The MISSING builds compendium

I mean even if they have an X doesn’t mean they couldn’t be built in a considerably different way.

Will pull up the couple I’m tagged on tomorrow and anything else I’ve actually played but not posted


Opposite, those with an X have been done.

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I suggest making a separate column for elemental instead of checking all three elements cause elemental builds work differently than most single element builds especially in devotion pathing. Also I guess different columns for retal and pets too.

Some not really missing builds but I can’t find links.

Acid Blademaster - pretty easy. Discount dervish mode with cadence instead of RF. Pretty sure I saw @banana_peel make one.

Physical Spellbinder - is STRONG. I’m talking sub-5 cruci SR100 strong. Look for it in banana’s youtube. He’s got vids from and not much changed since then. Phys shieldbreaker is decent too. I’m sure both were in grimsheet when it first launched but maybe grey and tqfan removed them due to lack of updates


I noticed there wasn’t a cold Ritualist/Vindicator on there. Weird, these are totally doable.

Cold Ritualist basically builds itself with Morg’s set + Winter king sword or Alkamos Scythe. 2H BH or Cold PS. You could also do cold savagery with korba, since necro has reaping strike/necrotic edge. Has this really never been done? I am disappoint.

Cold Vindicator has good RR period. You can do plenty of ranged shenanigans with cold PS/Savagery. RoH would also support this playstyle pretty well.


Physical Apostate? Here we are [] Flame Reversible - Physical Flames of Ignaffar Apostate [sr+][mi][vid].

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I’m gonna guess this is more of a “for fun” kind of thing rather than any requirements like testing and passing certain content for a build to be approved :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated the chart with everything submited that had a link or something along the lines of “X made one but I can’t find the link” since they were posted to begin with, they must have been at least as good as we need.

I did not include those that sounded like “XYZ should be easy to make” … for now :slight_smile:
Making those is the whole point :slight_smile: Get to work ! :rofl:


I mean, if it is decent enough to clear campaign, that’s enough. We’re not looking for top performers, just builds that work .

X have been done, let’s try and check the entire board.

I have to draw the line somewhere though. This is already extensive enough for just a fun exercise. Many elemental builds will use gear and devotions of a specific element since they’re all boosted anyway. And there is no rational to have builds that have 2 damage types (pierce + bleed for example) check 2 boxes, while elemental builds having its own separate box, and then having to build with all 3 elements separately. I get that they are built differently, but so are melee and pet builds.

This is also one of those place where I needed to draw a line. I decided that “pets” and “retal” were just like “Melee AA” or “caster” : just a different way to apply said damage. If I make separate entries for each, this chart could stretch to infinity :slight_smile:
We could have a very extensive chart where every playstyle + every element + every class is listed, but that sounds more like grindy homework than fun.

in short, not a bad idea in and of itself, but I had to draw a line somewhere, and “applied damage types” is where I drew it. :slight_smile:

I mean, anyone could throw together something in 5 minutes and call it a build… at the same time, it’s still a build if it doesn’t make it to SR75.

What I think is a reasonable benchmark is campaign (Ultimate).
To clear campaign, your build needs to be reasonably thought-through and focused, but not so optimised that they need multiple impossible MIs.
With stringier requirement, some of those combinations would be downright impossible anyway, so let’s keep it “casual” but still “efficient”

If your build can dispose of Korvaak or it can clear a roguelike dungeon, it’s absolutely good enough for this list.

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Yep, that’s exactly what this chart aims to do. :slight_smile:

Challenge accepted ?

Imo the point of this thread is to get to the most meme [class, damage type] combinations and then have fun making them work. For now we rule out those that obviously work and we will end up with questionable ones that will need maybe even video proofs to be accepted.

Well that’s because everyone just chooses Reapers, Tricksters, Blademasters, Druids, Spellbreakers for this.

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Pierce / physical belgo apostate
physical belgo infiltrator
chaos/fire hybrid eor shieldbreaker
acid guardians + tss + acid purge templar
pierce/bleeding trickster
pierce/bleeding witchhunter
physical rah’zin witchhunter


Speaking of which. I don’t know how tedious it could be to run through Campaign for the sole purpose of making video proof for a meme build vs just SR or Crucible…

So any one of there is fine (Ultimate) :
Crucible 170 (no matter the time)
Any of the roguelike dungeons.

Sounds good ?

Added, thanks!

Pierce saboteur I’m currently working on:
I beat SR 80 with lucky spawns/shrines (and a few deaths ngl)
Still need to reliably clear Crucible with it, Kaisan is a freaking nightmare. Perhaps just a git gud issue though.

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Just found some ancient build I had, Aether DW Saboteur, this thing have even better gear options these days but it was working fine.


Added both @Crab_Turtle_2112 and @Nery’s builds

On a different note:
…Why are there no Elemental Elementalists ?
With a name like that, seems like a really big omission :stuck_out_tongue: (And it has 2 sources of elemental RR!, should be super easy to make)

Historically demo only had fire and lightning RR. When it was changed to elemental on mines no one just bothered to do it on elementalist :rofl:


That explains a lot
I can see WD and Thermite mines proccing Seekers and Atak Seru all over the place… Could be fun :slight_smile:

Well, Attack Seru yes, but neither of those can proc Blind Sage’s proc.

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Oh well, Rowan’s crown then !
And we’ll put seeker on something else :slight_smile:

No one has done Cold Elementalist either for that matter, could be an interesting idea/challenge :smile:

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