The MISSING builds compendium

Lightning Witchblade :white_check_mark:
Acid Blademaster :white_check_mark:

Bleeding Death Knight

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Here’s some more of my successful builds to add to the list.

Vitality AAR Warlock:

DW Gargabol’s FS Vitality Pyromancer:

DW Phasebreaker FS Elemental Pyromancer:

Meme DW Ranged FS Cold/Acid Saboteur:


Added all 5, thanks!

I believe Cthon made a lightning Saboteur before, though it’s probably a bit outdated now. Wasn’t it called the Maelstrom? If I find the link I’ll post it, though I don’t know in what forum abyss it rests now :sweat_smile:

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Also I’ve just thought, that Demolitionist has literally 0 Bleed support
No wonder there’s no Bleeding Saboteurs out there :rofl:

It looks REALLY outdated (some super weird skill choices nowadays, probably dictated by the meta of the time)
But I have no reason to think it wouldn’t still work perfectly fine.

Lightning Saboteur: :white_check_mark:

On the flipside, there is no reason to think a Physical Saboteur can’t be done super easily :slight_smile:

Vitality Druid seems like a really easy thing to do (Totems, Panetti, Devastations)…
Btw I can’t wait for the moment when the grid is filled up to such a degree that it’s easier to just list all the missing combos :slight_smile:

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Physical DW FS Saboteur:

Vitality DW FS Saboteur:

Chaos DW Cadence Rah’Zin Blademaster:

Btw I don’t even have the expansions, so I expect meme-level results :rofl:

When we get to that point, I’ll redo the chart flipped negatively :slight_smile:

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Have these been tested ?

Here’s a few combos still out there that I think should be pretty easy to create without too much effort. Either one of the class has support for it, or itemisation is abundant

Acid Apostate
Cold Archon
Elemental blademaster
Lightning/elemental Commando
Deceiver should be filled out by now, it has RR for every single damage type…
Acid Druid (Bramblevine shield, Misery, etc…)
Elemental Elementalist (Duh!)
Physical Pyromancer (Support from Demo, RR from Occultist)
Bleed sentinel (2 RR sources)
Vitality Vindicator
Fire Witch hunter (Ember’s calling, Vilgazor’s heart)

Unfortunately no. I can’t test them because I don’t have the expacs :sleepy:
For now they’re just concepts

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How has this not been fulfilled?

My namesake character is a Vitality Witchblade…and with 4k OA at that!

Hasn’t seen an update in probably a year and am still missing two skillpoints from SR, but here’s the grimtools. Probable room for improvement here and there.

The one change I’d like to pursue with the build is the acquisition of more Crit Damage, as it’s not as high as one would want to accompany such a high rate of crits.


Vitality Witchblade: :white_check_mark:

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I’ll take a gander at the remaining Soldier options. It’s hard to make a Cadence build that doesn’t work…and I do love me some Cadence!

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I like Vitality casters so I’ve made a theorycraft of Vitality PRM / Storm Totem Druid:

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Acid retal grenado Shieldbreaker theorycraft from @RektbyProtoss
Probably untested, but it does look hilarious :rofl: