[Some Key]+Drag mouse to Multi - Prioritize gathering of trees and stones

To Prioritize right now we have to select each tree and then prioritize each one of them and its such a hardwork.
It will be lot easier if it was like selecting things with [ mouse drag ] and deselecting with [Shift] + [mouse drag].
If there is already a way to do it can you guys let me know.

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No, you don’t. Use either the Harvest (H) or Clear (C) options - bottom right of the screen - to highlight an area.

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Thanks for the reply.
Although It’s my first city builder genre game, I have been loving it.
It would have been nice to see this little feature added.
Being a developer myself , I understand its difficult to add the little things. But will be waiting for this small feature

As said, it’s already in the game. Just use either H or C or the icons on the bottom right of the screen. Select what you want to harvest/clear and then drag the cursor over the area.

I believe they are specifically referring to the prioritize feature Medea.

Yup , specifically referring to the prioritize , it should have been as smooth as selecting and harvesting/clearing with cursor drag.

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