The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer - SR 170 version :3

Crit is different from OA, but OA is needed for your pets to Critical hit mobs at which point their dmg gets boosted by the Crit dmg. Crit is available through items, devotions and skills like Primal Bond.

So if I understand correctly: OA basically provides critical % (the chance to critical strike the monsters) and crit damage is the multiplication of the damage when it is a critical strike? And the critical damage is only through items, devotions and primal bond?

Is there anything more where OA can be achieved from than? Or you mean through augments etc as other items?

(sorry for all the questions, this is basically my first serious character I play and got it to 100 already)

OA also adds a bit of Crit dmg in addition. So it is even more valuable.

OA, Crit etc can be achieved from everywhere. Just like all the other pet stats :3

Sadly your experience will be 100% RNG dependent.

Ive finished the game on all 3 difficulties, farmed every piece of my gear including the rare off hand gate to many worlds, and still can not drop a single piece of the Bysmiel’s Trinket accessory 4pc set regardless how many SR/crucible/skeleton key runs I do.

I dont think ill ever see the actual potential of the build without the additional phys to elemental conversion and extra familar the set provides, even with all the other armor pieces and the wpn/offhand my dmg is meh at best.

Overall really dissapointed with the game, tried the trading post, its completely dead, 4 days 0 replies. The only other option is the cheat code java thing which completely defeats the purpose of the game.

Oh, I never knew there was a trading post here. I have a spare set of trinkets for trade and sent you a message if you’re ever interested.

They’re literally stickied in the Gameplay section of the forum.

Try the GD Discord, plenty of people to trade there. Whenever I need an item I usually get it in the same day I start looking for it, unless it’s something more rare like magi rings and such.

I’ve had the best luck trading on the Steam community forum. Lots of activity there!

Thanks for creating and updating the build, Maya! This is my first char in the game and finally got her fully geared. It’s been super fun. Time to start farming for alts :stuck_out_tongue:

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Glad to hear you are enjoying it :blush:

One question, how important is the completion bonus on Mogdrogen’s Ardor? Mine ended up with 6% health. Is the extra elemental resistance on the version you have listed needed for boss shred? I seem to be doing alright at high SR levels currently.

I like to have a healthy overcap on Elemental resistance. But if you are not finding yourself if risk of dying, no need to worry about it :blush:

You must be a good luck charm. I farmed mats for 3 relics and got 26% elemental resistances on the last one! :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for this awesome build! At last…
It’s kind of hard to always understand how damage works in this game… Before trying this one, my other (supposedly awesome…) build was using the constellations Ultos linked to the familiar, Mogdrogen wolf and manticore, with spark of ultos as weapon, stormbringer of malmouth as offhand and 2/4 pieces of the beastcaller set. Dont quite know why but the dps was crazy bad and pets were dying like crazy!..
With this build, with the same items, and not even full devotions, my pets are destoying everything and are tanky as hell! Can’t imagine what it’s gonna be with full gear! THX again!



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Any changes since latest patch and hotfix?

Nope, none :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a really fun build and I’m enjoying grim dawn more than ever. Thank you so much Maya

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This build is really nice, i started it when it first came up, now i applied the 1.6.2 changes and it feels even stronger!
I also tried some celestials, pets are standing way longer now when fighting the ravager, but callagadra is still a pain in the ass, i wonder how you can beat her in 8 minutes…:roll_eyes:
Pets are getting raped in seconds, but after constantly recasting them, and maybe 20 minutes of time calla got beaten :grinning:
I wanna thank you Maya for that really good pet build, i think its the best i played so far! :wink: