Shattered Realm Kaisan is an asshole! Why, you may ask? Well, he doesn’t seem to drop his amulet at all when you kill him in the SR.

I’m up to SR 70 on my Druid (ultimate), I must have killed this guy about a dozen times, and I’ve never seen the amulet in the treasure troves when you check out.

I had briefly been farming him on my Purifier in the main campaign, but it is very time consuming because he can spawn in dozens of locations. However, in campaign, he seems to drop the amulet every time.

I really want to use this beauty on a couple of my builds!

Why doesn’t he have a chance to drop it in SR?

I think I remember dev said it’s intended that way a while back.

100% agreed.

I know a troll when I see one.

Seems like the original discussion topic has been lost to time but you get the idea. It’s been talked about to death and there’s mentions in the above ones that it is intentional that Kaisan only drops his amulet in campaign because of how flexible/powerful it is.

It’s somewhat time consuming if you get a lot of late spawns in Korvaak’s Tomb or the Astral Fields but if not, it’s not that bad. When I was farming him last, I developed this route:

Rift to the Ruins of Abyd and run east to the Temple of Ateph and check the first floor, if he’s not there rift back to the Ruins of Abyd and run west across the camps passing by the Infernal Wastes rift and head into the Tomb of Sethan. Run through to the other side, go out the other exit, then run north across the bridge into the Tomb of Nephos and run through checking again exiting out the other side.

If you haven’t found him by this point it’s an unlucky run but still not much left to check. A good chunk of my Kaisans were in the above spots so were pretty quick. Most of the quick runs I had were ~5 minutes or less. If I were using a Vanquisher character they would be even faster.

Rift to the Korvan City and run through to the Sunward Spire, head up and up and up (this is by far the worst new spawn point). Exit out, run towards the city end into the Tomb. Check both floors, stop before Kymon. Rift to the Eldritch Gate and check around the middle of the area. That’s all of them.

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Yes this was more or less the path I was taking (someone posted up a route on Reddit I think - I found it via google): start at Ruins of Abyd, backtrack a little at first as there is a tomb/lower spawn point, then basically follow the path right up to Tomb of Eldritch Sun, checking the tombs along the way.

But the problem is that he also has a chance to spawn in Sunward Spire (as you describe). On most of my runs, by the time I was getting to Tomb of Eldritch Sun, he hadn’t spawned, so I had to take a detour into the Sunward Spire, which is v. time consuming, as the mobs are so thick you can hardly run past them. And he spawned in here a few times for me!

I probably need to work at refining my runs, and only practice makes perfect. I wonder if there is a spot where he has more chance to spawn, and therefore it would be more time efficient to just check there each time, and reset the game whether you find him there or not?

EDIT: anyway, SR is pretty tough, so I think it’d be good if he at least had a chance to drop it, considering how rare it is to get a good prefix and suffix anyway. Maybe a reduced chance to drop compared to the main campaign?

EDIT 2: also, do you farm him on ultimate or on lower difficulties?

I don’t get it?!

Sounds like you’ve been unlucky is all I can say :confused:, Kaisan has comparable spawn spots to Kuba except he’s spread out over more areas like the Tomb sub-areas and doesn’t spawn in a roguelike and I consider Kuba to be an easy find as well.

It helps to have a movement rune skill like Displacement/Disengage that you can use to blink past them, or Rush/Blitz to just charge through/past crowds etc… If you get blockaded completely then you do have a take a quick second to melt whatever is infront of us which sucks but I find it’s rare to happen.

Ultimate always. Elite can drop lower level amulets or affixes I think.

Thank you for the tips, Evil Baka.

What I might do is start at Tomb of Eldritch Sun, follow through to Astral Fields, then if he’s not there, start back at Ruins of Abyd - the reason being that he seems to spawn more often “higher up” than other places! What you think?

P.S. I know this is going to sound stupid, but I only recently discovered that you can imbue your medal with both a component AND a rune - for some reason I thought it was only one or the other. On my Purifier I had eschewed a rune for Corpse Dust, as I need the vit resist (and health too). And so I was doing the runs w/o one :laughing: That’ll definitely help speed it up. And thankfully I figured this out before I got too deep in SR on my Druid, as some fights would be near impossible w/o it.

So far I’m only using the teleport one (Displacement I think it’s called) - I HATE the ones where you jump backwards. Rune of Ghastly Retreat? More like Rune of Ghastly DEATHS - those damn things rocket you into enemy ranks - you can’t properly aim it! Probably got my Druid killed like 3 times!!

Give it a try, there’s a fair number of spawn points in the Tomb.

No worry about it, I did dumb stuff like that without knowing for hundred of hours early on as well that I felt like an idiot for. Everyone has their version :sweat_smile:

It takes some getting used to with aiming but I like it on some of my characters, mainly the ranged ones. Generally, I’ll use Displacement like you though.