[Suggestion] New 2 hand class?

Hi there, I have been trying different build as much as I can. Recently working with chaos builds, I have noticed that I cant figure out a class combination that has 2-hand build goes well together with Occultist (I dont want my class to be called “Conjurer” I feel that it needs a better name :slight_smile:

There is some role-play element in this suggestion, what ever I do I have to feel the bind to the character first, then I can play to the end. But with this build I have in mind, I can not combine any of the classes there are.

There are still tons of stuff that I want to try but time is limited :slight_smile: I want to thank you all for bringing such a game to us, that we keep coming back in between real life :smiley:

Are you planing introducing new classes?

There are no more classes or expansions coming.

I would go with warrior for witchblade. Blade arc wb is good

i suggest you search for 2handed weapon discussion threads and 2handed builds. many top players have already give some pointers on how to have good 2handed builds that can tackle end tier content, while also providing info of what are the weaknesses of 2handed build and how to minimize them.

maybe some 2handed build will have class names that doesn’t fit with your taste. but grim dawn is more of a game about minmaxing power than roleplaying.

if you still prefer roleplaying gamestyle, expect that your build might not be able to clear some high tier content like other minmaxed builds.

why i asked you to search for 2handed build guides instead? because crate has stated in some threads that they are busy with other projects outside grim dawn, while sparing some time to add small contents here and there like the upcoming monster totem update, but still with more emphasis on fixing bugs and adjusting numbers to fit overall player demands.

To explain in detail as to why more classes aren’t being added is the fact that the more classes the game has the more combinations it has. And the more combinations it has, the process of balance becomes harder and harder the more class combinations the game has.

There’s also the fact that new classes are only added with expansions and currently there are no plans to make more expansions.

Maybe use this weapon

It gives one of the coolest looking skills in the game

Probably Pyromancer/Witchblade like Valinov said but I have yet to theorycraft around this skill but there are many builds on the forum.

Perhaps it would help if you told us what type of role play you’re trying to do.

I don’t think the game needs another 2 hander class because there’s basically 2 of them in the game now - Shaman and Soldier. Yes, Soldier is a legit two-hander class as well. Forcewave got a dedicated 2H transmuter which is better and more fun than untransmuted skill, and spam bladearc is basically a 2H skill due to it’s good %WD and low flat damage.

oathkeeper has 2hand wps too. necro gets 2h exclusive transmuter for its bone wave attack. inquisitor has 2h exclusive transmuter for its buff word of power.

simply put, crate has already put a great selection of gears and skills for 2 handed melee/ranged build. if anyone wants a new mastery in gd, they shouldn’t hope for it. since crate only release new mastery bundled with a major expansion, which is very unlikely to be made at this point. since crate seems want to continue the gd main plot in a sequel.

Not to mention more masteries makes it harder for each mastery to stand out from each other, thematically and playstyle-wise.

So can we stop with these new masteries threads already?

Thanks all. As I said, still it feels lacking in my opinion and. I did not buy the game yesterday :smiley: I have spent some time with every class (from pure to combos and still playing)

I should have checked that they are not going to release anymore expansions.

I like to enjoy the progress not end-game (I am enjoying with the current game anyway) But I must remember what ever game it is, its just numbers in the background with any functions and should not expect more. Some people like to crack it to maximize, I like to connect with the character.

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CHeers and Thanks again

Could you elaborate please? What class would you like to see, how would it look? What do you mean by “end game boils down to few builds” when there are hundreds viable builds in the forum? I would say you could take Occultist and combine it with any other class and make a successful 2h build and in multiple ways but maybe you just don’t know how.

Have you read builds people make on a daily basis? I can assure you they immersed themselves in the created characters. They search for portraits, make illusions, often write back stories… I feel like you’d like classes that perfectly match your chosen archetypes (bad boi 2-hander kinda class) but Grim Dawn is by design not like that, classes are flexible/blurred/templates but if you make an effort and use of thousands of existing items, illusions and imagination, you can create an incredible number of characters that you can easily connect to and role-play.

Sorry for rumbling and maybe incorrectly assuming what you mean. It’s just hard for me to understand your point, too little specifics too much waffle in my opinion. What you think is missing in GD I think actually carries this game to this day. I also see the possibility I’m wrong because I’m not an incredibly experienced player and what I’ve written is more an impression than a fact.

