The curse of Cain (

Got it)
MQ is a bitch in SR, especially for builds without good flat absorption and with skills like Grasping Vines that generate a lot of “tics”. I’ll record some vids for the guide during this week

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Great Build! I’m trying to get my Ritualist to 100 right now. Is there any reason as to why there are no points in Decay and Foul Eruption? You could take 2 points off from tenacity of the Boar for example. Seems like a win win to me because of the “+1 to all necro skills”. Or am I missing something?

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I would LOVE a leveling guide :)))

Jaelend, this build is fairly straightforward, easy and safe to level. Start with Shaman. don’t touch Necromancer until later, for instance until you get to Homestead or so. Grasping Vines and Devouring Swarm are the bread and butter, points in other skills less important but at least get started on them but don’t worry about getting them to final level on Grim Tools sheet, Totem helps heal and Mogdrogen’s Pact is a nice passive, a point or 2 in the other skills are needed but again no need to get higher until later.

I like to get Shaman mostly, but not completely done before I start on Necromancer.

The devotion order is also very straightforward. As to Necromancer skills , by the time you get Shaman in good shape, you’ll have a pretty good feel what to prioritize as far as defense or damage goes.

This is probably one of the easiest and safest builds (out of about 40 maxxed characters) that I’ve tried.

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You already have damage reduction from Dark One mods
Foul Eruption works only on kills, so not really reliable

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Hey, welcome. Level with RE.

Check out this thead: Spanks has a great leveling diary.

You can learn a bit from Nerys Oppresor guide as well.

But fastest route is leveling on skeletons or primal strike with a respec at 94. Cheers.


I wouldn’t call it fast or even a good idea. Mostly because Skeletons suck compared to Blightfiends/Reap-Spirits and because pet builds require an entirely different playstyle + item/skill/devotion route that you will have to completely respec later.

Maya. I’m going to prove you wrong one of these days by giving a detailed analysis. Maybe there was a buff or something since you last tried them but Skelies only start dying in Ultimate. Up until then you have 8-9 pets, most of them ranged and some of them with AOE. Everything melts from level 1 to 94.

There was a buff, +10% phys res to base skellies (& -10% from Lost souls) a few patches ago. But they still drop like flies :woman_shrugging:

I am missing 3 items right now, the amulet, the medal and the boots. But I found that, as long as the mandatory boots are missing, the Avatar of Mercy Amulet is a nice substitude. That + Greaves of Ill Omens + Mythical Crimson Heart is doing the trick for me right now.

Not to mention that ranged primal strike is so incredibly easy to level with.

Hi there !

I’d want to make my first reroll with Dark one set but i’d really prefer to play with a weapon. I don’t like pure casters and prefer the feeling of weapons. (dual wield or 2H)

Your buid seems perfect for that project :wink:
If I don’t have this wildblood crusher, what could be the alternative ?

I was thinking about Korvan’s or Spectral Warmaul

Sorry if this has ever been said in the topic, I maybe missed the information :slight_smile:

Btw, thank you for the build !

Wildblood gives you a set bonus as set, not only the weapon. The best 2h replacement it’s perhaps Nightbringer. Korvan blade maybe it’s useful to some level but depends on the rolls.

For DW version you can build with dual Bonespike weapons and full dark one set. Your focus will be Ravenous earth. It’s good both as Ritualist or Cabalist. But for DW you need to give up either relic or medal slot to dual wield.


Thank you Nery !

I thought about Nightbringer but I don’t know if my dervish (lvl 90 for now) will be able to kill Morgoneth when i’ll finish to equip him (virulent dervish by Stupid_dragon).

I’ll go for DW waiting for the wildblood set if killing Morgoneth is an “unreasonable expectation” :smiley:

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Thanks for the guide. First time player here. Can you please add more info on,

  1. Skill points allocation
  2. Rotation
  3. devotion points allocation.

Thanks a lot

Woops! I didn’t know how to open the skills window via grimtools :smiley:

Just the info about the rotation would be enough. Thanks.

Based on skills as I see them on the GT link, I presume it’s like this:

  • line/group 'em up, debuff w/ Swarm, control with Vines
  • drop RE and Wendigo on 'em
  • Bone Harvest at will
  • keep Savagery max-charged by hitting anything with it every now and then
  • Mark of Torment I guess would be the big red emergency button in case you get hit with crunchy shotguns

Or you could stand your ground and piano it out.

piano it out.

tl;dr fixed

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What am I doing wrong here? I can’t even clear SR 60 solo with this build, and I don’t feel that far off from the build in the post.

Any ETA on that leveling guide? :slight_smile: