Stupid pirated copy posts

to the creator of grimdawn internals, can you please help me with a version for

Just update the game to the latest version

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mine is a cracked version from torrent.

how do i update it?

You don’t. Goodbye.


You think they will ever learn? :smile::salt:


Geez, he just came out and said it too! Lol

Pretty much expected it, just waited for the confirmation before banning.


Not the brightest cookie, are you?


Is it only me, or does this People who pirate copies get more stupid each day pass on?
I mean imagine someone who steal at the store, and than a day after that go back to the store and ask for help. You might think someone who download a illegal / pirate / cracked copy would’ve enough in their head to not admit their crime in the official Forum.


You’d think so, but we have ample proof otherwise. :rofl:



See, this issue is the ‘enough in their head’ part. People who pirate stuff have ALWAYS got an excuse for why they did it. Always. Old saying we used to have in the military “maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters.”

And as a fellow artist in the creative industry it also burns me up because it’s hard enough to make a living doing art, let alone dealing with people who feel they’re entitled to steal it.

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Those that want to pay for media, will pay. Those that don’t intend to pay, won’t pay no matter what.

There will always be those who feel entitled to get free stuff, and will spin their reasoning to any angle to justify it. It’s not a fight you can ever win, so the point of discussing piracy is really moot. You have to accept it happens and move on.

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Many of them would pay what they feel is a fair price and would pirate if they consider the price unfair

Banned the guy for 1000 years! That’s a bit overkill :expressionless:

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It’s Discourse’s forever setting.

And here I was thinking Zantai was being very clever and working out dates when he banned people for 1,000 years initially. :upside_down_face:

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i think if games go to a cycle lock code with every update many hackers will just give up

I think pirating games that are selling on GOG is pretty easy, ain’t it?

mjeh i mean more of a changing randomized code that changes over time so that the pirated copies dont last very long at least build in game. There must be a better wa of securing games.