Special map seeds for players

Hello everyone, as the title says, I wanted to open this topic so we can share the seeds of the different maps that we find in the game and have special features not so common as: flat areas perfect for building, mountains, places full of food or minerals … I haven’t found any other topic that deals with this so I think it could be a very good topic especially for those players who want to find seeds to start playing without having to create new maps until we find one that we like. The seeds can be accompanied by some screenshots if you also want to show what the map or the area you want to show looks like. I invite you to share here below your best seeds, thank you very much to everyone!

IMPORTANT: As [medea_fleecestealer] said below, if you want to share any map seeds you have found, it is also important to mention the type and map size. <3


Great idea :+1: I do enjoy the roulette of map seed hunting though :joy: but I will try and remember to make note and share

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Don’t forget to include map type and size when doing so. Just the seed is not enough to duplicate a map.


I’ve had my best start with this map so far. Relatively flat with a large mountain (beaucoup iron and one gold) in the northeast. Medium: Lowland Lakes: 6014cc257ed

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Somebody started a thread like this on steam but it didn’t “take off”. Hopefully on here there will be more seeds. I thought it was a neat idea of the guy starting it to include a screenshot, too.

Map Seed: 70185F11516

Random, medium.

  • Two (small) lakes
  • Some hills
  • Plenty of stone and clay
  • Some iron, coal and sand
  • Willow, root and herbs
  • Not much gold


Alpine 6d6fe13bea3 (all maps are at the default settings.)
Two lakes
Stone, clay, iron, reeds (1), gold, sand
Little high fertile areas,

Alpine 4ab1fc3ab73 challenge map
Lots of lakes, not much area to build (for me :slight_smile: ), boar siting, wolves

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What size maps for these?

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That’s right, I forgot to mention that, I’ve edited the post in case they don’t read this message. <3


Map Seed: 650911253C3
Lowland Lakes:

Beautiful, small lakes, a mountain, full of all resources and critters…
If you place your settlement near the image below where there are a couple of lakes, these will give you two small areas to fence off against raiders. On the other sides you will need to completely fence off as there are no lakes to protect you there.

Medium: lowland lake: 48B584252DF
Better Camera and FOW required. The island has few resources, especially timber. At present, I have not found deer herds on the island. Why? Therefore, it is very important to solve the food problem as soon as possible.
The number after the map seed is changed to 250D9 or 252DA, just like a peninsula.


Fantastic… I presume villagers are able to cross over to the island?

One problem…this is what spawned when I used your seed… (Still beautiful)

I will try it with 250D9 or 252DA…

Seed: 465A573A561
Alpine Valley

There is a great spot to build the settlement on the northern part of the map - on a slight hill south of the 2 lakes and fertile area for farms. Plenty of resources nearby.

The wildlife seems random when you load a map, I’ve seen this map with a lot of deer on some loads.

One of my favorite maps I have played.

Another island seed: medium: lowland lake: 68E7AE256DB.
There is a shoal in the north leading to the outside, which is suitable for defense.


Just a little info on map seeding/generation…

Sadly… that didn’t work for me either…

Map seeds must be more random than we think.

The island is just above.

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Aaahh… the dastardly fog of war.

Lets get this seed number thing going people! Im desperate for good map seeds personally, been reading various places since launch and theres so little… Would love to see a good buildable mountain map for example, and a working isthmus too.

Well, bear in mind that as Crate add/change things it may also change the way maps generate so the seeds may not always be the same after any update to the game.


Meh. Fair, but meh.