Some of the more obvious stuff that still hasn't been fixed (according to new Grimtools)

Hey, your neighborhood friendly Spider-Man here:

  1. Disruption Protection proc on Dreeg set. Has been discussed many times over and over - 99,9% of the builds that use Dreeg’s Evil Eye use Occultist Exclusive skill Possession that cap Disruption resist. This stat on the proc is USELESS. Please change to literally ANYTHING else.

  2. Lack of %Lightning on Iskandra’s Balance relic. 1.0.7 made it into a pretty solid relic that is actually being used by quite a few builds now. However, despite having %Elemental damage and %Elemental + every elemental dot on the proc, it still offers just Cold/Fire on its stat “25% chance of” for some reason. I think it’s just a leftover from its previous version and since now relic is fully Elemental, please change it to 25% chance of: ~200% Elemental/200% to every elemental dot (as on proc). I see absolutely no reason why this particular stat is limited just to cold and fire while every other stat on the relic is %Elemental: Arcanists have spells in Fire and Cold and Lightning.

  3. %Pierce values on gear are still lower than any other damage values. Again, as far as I’ve heard it’s a leftover from good old Titan Quest. In Grim Dawn Pierce is far from being oupie, just a solid type of damage that had only one top-tier playable spec (Belgothian) before Forgotten Gods. Make %Pierce values same as every other damage type value. If anything Aether damage deserves lowered % values.

  4. %Elemental DOT on Aura of Conviction. Absolutely and utterly useless stat. Every Elemental Inquisitor uses Aura of Censure. Change it to anything else (%Pierce Resist, %Armor, %Armor Absorb, %Reflected Damage Reduction, literally anything).

There is probably more stufffrom the same category, so I will add it once the thread gets rolling.

Okay, will be adding some reasonable proposals from other users. Here are some from John Smith:

Fair, we’ll swap the Fire/Cold to Elemental.

Yup, they are lower, and yes, it came about long ago. However the game was balanced around that and enemies inherently have less Pierce Resistance on Ultimate than other damage types.

I don’t see Pierce damage struggling because of the lower bonuses.

When you see freebies like this, just assume that the alternative is nothing. Not everybody is building min-maxed Crucible clearing machines.

Hell yeah!

Monsters indeed do have lower Pierce resistance. However, Pierce damage is nowhere near the top of the food chain. I gave quite a few Pierce specs a try in AoM and unfortunately, all of them do struggle. Making %Pierce Damage values same as other damage type values won’t make Belgothian oupie (after all, it’s just ~100% more Pierce damage from all gear so about 5% damage boost) but will help those struggling builds (like Valdun or any ranged Pierce) quite a bit.

Freebies are cool, we love freebies. Why not make that dot on Aura of Conviction something like %reflected damage reduction? It’s still a freebie in a sense that it doesn’t make Pierce builds gods, but at least it gives Aura of Conviction users something, where as elemental dot just annoys players because they keep thinking what could’ve been there (like literally anything). Even %Sleep Resist would be great.

Agree with everything. ++++

My proposals

  1. add vitality % to Necro’s SpiritSeeker cord, it’s main necro dmg.
  2. REDUCE cunning requirements on casters daggers and ranged weapons. We already get a penalty due to lower dmg % compared to scepters(as for pistols), and its real attribute wasting and sometimes it becomes impossible to put on all needed items.
  3. Add phys res to Dreadwalker set, and reduce cunning reqirements. Really interesting set and impossible to play.

I agree with Mr. Mad Lee about the pierce damage. It loses much to other types of damage and is relevant only in a pair of three assemblies. It is sad

Okay.You fixed AP on bloodsongs,but WHY you still don’t fix AP on brutallax too? :wink:

And couple from me:
5) Return 100% freeze res to Hoarfrost Ointment
There is really no reason to nerf this ointment, only one effort of this changes we obtain is that fight with Moosilauke becomes just a bit longer (Moosilauke still a most easy nemesis to fight, and nefring a freeze res it surelly not the way to make them stronger)

6)Slithblood Tincture
I assume that 75% chance to fumble attacks was too much, but make it 25% -it’s just a way to throw this bottle right into a trashcan.
Suggestion - make 50%, or even 40% chance to fumble attacks.

7)Cursed Tincture
Literally everyone uses this oil ONLY for fighting a superboss due to 8% life leech RR. Removing this RR instantly throw this bottle right into a trashcan.
Suggestion - if 8% RR are too big make it 5%, but no remove it completely.

Haunt is really nice relic, that fits for many builds. Only one strange thing that occurs to this relic is RR that it has.
Haunt (+1 to Arcanist, it’s important) has -15% Aether Resistance, -15% Vitality Resistance and -8% Life Leech Resistance, and only aether are fits to that type of damage that Arcanist deals
Suggestion - remove Vitality and Leech Resistance RR, add elemental RR, it would help to every arcanist that suffer from lаcking RR to their damages’ archetype

That ointment was so incredibly good that it effectively removed an entire resistance from the game. There was almost no point ever bothering to get Freeze res on a character because…well, why would you? You could just pop a potion and everything would be fine. At least now, there’s more of a benefit to using gear/components/etc that provide Freeze res, and characters that have some will be rewarded.

Even the 66% Hoarfrost offers now is…a lot.

Agree, I think it should have even less.

new Relic - Serenity

Replace 20% damage reflected with something else.
This mechanic is not viable in the game. You remove the reflect from old items, but for some reason you did it on a new item.

Indeed. Though that said, we all already have so much stuff we need to squeeze into our builds that I’m not sure we need another thing to deal with. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not even sure if the current Freeze res items would be that easy to include in the average build.

I suppose I’m happy enough with 66% for those reasons.

That’s an error. It’s going to be Damage Reflect Resistance.

Damage Reflect is gone in v1.1.0.0.

Frozen heart is pretty easy :rolleyes:

So we further reduce the effectiveness of Hoarfrost - which requires Frozen Hearts to make - then get people to use more Frozen Hearts to make up the difference.

Not sure who’s profiting, but it sounds like a brilliant scam in the making. :cool:

I just wanted to say that this relic, at least for me, will be a 100% pick for most of my characters. It’s too good, way too good. The 3 seconds with these resistances are life saving. 35% HP is not that low, basically, most monsters either shred you to that or lower value, if they deal massive damage that is, and it effectively restores 15+% HP. Also, the strong base stats, and as you mentioned the reflect reduction and +1 to all skills, it’s basically a way better relic than Mogdrogen’s Ardor and maybe only pets will pick Mog’s Ardor.

Just quote me on this, I bet this relic will be overpicked as it gives everything you need and it’ll fit every build. It’s like another Maiven’s Sphere of protection. At least reduce the physical resist to, at max, 25% (although, I’d recommend to put it to 15). Before anyone says there’s a gauntlet and jeans that give all resists +30 or something, and 15(?) physical resist, they are triggered on-hit, and this relic is procced at 35% HP.

Marks words

I can name several builds that would be worse with Serenity. Serenity is decent at best.

The hoarfrost nerf, well, freeze resist was capped at 80% anyway, the 100% was a bit misleading. The difference between 80 and 66 is small, and can be fixed with one little bit of resist on an item or constellation (like sailor’s guide). This change barely has an effect in my opinion.

Of the 22 grimtools tabs I have open right now, 7 of the builds are using Serenity. 4 of them are using Mog’s Ardor. Serenity is definitely more applicable than Ardor, but it is not universally BiS - far from it, in fact. If your resists are fine and you’re a heavy-autoattack build, Ardor is far superior.

People definitely forget that Ardor has total speed, which is a big boon.