[Suggestion] Let disrupt affect ONLY spellcasters, and not auto-attackers

I’m not sure if this is mechanically possible, but a good way to boost AA builds is to allow them to remain unaffected by disrupt.

It’d be fair even. AA builds are impaired by fumble, and spellcasters are impaired by disrupt.

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Thanks DMT. :confused:

It seems weird though. It’s like standing in a pool of acid gives me amnesia, and I forget all the kung fu I’ve learnt.

Ah well. It is what it is.

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Z wants us suffer


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Yeah. This is a great idea. Casters already have a huge advantage over melee/ranged in pretty much all aspects of the game (maybe except adcth and piano but that is build dependent).

The very fact you lose 20% cdr by not going for an off-hand is huge. Not just for the nukes. Many buffs are temporary, casters have naturally better uptime on everything.

With even a trash ugdenplants shitting out fumble left and right, and things like Grava or Slathassar being alt+f4 for many melee builds, what exactly is a downside of playing a caster? Or specific threats casters face that melee doesn’t? As a zealous defender of balance, I feel these questions should not be left unanswered. :wink:

Downside used to be physique being the only stat which provides HP. Also, plenty of melee items used to be stronger back in the day.

But look at who I’m speaking to. :stuck_out_tongue:

You probably already know all this.

I may be alone in this, but the game would be better if disrupt, fumble and impaired were removed altogether. For all my hours i’ve dumped into this game so far i’m yet to understand how do they benefit the gameplay. They alone make the encounters of the same “level” very inconsistent. And they are unspeakably irritating.

IMO, disrupt should remain for spellcasters. Removing it would make them much much stronger. Op even.

As for AA specs…it’s been awhile since I’ve piloted one, so I shall refrain from commenting

Previously I was against it because AA is quite strong.

But now, AA definitely need it.

Ha, remember back in vanilla and AOM casters were garbage for the longest time?

I wouldn’t say garbage…I made plenty of casters back then :stuck_out_tongue:

They weren’t garbage. People were complaining about lack of ADCTH but casters always were among the strongest builds. Pets were bonkers back then.

Pets are like the special category so i wouldnt call them casters.

I distinctly remember vitality castes sucked ass compared to it is now. Mainly because lack of gear support and good devotions (rattosh was in AOM not vanilla, revenant was non existent etc.).

Melee doesnt have to worry about disruption as much because i think it doesn’t disrupt weapon proc skills (although someone please correct me if i am wrong) meaning you can lifesteal through it. I played belgo for a while and never worried about disruption unlike when i play caster.

Melee was king even before FG came out. That ortus nex build was broken. So dev made fumble abit more noticeble and some mechanics that melee have to deal with rather than face tank and lifesteal all day.

They need to tone down fumble if anything. Thats the thing hitting melee hard right now not to mention Twohanders even more so. Disruptions you can generally avoid but fumble pools are constant.