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Out of Job just wandering.

How to activate this camera

Plz guys need help.
Why my entertainment center is fixed on 48% been 10 years same percentage?

Either entertainment is broken or there is a mechanic in it that we don’t understand yet.

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Or need more pubs/theatres. Your TC looks like it’s at T4 so you should be able to upgrade your theatre for a start.

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my first city. I made two walls between which there are fields and ugly buildings (hunting, fishing, mud, gathering). I wanted to make sure that inside the walls there was a clean city with beautiful buildings.

I separated the road to the city and the field with a line of trees, so that the dust from the wagons would not accumulate in the fields. When I showed this to my wife, she was very surprised at how smart the game is, and demands that everything be clean. I told her that I came up with it myself, lol

we pull ugly fishing over the wall

residential area

work zone

transport logistics

I also fenced the trash with trees so that the smell would not go far into the city (I peeped from the top of our forum how these buildings were made and I also repeated)

I specifically placed the barracks facing the residential area, so that when they see such a hulk, the residents understand why they pay so many taxes

waiting for patches :ghost:





i have been rerolling my maps for a week now … :frowning: I can’t find one i am interested in building on.


The central hill - the fortress with the upper and lower castle, together with parts of the sub-castle - the southern and northern town.

I hope you like it. :wink:




how are you zooming out so far?

Awesome location for a sand mine.

flatten, flatten, flatten… lol

How about a smallpox wave in the middle of an attack :slight_smile:

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In my first city (currently 500+), I used an easy mode to let me build in the way I like facing only small event challenges. I wanted to keep it as much irregular as I could, and to enjoy the creation of a large cultivated wilderness with sparse settlements.

Here is my main town, which is wealthy and well developed, with roads and lanes map not following a full regular pattern.

Crops and orchards are spread especially in the east side of the town, with a very irregular road network connecting all the locations. Some roads go further east to reach ore deposits and other points of interest. Some small villages are also built near farthest cultivations, with some little services for them (well, rat catcher, cell, and compost yard).

Procuctive area is mostly concentrated on a small area close enough to the main town to be served fastly, but far enough to avoid desiderability malus. A road network starts here to reach mines and quarries (and when they’ll be depleted, the trading post is built in the town’s side facing the productive area).

The west side has some other crops, orchards, and a field for livestocks. This area is less populated due to the less fertility.

And here are outskirts. As happened for many ancient towns, not everybody lived inside the walls, some live just out, near gates. Some can be poor, some others can be relatively wealthy.


A nice Lightning.


Hi, how to take a screenshot like this? I do not have this zoom! :slight_smile: