Something Clever about stomping: Callidor's tempest spellbinder. (SR 65+, controller friendly)

Part one of my controller friendly build series: Callidor’s spellbinder

The (cheap) gear that I cleared SR65 in.


Ideal gear GT link (get 2 stun resist crafting bonuses)

Playstyle: stand and smash with Callidor’s Tempest until your enemies are dead. Use Mirror of Ereoctes and Mark of Torment to not die.

A note on perfomance: I don’t do crucible, so I’m not sure if this would work well there. And I’m really bad at shattered realm - this was my first ever clear of SR 65 on any character, so I know I have a lot to learn. I would be surprised is someone experienced couldn’t push this much higher, especially if they have Mark of Anathema.

Video proof of clear
Fight tips

(keep in mind I’m not very good at this game.)

  • Offense: callidor’s tempest + siphon souls on CD. The pets from Agrivix’s set hit reasonably hard, so you can order them to attack a primary target. Or you can let them spread their resist reduction to as many targets as possible.

  • Defense: aether corruption every 5s. Mark of torment (henceforth called MoT) and mirror of Ereoctes (MoE) as needed. In tough fights, I use MoT, stand and attack for its duration, then cast nullification and MoE and run away until MoT comes off CD. This usually takes only a few seconds, since this build has so much CD reduction. Your get a ton of life from attacking, so try to do that as much as possible. Make sure MoT is cast on something that won’t die and waste uptime. This can be a little tricky on a controller, but with a combination of practice and standing on a boss’s feet you can make it work.


Essential Gear:

  • Maw of despair: contains fire to aether conversion and 6% damage to health for CT, which is essential for survival.
  • Agrivix set: the core of this build. Try to get as much cooldown reduction as possible on the offhand. Even 1% makes a big difference in MoE/MoT uptime.

Stuff I’m pretty sure is best in slot:

  • Eternity: without this, you’re going to spend a lot more time running away waiting on cooldowns/dying because your skills are on cooldown.
  • Cord of violent decay: gives +1 Arcanist, 100+ OA, and much needed resists.
  • Krieg’s grip: +2 to MoE and MoT substantially increases their uptime, and the passive isn’t bad either. Plus, it goes well with Krieg’s boots.
  • Mark of Anathema: Well, I don’t have the blueprint yet, but it pretty much gives everything you want: Resists, cast speed, and amazing bonuses to your two main skills.
  • Arcane harmony leggings: Without this, you will instantly die to anything with skill disruption. And 100+ spirit and DA aren’t shabby. Skill disruption can be found elsewhere, but there aren’t any pants that have much synergy with this build, so this is the perfect place. Plus, they can offer a much needed stun resist crafting bonus.
  • Wrath of the Ascendant: +1 to all skills, aether resist reduction, and cast speed. I tried a lot of weapons, and nothing came close to this. (side note: finally getting one of these is what let me clear SR 65 up from SR 60.)

Other stuff:

  • Magelord rings: +3 to CT and +2 to inferno, elemental damage converted to aether, plus a bunch of other useful stats. Aether smash is useful too. I’m not sure if this is actually better than Band of the Eternal Haunt x2 (does the aether resist reduction stack?).
  • Krieg’s boots: these look pretty good, but using them does force you to get stun resist elsewhere. Which is why I’m not currently using them.
  • Emblem of the leaping mantis: it’s cheap, and it’s good for jumping FAR away when MoT runs out.

I’ve tried a ton of different devotions, and this one proved the best.

  • Hourglass: necessary for CD reduction.

  • Widow: necessary for Aether resist reduction.

  • Ghoul: amazing because CT does 50% weapon damage at max rank, which should be enough to heal you to full in a flash, and keep you there for its duration.

  • Pretty much everything else is focused on getting the necessary points for Widow, Ghoul, Obelisk, and Hourglass.

There are still a few points to play with - 5 to be precise - and I was underwhelmed by the performance of both Imp and Phoenix, partially due to aether corruption’s difficulty proccing them. I went for Behemoth, but Scales should also be a solid choice, since you have up to 84% vitality to aether conversion. If you have access to more skills on your controller, or use a keyboard, you might want to use 3 points to take ravenous earth to proc Phoenix.


This build levels pretty well. Put as many points in Callidor’s tempest and Inferno as your energy regen can sustain. The next priority should be spectral wrath, then mental alacrity, then reckless power, then spectral binding, and then fabric of reality, putting 1 point in the other skills as they become available. Of course, put points in maven’s/MoE/MoT as necessary to survive.

Siphon souls, blood boil, overload, and inner focus should be your lowest priority, since they are really focused on the end game. (you want one point in siphon souls, sear souls, and blood boil once you have Hourglass, or you could put it on a skill not in the final build).

Don’t underestimate the importance of lifesteal. The final build only has 7%, but that’s because Maw of despair gives a ton of healing to CT. It’ll help you a ton until the Maw is available.

Spend your devotions to unlock hourglass as soon as possible to start leveling it up, then widow, then ghoul, then behemoth. Or you could go for ghoul early if you don’t have good lifesteal items.

That’s pretty much it. This is my first build, so I’m happy to hear friendly suggestions for how to improve both it and my guide.

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Thanks, that helped a ton.

Always to see new builders around :slightly_smiling_face:

You can check my Binder for ideas;

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I would say chest components/jewels augments are not optimal. Also because of controller you skipped Devastation or else? Devotion map, I don’t quite like Behemoth to be honest, since neither class boosts health regen.

Wow, that’s pretty similar. Yeah, I skipped devastation and I’ll omen because I use a controller. And Behemoth feels wrong, but seems to help.