The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Set the pet based pets like Briarthorn, Hellhound, etc, to aggressive stance by right clicking on their icons and choosing that option. Then stand back and let them do their thing.


One trick you can try is to bind “pet attack” to Left mouse button.
That way when you click on an enemy or if you are holding down the mouse button, as soon as you move the cursor over the enemy your pets should start attacking it.

Setting their stance to aggressive also helps since it increases their leash range which lets your pets aggro on enemies farther away than normal.

It also helps to wait until your pets have engaged the enemy before using skills like Curse of Frailty.

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Thank you for the idea. By the way player scaled pets can’t be set stance of, right ?

that’s a great idea ! I have never used the pet attack assigned to LMB . will definitely try it out ! Thanks a lot !

Nope, only pet based ones can be set.

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Linking these here so that they are easier to find for others -

  1. Fluffy Squishy, Pet Conjurer - Callagadra Facetank Edition by Maya (SR-135)

  2. boO - GD League Pet Ritualist by Maya

  3. WOOF - Meme Hellhound only Pet Conjurer by Maya

  4. Petwalker - Walking Simulator Budget Pet Conjurer by Maya

  5. Hecate - Lazy Dark One's Set Budget Pet Ritualist by Maya

  6. UwU – Player-Scaled-Pets Archon by Maya

  7. The Red Knight – Player-Scaled-Pets Archon by Maya

  8. The High Bird - Lazy Ranged/Pet Hybrid Conjurer by Maya (Callagadra Edition)

issuu link no longer works due to website changes limiting content to 50 pages.

New Link - The Carnival - Pet Guide - Copy.pdf | PDF Host

Well, that sucks. Shame on issuu. Meanies!

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Quick question, didn’t see it anywhere in the above; why is Spectral Binding/Wrath being levelled? Wouldn’t it be more useful to have Mark of Torment / Ill omens for survival?

Spectral Wrath is for RR.
Spectral Binding is mostly a point dump if more than 1 point is invested.

Reason for no Mark of Torment / Ill Omen is mostly to make the build easier to play by reducing required key presses. But they can be taken if required.

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Thank you, I wondered if the spirits would still do enough non-elemental damage to justify it, but clearly they do. Cheers!

Hello. I’m new to Grim Dawn and I’m currently in Elite using a Pet Conjurer build that will focus on Lightning damage (and damage conversion to lightning). What I want to ask is can I forgo Manipulation if my pet focus are Familiar, Primal Spirit, and Briarthorn (for Emboldening Presence). This will free up 18 skills points from the Mastery (so I can leave it at 32) and 12 skills points from Manipulation. The reason that I want to forgo it is I’ve noticed that Primal Spirit can teleport to pack of mobs after finishing another pack of mobs. And also, the familiar is a ranged pet (storm orbs and lightning strike can even target mobs beyond a wall) so I think pet movement speed may not be as important?

Manipulation is not taken for movement speed. It provides Total Speed bonus which includes attack and cast speed. That helps with dps regardless of which type of pet build you go for.

I see. I didn’t know that. I guess I need to take it then since I’m experimenting with on-hit/on-critical-hit devotion procs for pets.

About to do my 2nd playthrough and all this info is amazing, thank you!

If anyone’s interested, on my first playthrough I went with a ritualist, there was a lot of respeccing and experimentation along the way. I ended up ditching the skellies at some point as they felt too squishy and just focused on the blight fiend and the briar. By the end of the main story I had a pretty functional summoner, it felt great to play, even with no good uniques/sets. Spent longer than I care to admit examining the devotion tree, and could never shake the feeling that I was making terrible choices. I was just after the main story and about to do the ashes dlc when I took a break… and my character is gone, not sure if its steam cloud or game updates or what. I was struggling to remember how I built it, decided to look for some guides and BOY I’m glad I did, so much great info here. Think I’ll try a conjurer this time, hopefully take on the dlc and endgame stuff!

Cheers Maya! :heart_eyes:

EDIT: I reloaded the game and my character is back! False alarm! Also has better gear than I remembered haha


Will update builds in the next few days…



Birds Pets are overrated :smiling_imp:

welcome back


image Ty. Welcome back to you as well :blush:


WB! missed u


Your guide download link now goes to some really sketchy malware page. You might want to remove that.