The Gnome's (silly) nook

EoR and SS Dunefiend Dervish
no idea why i didn’t combine both at the same time before :confounded: - it’s awesome

Octavius’ corrupted butt

Physical pseudo pets Archon:
Archie’s Imaginary Friends


finally got around to derp’ifying my Avenger Archon,
Archie’s Vengeful Fizz 'n Devils

resists are stupid tight, above avg rolls on resists is dang near mandatory - and either way it’s definitely not as sturdy and tonky as your usual lazy facetank avenger :sweat_smile:; but it’s fun image

lazy Physical Drain Essence Death Knight:
Uroburuuk’s derpy Decree

can be made even more lazy by moving ill omen points into War Cry, but loses shifting sand/proccer at the cost of using one less button :sweat_smile:
(scales is for maintaining mana as it’s impossible without)

Aether Cadence/wps Blademaster :woozy_face:

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i like the look of that, how good does it do in crucible and SR

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haven’t run it in Crucible yet (late night build)
cleared sr80 but with some deaths due to braindead piloting in a chunk and Reaper encounter in boss room. SR80 Reaper isn’t really fun on this, aside from the fight dragging on it’s a hair wide tightrope surviving feeling more like RNG decides the outcome
breezes through 65-66
will do some 75-76 runs along with crucible later
overall it feels like an inferior Reaper or a fragment of a pierce Blademaster

feels very mediocre in Cruci, like something is “missing”
did a 7min run, 6.45 and died at 6.30 wave 170
aside from my own bad piloting being a factor, getting double reapers double valde/whatever aether bastard just feels like walking in mud. I kinda wanna blame the aoe/only having fighting form as cadence mod :thinking: ?

on the otherhand, even with aetherwarped mutator, it feels nice in sr75-76 - despite some ass pulling from war cry. Reliably made the timer on a handful of runs

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one last derp before the curtain closes on the armor bypass show
Master of the Elements; Physical Mega Derp Conversion Skating Sentinel:

basically a worsesillier version of @MysteryMeat’s Fakeuisher i wanted to run one last time before global converion memes got “killed” off :pensive:
unsure if investing in doombolt is a waste and it should just be put into passives/heart of wrath etc ?:thinking:
can use Rah’zin chest for even more derp, tho loses a chunk of hp

alright, if ever there were a build that fitted my OP this is it, i bring to you:
Karen Nur the Grundle Swopper:

the build is both a silly concept, “doesn’t work”, GDstashed/green, inferior to a real/actual Rah’bringer Witchblade, and too squishy to handle sr75 in any reliable/farm matter (65 is good tho :ok_hand:)
-despite seemingly low RR and poor application it actually chewed through any boss on 75/76 and even Benny on 80, (at least the ones that didn’t 1shot it cough *Maiden *cough), boss rooms being a breeze but it death cycling during chunks :confused:

The idea behind this absurd thing was to “exploit” weapon swap, yes you heard right, click the weapon swap button in the build and see for yourself :smile:
conversation in Discord raised the question if Grundleplith could be used for something decent; when Jens popped the idea of CDR Fighting Spirit. Now in itself Grundleplith is a pretty meh weap(i haven’t been able to use it in any decent manner at least), so the question arose if the CDR could be “abused” without actually using the weapons ? :thinking:
Turns out, you can :no_mouth:

At least it went smooth and great in mild testing/in a controlled environment; and here is where the build concept completely falls apart
It’s way too clunky to use in actual combat, at least i’m not good enough to do it manually, and i don’t know if Grim Internals can do some jazz and help on that (i dont’ use GI)
The idea was when fighting spirit procs, you wait until like ½sec before buff expires, quick swap to dual Grundleplith Tails, and quickly swap back as CD sets in, voila 6sec Fighting Spirit CDR
If you can manage to pull it off/practice and make it work, while fighting more than a handful of zomboids outside DC, it can provide a nice little extra chunk of dmg boost from the Naren Kur mods

Like i said, sadly i can’t do it/too clunky for manual paying attention and proper timed swap, so have fun trying see if you can to take advantage of this, gl :+1:

Double memed a pet build
15 Skeletons Aether Pets Lost Souls Dual-wielding Ritualist Ritualist, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

performance is atrocious, so much dmg lost on skeletons that’s not converted, RR is :unamused:, but hey, atleast it can kill Lokar and do a little SR…

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pierce memefiltrator Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

obviously just a worse/less optimal version of the messenger repeater pierce abomination from grey-maybe, but the idea wasn’t optimized dmg, but to have fun with pierce box, rune piano and devos
even with silly devos and box; build obviously “spikes” a lot higher in dmg if using chillspikes instead of seal of blades and ditching the runes (also less piano), i just don’t like the feel of the playstyle (or mana drain) :man_shrugging:
and “as is” it still did casual content decently (SR65-66 + Mogdrogen, Lokarr and Morgoneth all cleared)


I made an initial non-meme draft some time ago (non-meme being approach not performance which I didn’t test): Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator I think it is a very different build though with all those skill points as it can afford more skills (PB’s and Rune of Hagarrad in my variant which help with Pierce devo proccing on single targets). Might be cancer to play / clunky with all these skills though.

tl;dr Pierce Infiltrators triggered for being lumped together into one build

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yours kinda look a lot more sane than mine, atleast on the devo front :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
also looks like it’s actually less piano, since using 1 less skill/didn’t take kalastor on top
dmg looks nice, less “filthy green” too, will be curious to see if cd PB pays off in terms of dmg :thinking:

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Oh, I have this too, unfortunately also with +x to pets afixes :slight_smile:
I also have Physical Dervish Pets.

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physical blade spirit with physical pre nerf BoW pre armour bypass fix :ok_hand:

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the Blood Siren, bleeding pets Blood Knight Blademaster Blademaster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Immortal Army, a Wake of Blood edition, bleeding pets Blood Knight Dervish Dervish, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Cruci 170, Crate*, Lokar, SR 65, Morgoneth,

why do i include these here instead of actual build posts, since there isn’t the usual 5+ double rare BS here?
well, both builds rely on one or two +2skill prefixed items to reach 3rd Blade Spirit, as such i don’t consider them “real” builds/something to make legit without GDstash nonsense
there is technically replacements, dervish could use a Malmouth Blade seal or Signet of the Runefather instead,
Blademaster would require multiple item swaps and changes, could use a Scorpius Bludgeon with Onslaught suffix that could technically be shopped along with ring change etc etc
but it causes a cascade of stat changes that just makes the affix requirements equally tight for resist etc anyway

*took 8 deaths/attempts and every 450-900sec buff elixir and 2 aether clusters for the Blademaster to kill Crate, but it did it :joy:, dervish does it easier


Jackie Pierce, pierce Stun Jacks Piano Purifier Purifier, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

SR 65-66, Morgo, Lokarr

Probably one of those cases where ditching stun jacks + offhand and just going chill spikes would yield same or better performance :sweat_smile:

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Piercing Butts, pierce Ravenous Earth Apostate Apostate, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator :woozy_face:

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silly thing
chaos pseudo retal mando Commando, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator very silly stuff going on here