The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer - SR 170 version :3

Thanks a lot for the explanations, did what you suggested, now back to the grind for more gear :slight_smile:

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Maya, Maya!
Why don’t you use green things in your build?
Is the build better without them?
Or is it because rare, hard-to-find greens are considered bad manners?

By the way, I want to show you my final version.
Best Ravager kill is 45 seconds, best Callagadra kill is 58 seconds.
Today I made more than a hundred races, testing various combinations of jewelry, skills and constellations.

Now I can’t create a twink, because I want someone comparable in terms of prospects, but any other classes seem disabled compared to the pet breeder ^^

Mostly because I want to limit variations in performance that would otherwise occur due to requiring specific affixes for the greens.

I do include greens in certain cases, like when making meme builds or to test crazy ideas and such, but mostly I try to see if it can be done without greens :slight_smile:

:eyes: those are really good kill times, noice :ok_hand:


I re-kitting my very first character with your fluffy build here. Didnt find the rings though so I have to do with a different set of rings at the moment, still I can do SR75-76 like an easy morning stroll, kill Callagadra and Ravager by just standing around and casting curses at them, just devour Morgoneth and his magi in what seems a few seconds, and get obliterated by Crate as my pets do a bit of AoE and hit the small crates and a million of them popped and wiped me and my pets lol. Apart from Crate it’s easy mode for end game content indeed.
I adjusted some tiny details to get more DPS at the price of not being able to do deep SR but that’s not a big loss IMHO.
Two questions though

  • How’s Primal Instinct relic faring now with this build ?
  • Would Bysmiel Trinkets do anything better than the semi random rings I have now ? (I have the correct amulet, but both rings are decent +All Pets legendaries), that would lose the extra briarthorn though, maybe with Salazar blade to compensate ?
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Primal instinct will be less pet tankiness and more DPS.

No, don’t go Trinkets. You can instead use either this -

or this one with either “of the Untamed” or “of the Wild” suffix -

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So… the new playtest patch is out and with it came a lot of… changes.

Build’s immortality is gone for the moment and pets die a lot. So, no longer as lazy as before, but the training dummy was successfully killed. Just need to avoid sunder now.

Will see if I can try to get it back to being lazy facetank.

Can now Facetank Cally’s Sunder again in

Grimtools link - Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Do note that since nothing in PTR is final, the above build is subject to changes as well.

Facetanking other superboss sunders (can’t facetank crate after a certain number of his crate pets have spawned)

Hi, can I ask you some questions?
What do you mean “Remove Purple” in this section? I’m not quite understand it

* Purple > Shepherd’s Crook > Remove Purple >
* Yellow > Stag > Panther > Remove Yellow >
* Falcon > Nighttalon > Toad > Red >
* Behemoth > Remove Red > Bysmiel’s Bonds >
* Typhos, the Jailor of Souls >
* Mogdrogen the Wolf >
* Huntress (minus the node that gives pierce resistance)

Moreover, I saw that the devotions section above with the section in “Build Details” are different. Can u explain me why? Thank you

Devotion Order:

* Yellow > Tortoise > Remove Yellow >
* Dryad > Sailor’s Guide > Lion > Eel >
* Lizard > Solemn Watcher >
* Purple > Nighttalon > Rat > Green >
* Behemoth > Remove Rat > Huntress >
* Remove Purple > Remove Green >
* Ishtak > Tree of Life (4 points for Healing Rain)
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Shepherd’s Crook needs 1 Purple(Ascendant) point in Crossroads to unlock.

Once you complete the constellation by investing the required 5 devotion points in Shepherd’s Crook, it rewards you with 5 Purple points.

Since Shepherd’s Crook only requires a single Purple point to unlock, the constellation can sustain itself using the 5 Purple points it gives as reward.

So, you can buy back the Purple point in the Crossroads from the Spirit Guide now.

Reason is because we are leveling using a slightly different setup and change to the final build once you have access to all the required items.

