Soldier + Arcanist


Извиняюсь что не пишу на английском.
Прокачав несколько классов с Арканистом, понял что ему очень не хватает синергии с не магическими классами, в особенности с Солдатом, по этому хотел бы предложить несколько своих вариантов.

  1. Стихийный баланс - Добавить % урон + продолжительность для внутренних травм.

Пояснение - Даже используя конверсию стихийного урона в физический, мы всё равно не можем получить достойный бонус от перегрузки. Кроме того, это сделает класс Арканы более лояльным к физике в целом.

2)Умственная готовность - добавить скорость атаки = скорости колдовства.

Пояснение - Это сделает навых полезным не только для магов, но и для различных войнов, и позволит решать проблему с маной, без ущерба для урона.

  1. Навык Солдата - Ярость Олерона - Добавить конверсию урона эфиром в физический урон. (я предлагаю по аналогии с Звёздным договором, с 15% до 40%).

По моему мнению, даже если это не решит проблему, сделает её не столь острой, а класс Арканы более гармоничным по отношению к другим физическим классам.

I apologize for not writing in English.
Having pumped several classes with the Arcanist, I realized that he really lacks synergy with non-magic classes, especially with the Soldier, so I would like to offer several of my options.

  1. Elemental balance - Add % damage + duration to internal injuries.

Explanation - Even using the conversion of elemental damage to physical, we still cannot get a decent bonus from overload. In addition, this will make the Arcana class more loyal to physics in general.

  1. Mental readiness - add attack speed = speed of witchcraft.

Explanation - This will make the skill useful not only for magicians, but also for various non-magic ones, and will solve the problem with mana, without damage to damage.

  1. Soldier Skill - Oleron’s Fury - Add ether damage conversion to physical damage. (I suggest by analogy with the Star Contract, from 15% to 40%).

In my opinion, even if this does not solve the problem, it will not be so acute, and the Arcana class will be more harmonious with other physical classes.


See these posts and this one. :wink:

P.S: BTW, I am fine with giving some love to Battle Mage builds.

The reason for Soldier + Arcanist combo being so weak lies in absence of resistance reduction from any of both classes. There is a Battlemage set with conversion - spellscourge - but it sucks badly still.
Individually, Soldier and Arcanist are great - as main classes. They dont have resistance reduction, but make it up with strong primary abilities. But when they come together, one of them has to become a secondary class, and as secondary class, both of them suck.

The set is not as bad now, at least it can close Crucible with 9:30. But go ahead and post your feedback to buff if it’s needed. :wink:

Well, it need physical RR, obviously. both Arcanist and Soldier lack any, so it’s only natural, that Battlemage set should provide it. Though i agree, set itself is already very strong, the problem lies in poor synergy between 2 classes.

The fact of the matter is that my proposal is aimed at making the synergy between the Soldier (another physicist) and the Arcanist stronger.
The Arcanist essentially has only general skills, for example crit damage, sphere and mirror.
But there is nothing for the synergy of profile damage, since conversion does not make sense without enhancing damage.

Я бы мог и на русском ответить, незачем автоперевод делать…
Понятно, что профильный у обоих совершенно разный, и без конверсии никак. Но ты пойми, сами по себе классы в отдельности и так довольно сильны, и апнуть надо бы именно синергию между ними. К тому же, из твоих предложений, первые два едва ли на что-то влияют. А третье (конверсия в физику) может и навредить кое-кому…
Да, и кстати, не искажай названия скилов. Пиши их правильно, а то тебя не поймут.

Sure, profile damage if different for both, so they suck without conversion. But understand please, each of those is already strong individually, so it’s synergy between them should be buffed. On top of that, first two of your suggestions hardly affect anything. And third can hurt some builds even.
BTW, dont warp skillnames. Write them correctly, or you get yourself misunderstood.

Всё так.

Yes, good point.

Actually, I can see a beronath reforged battlemage packing some crazy IT damage from the new overload.

Might have to go deathstalker/combustion band/black matriach for -RR though, but it seem doable.

War cry - 35 RR
Items - 28 RR
Devotions - 32 RR

^Looks sufficient to me. Combustion band may even be superfluous here.

EDIT: Just want to add that I’m in total support of battlemages getting more love too!

Why would you need beronath? Arent spellscourge offer full elemental conversion to physical?
I think what we need is the another damage conversion which is aether to physical. I really wish Crate put it on the Myth Decree of Circle of Five, since i think its weird that the weapon have aether damage and no elemental damage yet offering elemental to physical conversion, unlike many other weapon. Or maybe keep the conversion on the weapon and change the conversion on Spellscourge to aether to physical.

Seal of might + some green M.I shoulders can net you 80% conversion.

I mentioned Beronath reforged, because I think you might be better off going for some jury rigged build. I don’t like the look of bladearc/devastation battlemage. waaaay too skill point hungry.

If set bonus could give +2 to all arcanist, that would be a good start.

I know about the seal of might, thats why i suggested the conversion on Myth Decree since it was intended for Battle Mage use anyway. The weapon have a range of 36 to 54% conversion and with 2 seal of Might its possible to get full aether to physical conversion. Using MI shoulder to get aether conversion is a no no for me, since its occupied by the Spellscourge Shoulder. The 4 set bonuses is too juicy for me, 8% cdr (combine it with max roll on the set and you got yourself 26% cdr), all those bonuses for Deva. I do agree in your opinion about BA part on the set, i think it should be another cast speed based skill maybe FW (since the set also included shield) or CT idk. Swapping the bonus aspd from Overguard to castspeed is better since the main selling point is Devastation which cast speed based skill.

Regardless, this is an untested, super rough warborn battlemage I whipped up -

I left 2 unspent skill points for arcane will + fighting spirit so you can see the damage values with warborn proc active.

Damage looks promising.

Tbh, I think circle of five dagger should have:

  • base physical damage (and a higher base dmg value)
  • Increase %WD on bonelance
  • Change pierce damage on bonelance to physical

I had an idea before some time to test the Battlemage with the Spellscourge set to test how it performs. Basically should be decent with Aeon and CD. Also OA should allow monster crits. Doubt it will be very quick. But 9:30 mention by Strannik looks too slow to me :thinking:

Another idea, Beronath sword+Octavius . Forcewave with a twist!

Impressive i must say, but i have different perspective on BM. A spellcasting warrior that can withstand a lot of punishment while dissing out spell left and right is what i envisioned in this class. I just hate how dual wield is soooo viable with any other class combo in this game while the spellcaster with shield part receive little love hence why im talking about Spellscourge set (a set that include shield for BM). Sry, just my personal opinion.

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No, I 100% agree. The biggest problem with the battlemage set is that devastation require 66 skill points to hardcap.

That’s about 1/4 of your skill points gone for 1 skill which can’t do much single target damage.

1H Bladearc also isn’t as powerful as it’s 2H bigger brother.

@nery: What’s your weapon damage? Going for aeon’s severely gimps your %physical damage, which makes it less effective against enemy armor.

1H or DW physical builds thrive with big flat damage, or with DoT.

Also - Beronath FW has been done.

Build is outdated now…RoK should probably be a lot better.

Some random theorycrafting:

Arcanist is actually a decent secondary class here cause you have some ridiculous passive bonuses and nullification. The problem is you can’t afford procs.

It’s the best result that @adoomgod was able to get for battle mage in spellscourge set in Crucible. Sounds like it still needs some buffs.

Sadly it’s the kind of time one can expect from classes without single -RR source. Still I wonder what’s the solution. Probably RR proc or as mentioned by Mad Lee a physical CT build.

Another thought came up about The Spellscourge.
What if I replace the Devastation skill with Albrecht Ray.

Given the conversion already in place, we get a strong “physical sword created by magic.” Leave a bonus to weapon damage (possibly increase), but add a change in mechanics. For the beam to hit as before, only for one purpose.
That is, the point is to make a strong skill for damage in one target. Save the opportunity to use the Albrecht beam with a shield from the set.

Replace the arc blade with a blitz, so we get AOE skill with the necessary physical damage and internal injuries.
Add skill Blind side proc to cut physical resist in -%.

Sorry for the text. I use transliteration. If something is not clear, ask, I will try to answer more accurately.