A proud member of the Defenders of Cairn - a group of easily triggered GD fanboys defending the game on various message boards with blinders on

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in 2handed melee niche, i can imagine gd has roughly these selection of archetypes i’ve remembered seeing around the build sections. such as:

-knightly chivalrous 2handed inquisitor/soldier/oathkeeper with physical/fire/elemental 2h sword/hammer
-dark warrior handed necro/nightblade/occultist/shaman like you suggest with chaos/physical obsidian juggernaut or cold/vitality/piercing 2h scythe grim reaper, or dreeg’s 2h melee acid/poison witch hunter (rancour 2h sword or something), or conjurer/ritualist with chaos set that transform primal strike into chaos damage thus.
-wildly berserking beastly 2handed shaman/soldier/occultist/inquisitor/necro like primal titan of lightning 2h ultos warder/vindicator or physical/internal trauma/bleeding warder.
-heavy swordsman/assassin 2handed nightblade/shaman/soldier with pierce/bleed/cold nidalla 2h sword or some 2h bleeding axe wielder (not sword i know, but it make things bleed)
-battlemage 2handed arcanist/inquisitor/necro/nightblade/soldier with some exotic 2h melee weapons focusing on elemental or some other magical damage. i don’t know much.

well, those are what i remember when thinking about 2h melee archetypes. and all of them of course has builds that shows how are their capabilities when handling end tier content. i listed those rough list to give op some choices on what kind of 2h melee (i assume op want melee) builds grim dawn can offer, that will satisfy op’s aesthetic preference.

the 2h archetypes can also be simplfied as knight of light, knight of darkness, assassin, berserker, or battlemage.

most of them will have a dark vibe (its grim dawn…), but if you want some righteous noble vibe, look at soldier/inquisitor/oathkeeper 2handed melee builds.


Personally, although everyone ive read has limited this weapon to Forcewave builds, on the back burner of my many many build ideas I have yet to experiment with is a 2 handed defense based support style build rocking This thing

Even though Inquisitor Seal is a sorta clunky skill, I really like the idea of extending their lifespan and theoretically enabling the ability to multi-layer seal upon seal.


If you want to experiment with classes etc play a mod like grimmilion or dawn of mastery’s which has loads of classes.As for the standard game i actually like it as it is.If there’s a new expansion then maybe dev team will add another class or maybe not.

I don’t think FG are the last expantion.There’s a big open world that eks to be filled.All in dew time but even with that being said.It doesn’t mean there will be new classes

Maybe, but more likely to be a sequel than another expansion.

"powbam: and this pretty much confirms GD expansions are for sure done. Even tho ive already felt that.

Zantai: I thought I’ve been pretty blunt about a possibility of a gdx3, hah. All things considered, FG did very well, but it just doesn’t make sense for the team and for the game to bloat things with a third expansion. A 10th mastery would just blow up items."

Thats what I feel there is. Shaman has plenty 2 hand melee skills, while others have one-two transmuters. I dont know what to say in general, I always avoided 2 hand builds because of this but I will try a few and see.

Thanks for the tips,

I am already trying most of these. I was lost in chaos damage ones (and in the end I will end up with the Conjurer that doesnt conjure anything :P)

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I noticed somethings that did not make sense so I edited my post. Sorry about that. Too much thesis stress lately :slight_smile:

Dont worry buddy, it may have sounded like complaint but its not.

This 2 hand i have in mind if it was something between shaman-soldier in its essence with emphasis on physical/bleed or something like that, would be nice.

What I especially mean by limited feeling of 2 handed melee class is ;

There is dual-wield Nightblade

Shaman 2 handed melee (physical-lightning) (in my case Conjurer as class is confusing. It will not use summons. Ofcouse I should not be bothered with it ) I mean occultist-shaman feels like its meant for summoning and boosting pets.

Inquisitor dual-wield ranged

I am doing all the stuff you mentioned other than checking peoples builds :slight_smile: I tweak the char on the go etc.

In the end I am going to build all the combinations anyway its just Conjurer will be double :smiley:

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try to look at devouring swarm (shaman skill that summon swarm of bug to debuff & damage enemies) as conjured summons. sure, they aren’t pets. but they are certainly conjured beings. fitting with the shaman’s wilderness & darkish magic vibe. devouring swarm is also one of the best skill to debuff enemy vitality & bleed resistance. its a must skill for vitality/bleed builds that has shaman as mastery.

also, shaman’s wendigo totem that heals and gives your attack some lifesteal can be considered conjuring summons. since you place a totem that summons a wendigo evil spirit that gives you the power of vampire.

summons are not always what player can direct to move and attack enemies with their own intelligence. i even view dealing DoT damage on enemies (burn, electrocute, bleed, etc) as using temporary summon to attack enemies. since the DoT stick to the enemies for awhile and giving player opportunities to do something else like kiting or using different skill combos (just like how summoner playstyle are played).

my final thoughts on conjurer is that conjurer can also be used as caster/dps builds other than as summoner. there are many great conjurer builds out there.

i hope you can have a great time playing your builds to alleviate your thesis stress.

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