The Mogdrogen based devotion order provides more damage and faster kills while Ishtak based devotion is suited for Tanky, defensive style.

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There’s another factor that uniquely affects green gear: random prefixes and suffixes. When I saw those green Bloodsworn Signet rings in a message above, and then found that they could be farmed from the Darkvale Gate boss, I thought I’d see if I could pick up one, naively thinking that it wouldn’t be much different than farming for the Mythical Heart of the Sand King amulet.

It was indeed rather easy to pick up a Bloodsworn Signet ring. However, the ring that I picked up, and the 30 other rings I picked up in subsequent attempts, had prefixes and suffixes that made them unattractive. I finally got smart and looked into the details, and found that there are over 160,000 unique Bloodsworn Signet rings. My guess is that fewer than 5% of them are better than the Epic or Legendary equivalents.

(I’d love to be proved wrong, or to be shown that there is a strategy for farming Rare items that I’m missing out on. Please put me out of my misery if so. For now, I’m just doing the occasional farming run when I get bored, on the off chance that my luck will change.)

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There is a reason why most build creators use GDStash to spawn in items.
Trying to farm proper greens with the right affixes is not good for sanity.


Ugh… Thanks for the info on the updated build. I have to say that I’m not impressed with the changes that the development team is foisting on us and would not be inclined to update to the new build. And I say this as someone who struggled with physical resistance on my first pet build. I can’t help thinking that the solution in this case might well be worse than the problem they are trying to solve.

Unrelated: I’ve been playing around with some of the mods available for the game, and have been having fun. There’s a pet mod that adjusts the limits on pet invocation, allowing you to have 4 Familiars, 4 Hellhounds, and 4 Briarthorns. Totally cheating, but oh so much fun to have 12 pets rampaging through enemy mobs and bosses. Talk about fluffy!

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Regarding that, some changes are getting reverted. So, will need to re-test once the update patch comes on steam.

Not sure where things will land by the time playtest concludes, but there is still plenty of time for things to change and even end up favourably for pets.

Just need more people to participate in testing and voice their opinions to the devs.

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Thanks for your reply Maya. Sorry for keeping asking dumb questions because I’m a newbie, i’m just following the guide

Since Shepherd’s Crook only requires a single Purple point to unlock, the constellation can sustain itself using the 5 Purple points it gives as reward.

So, you can buy back the Purple point in the Crossroads from the Spirit Guide now.

This means that when I used my 5 devotion points to learn all Shepherd’s Crook as picture below. I can remove the purple, how can I do that? Just clicking on the learned skill in Crossroads?

This video should help :slight_smile:

Bloodsworn signets can also be gotten in the Bastion of Chaos from the vendor on the 2nd level. Once you are in the dungeon you can vendor farm the rings by resetting the vendor. To reset the vendor just go to the 3rd level of the dungeon from the vendor level and wait 10 or so seconds then return. The vendor inventory will have refreshed. Look at the signets and purchase any with affixes you want. If there are none then repeat the process.


Once upon a time, I probably did hundreds of runs - to the right of the portal of the bloody grove is a ghostly tiara, to the left of the portal is Zaria, and in the basement behind her are bloody rings))

And then yes, I met GDStash and actually fell in love with the game))

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I’ve been taught by other games that sellers never have anything worthwhile.
And now it turns out that I was wrong to underestimate the vendors.

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Thanks for the tip. It honestly never occurred to me that the rings would be available from a vendor. I’m learning so much these days. :grinning:

Thanks, also, to Maya for the tip about GDStash. This time around, unlike the first time I played GD a few years ago, I’m doing some experimenting with builds rather than focusing on taking a build all the way through to the end. Something like GDStash is enormously helpful for that kind of gameplay.

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Gonna leave this here as the better option based on the currently ongoing beta - Sanguine Lupus - Pet Conjurer

Going tanky is less rewarding atm than straight up full on dps route.