Stash Space Suggestions

And if you use cloud saves you’re limited to 50 anyway. I use local saves though, always have.


Was it ever suggested to replace smuggler with crates? :joy:
Many, many crates. At least 10, i think.

I heard they are voracious. Many cannot even handle a single one.

Well, I’m forever grateful for D2’s PlugY mod authors, especially for “4,294,967,296 personal pages” in the storage, with arrows on the sides and page number searchbox.

Do it, Crate! :wink:

Item Assistant is still better though and you doesn’t seem to have issues with external tools like OP.
Well maybe worse in one aspect - immersion.

and I am grateful for GoMule :slight_smile: does not add any other cheat, just extra stash space with search function (something plugy does not have)

i like to hoard every item possible, even though i will not use them later on, i prefer to have them accessible. i use gdstash to collect items, have not played for a while so i am not sure if my progress is still there or not. this is why i would prefer if this feature was in game itself. i would not have to hesitate about whether my progress is lost or not. before gdstash i used characters to store items ( like shields and offhands - ranged - melee -helmet etc ) but was not worth and many duplicates etc.

my suggestion to this,
i think there should be a new npc ( mix of blacksmith and inventor ) . in this new npc when you destroy any item, that item becomes craftable again. similar to recipes but more advanced ( item wise ) and not limited to certain items. also adding items to this new npc could be partial ( first 0 - 50 second 50 - 65 third 65 to max level items )
this new npc could be unpicked npc from ‘’ tale of two blachsmiths ‘’ . for example if you picked duncan he will be the main blacksmith in devil’s crossing and angrim will be the new npc, in which you can destroy and craft any item you want.

@Zantai i would like to hear you opinion about this. idk how this programming / designing thing works. to my thinking, the way i expalined could be imported to game because it will not be limited by stash size, also we have crafting feature working perfectly, it will be just broadening the crafting items.

what you guys think about this? i think having access to craft any item you want while playing the game without using any outside program would be useful.

Whew, if you had tagged me a third time, I might have accidentally appeared in your living room…

The topic has been beaten to death and we’re not going to repeat ourselves. There are legitimate design reasons why the stash is the size it is and we allow mods and utilities to work so everyone can have what they want. That is the end of the story.

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why would your progress (collected items) be gone ? Your data is mo safer in game than in a tool, ie if your HD crashes or the file gets corrupted, it does not matter which of the two you used to store your items - and if neither of this happens, then your data is safe in either case…

I think the stash will not change this late

Unless you make the price of crafting extremely high, all this will do is make HC deaths far less punishable. Lost a character and all their gear? Just craft it again and you have the gear back instead of having to farm it.

rare crafting materials ( blood, heart, brain ) 5 for epics 10 for legendary items and 100k or 300k etc silver coins will be enough. if you prefer not using items like this you can just not craft the items, however if you decide to try it could be accessible. i also played mostly on hardcore ( my first character was sc because i wanted to know game a bit better, after that all hardcore gameplay ) even with this i have not finished to collect all the items. what if i want to use 1 item more than 1 character? do i have to swich it all the time? farming is not solution to this, i mean drops are random and very slim and to create more playtime game gives off class items. i bough this game back in 2017 and from that time i started to follow this forum, reddit and steam discussion. in this 3 sites stash was a problem not only just for me but for majority of the players. that is why gd stash topic is the most visited topic with 2 million views because players need this. many topics opened about this issue but allways dismissed by crate. idk if there will be new dlc anytime soon, but if this is added to game itself it would make gamepaly a lot enjoyable.

So neither is happening.

after every dlc my stash progress was gone. idk if it was deleted or corrupted or i used stash before it was patched to new dlc or something else not sure. i bought base game from gog and dlc’s through steam that might be issue but not sure. losing my progress 2 times and starting all over made me think what if this progress stored in game itself, like recipes in blacksmiths or some legendary items but more broader.
i thought this would be very good addition to gameplay. but hey, i am just a player who wants to enjoy the game just like many other players, so it does not matter what we think because we already bought the game.

ok i understand stash size is limited to certain size. but i said you could just add a new npc in which items become destructible and one destructed that items become craftable again. this has nothing to do with stash size. adding all the items like this maybe hard work but you could just add +50 lvl items or even +65 will be enough.

It’s not, which is part of why the stash is the way it is. We made it to align with the needs of the majority of players.

I get it, having your personal views and interests invalidated sucks, but that is just entirely unfair on a forum where we literally make threads asking for player input in future changes.

I can’t speak for GDStash and losing items, but that does not seem to be symptomatic of the typical user’s experience with it. I use it as well, but I know that I am in the minority of players unlike some that insist that they speak for everybody.

Not only is that a lot of work, it would go entirely against the spirit of ARPGs and hunting for loot, which is what draws players to the genre in the first place.

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You bought the base game on GOG, but have the DLCs on Steam? How is that even possible? That’s probably what’s screwing things up, especially if you have cloud saving enabled.

when you say stash progress you mean the items collected in GD Stash ?

They should never get deleted, no matter what you do (short of deleting the database itself…).

At most the tool would not find the expansion data in your case and therefore not recognize some of the new items you find. It has no impact on what is already stored.

The only way they could possibly get deleted is if somehow the tool recognized the expansions but not the base game and then only imported the expansion data. No idea if that is even possible though, but your scenario of owning GD on GoG and the expansions on Steam is very weird, did not know that is even possible and have no idea what would happen if you then select Steam as the GD install dir (if you select GoG it should only find the base game, as described above) - and even then that would happen with every GD update / every time you import GD data and not for expansion items, so does not really fit what you describe

I am not saying it would not be a good addition, I said it will not be added this late in the development cycle :wink:

Nice to see that this month’s edition of the “stash space should be increased” thread was a really amusing read for a change :rofl:


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