah, it’s crap like that.

Deadly Momentum got flat phys, and soldier’s wps are phys. It’s quite relevant and a big PITA. But yeah even more so for base phys weapons like Malakor.

Physical Danage on Deadly Momentum is converted thanks to Discord so that is not the issue. Wps are a problem yes you’re right and they have to be converted by other global conversions not by scion of arcane force. However one only play with battle mage or perhaps tactician in a elemental discord cadence build and the unuse of wps is not a big deal in these builds. Also you get atleast %30 phys>elemental from manifestations and you can upgrade that with other items and components. Reckless Power or Star Pact also gives you %15 phys>aether or cold so eventually most of your physical damage is turned to some other damage type. But if it is the issue. Changing Chaos>Elemental for Physical>Elemental on the particular weapon can be more pragmatic. Because even with the fabric of reality and gear that gives flat chaos damage, chaos>elemental is not much useful. I tried that with my 2h Melee Elemental/Scion of Arcane Force Sorcerer in order to fulfill the suggestion of Malawiglenn. And I can’t imagine that a melee elementalist with a chaos based class. So you should want the replacement of conversion not adding another one.

It is not a big deal. I just wanted to know if something can be done about it or not. But I would still like to know if item conversions to Cadence affect even the WPS? Because I read it somewhere. Or perhaps it is true for Savagery and Righteous Fervor but not for Cadence.

No, instead of adding a third conversion which give phys>elemental; replacing phys>elemental in place of chaos>elemental might be more useful.

No chaos one is useful for Witchblades and I have a special Warlock theorycrafted with this weapon. I want chaos conversion to stay.


And screw over Witchblade, which is one of the class combos for the weapon?

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LoL, sorry for that :zipper_mouth_face::sweat_smile:. I never thought of that. You’re right. But I guess that is because I see that build deficient. That build need a blood of dreeg or possesion conversion to elemental damage.

You can reach 100% chaos to elemental with the weapon, Horns of Korvaak helm and Haunted Shoulderpads (to be fair, it’s a MI which means having to get at least decent affixes for it), and the weapon also has a skill mod to Solael Witchfire that converts vitality to elemental. And that converts the vitality in Second Rite. Occultist also gives an healing skill, attack speed, damage absorption and a pretty hefty amount of physical resistance.

Witchblade actually has higher damage ceiling than Battlemage because of the possibility of -55% elemental resistance reduction (Vulnerability can reach 40% and the occultist conduit mod has -15% elemental resistance reduction mod to Curse of Fraility).

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Never put thought on it or used so I can’t tell but it still seems a little bit off than battle mage. Instead of chaos>elemental, another modifier which can be used in 2h melee tactician build might be more pragmatic

No, it’s not, not on regular strikes. Only on Cadence strikes.

It’s true for others, but Cadence is like a retarded cousin in the autoattack family.

The mod/transmuter conversions and mods only affect the Cadence strike. The charging strikes between the Cadence strike are like there was no Cadence (except Deadly which is a global buff). Moreover, Cadence overrides wps so wps can only happen on the two charging strikes (unless you dw which is complicated) so naturally wps strikes are unaffected by anything for Cadence.

The only exception afaik is that devotions are procced by both Cadence and charging strikes. Outside of that the two charging strikes have nothing to do with Cadence.

Witchblade is hands down the strongest elemental Cadence build. Someone did sub 6. Battlemage is meme with zero rr. I didn’t play it myself but I guess the immortal human heroes+ thing must happen all the time.

The Scion should get an rr aura like Empyrion scepter.

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