The tankiest class/combo aviable?

I miiiight have made my game a bit too over-the-top by using mods. Kinda saw this coming, my poor summoner is getting rekt.

What is the toughest, or tankiest combo there is, maximum survival. DPS is irrelevant, by default, if i can outlast, i can win :smiley:

retaliation builds are by far the best at survival but if you don’t have the items for them they can be pretty useless

as for the best defensive build probably physical retaliation warlord, lightning ret warder is also nice

if you want a caster dark one’s conjurer/ritualist is a great choice too other then that AAR battlemage/templar are pretty good as well

here are some of the builds:

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I’m using a mod that multiplies the amount of regular enemies so what build would be the best in surviving massive crowds?

the first one I mentioned retaliation warlord, however it is important to mention that this build is late game focused meaning it’s bad for leveling but if you get to lvl 100 with it and have the right gear it is nigh unstoppable.

if you are a new player or don’t have good gear yet you can get a great lvl 50 legendary weapon for free as long as you have killed warden krieg and completed act 1 totally normal shield excellent for warlords it drops from an urn cluster in the conclave of the three (forgotten gods expansion) in a hidden are to the right of the portal behind some trees and bushes if you can’t find it just google it or look it up on youtube

It’s about playstyle not class-combo. Most people surely would say Retaliation Warlord but if you try to play 2H/DW melee or ranged auto attack build then it won’t be that tanky. Spellbinders have reach things that can make you quite tanky; damage absorption, damage reduction, MoE, MoT etc. Mage Hunter’s have similar abilities so your question has no answer at all.

actually it is about class because if you’re a new player a warlord will be significantly easier to pilot then a caster class, greater room for error and all that so it’s better for beginners

why do you assume the poster is a beginner?

what am I supposed to assume when some one says they have trouble killing large groups of enemies? also I agree with the previous post the question “which class is best at this or that?” is kind of pointless so based on that I made my assumption

I never read such statement, what I read what that the poster is playing a mod where the amount of monsters are multiplied.

I’m aware of that I used to play a mod like that too some years ago, but my point still stands more experienced players generally have a better understanding of what their character can take on in battle so there you go

although I will admit that mods like that can mess with game balance in different ways then just adding more mobs so… eh, it is what it is