Skill Points on Ancient Character

I dusted off my original character created when mostly we could wander around the swamp, when we collected 4 of a thing to make another thing and it was all fresh from Kickstarter goodness.

The date of this character save is 2017, and I think at that point I had only the base game from my pledge. I think most of the normal difficulty leveling happened in 2014…

Now I own all the things and decided that in honor of the game being “finished” - haha, I just read the Build 29 notes wherein we could complete Act 1 and it was “done” - I would take her through ultimate and max level.

Fun fact, she can’t use Merits because she is sitting in Ultimate already, doh. Also, she was lvl 72 but had very few skill points. Uploading my save to Grim Tools shows I have 51 to invest but in game I am spent.

Back in the day, way back then when extra difficulties were fresh and after we could get further than lvl 50 did skill points come out on a different cadence? I tried looking and of course the current 50/3, up 90/2 then the final 10 plus a handful from quests is the guidance given now but maybe it was different then?

I can use GDStash to “fix” it but how did she end up 50 skill points short? I mostly just want to know for posterity as I am having a hard time finding a clear guide where things might have changed.

Thanks - this game has been such a trip and easily the best Kickstarter investment I ever made. Too good, it inspired me to back a bunch of losers that I should have had lower expectations for :smiley:

Ha, a trip down memory lane, this is the character I was referring to in this post:

Yes, merits are for new characters to be able to skip up difficulties - either up to Elite from Normal or up to Ultimate from Normal/Elite. Characters that have already reached a higher difficulty can’t use a merit token for that difficulty.

Far as I can recall this is right - 2 to 50 was 3 skill points and then from 51 to 85 (base game max level) you got 2. With the Ashes expansion increasing the max level to 100 this was changed to 3 up to 50, 2 up to 90 and then just 1 point from 91 to 100. Then there are the extra points you can get from doing some quests in the game. Have you actually done the expansions through Normal, Elite and Ultimate to try and get those extra points?

Whether that all adds up to your missing points though …

Could just be that the character is so old it’s not working properly.

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Thanks for the answer!

I think I figured it out - Grimtools gives the number to max and doesn’t take into account how many you have left.

I took off all the equipment that impacted bonus points and added the all up. 50+50, the each each point for each skill. When I did that, I actually had the right number of points, there was just an embarrassingly large number of skills with a dollop of points in them that lead up to a dud of a character that needed both skill bars to see all the buttons to push.

After backing out some 90 points with the reset lady, I learned up can pay at least up to 1500 credits per skill point to refund! Ha.

Equipped some decent gear, went all in on Pierce damage for now (it was the blind assassin set I had in storage might as well break it out!) and the game plays much differently now - way more fun! When I did the full skill/devotion overhaul I had 95 deaths already, so we’ll see how many it take me now to clear ultimate acts :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I have received so much great knowledge from this forum over the years even if I posted little.

At one point Zantai helped me rez this character when she was idle too long, it would be a shame to waste that effort!

You can upload your character data to the Grimtools Checklist to see if you are missing any skill points from quests, as well as shrines, lore notes, exalted chests etc. (spoiler alert I guess :wink:)

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