[] Conjurer of the Dark Arts - 6:30m Crucible 150-170, "naked" Crucible, SR 85+, all Celestials, no greens immortal Conjurer

*scraping the bottom of the barrel for some build ideas in my build ideas cellar


Dark One set has been rejuvenated recently with some strong Shaman mastery support. Idea to make Wendigo Totems into something offensive looked like a meme at first. However upon exploring Dark One Conjurer and testing different gear combinations I have managed to concoct a very strong vitality build in which Wendigo Totems are anything but a meme.

The Build Update

One of the most popular builds in the game gets even stronger! More damage, more tankiness, more immortality!

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*Craft one item for %physique and one item for Stun resist or Freeze resist

Conjuring some dark q&a

What about Mythical Soulbearer? Orb of the Dark Flame? Blood Orb of Chton? Cursebearer ring?
I have tested all those options and this setup is optimal…
Isn’t devotion x better off when bound to skill y?
This one I am not that sure of. The curent setup works pretty well, but if you have any other devotion bindings that you are certain of, please do share
What about Blood Pact? Why not cap that?
%Damage gains are miniscule and flat damage is useless on this build
What about Fevered Rage? Your build looks like it can afford it
It can but tests showed that clear times are more or less the same.


Core of the build is Dark One set. Everything else is pretty much best-in-slot. Numerous gear combinations have been tested to come this setup.


All the main and support damage spells are hard capped. I chose to go for Wendigo devotion because of how well it scales with huge %Vitality damage boost that this build has.
For levelling check out this awesome guide made by @Nery . This is an endgame build and it works the way it was intended once you have Dark One set and all the gear.


In Crucible build doesn’t die. Period. So your goal is to heard as many mobs together as possible to get the maximum out of your Wendigo Totems damage.
In Shattered Realm you can go very deep, Shards 75-76 are not a challenge to this build. However, don’t get too brazen on boss chunks and try to aggro abuse bosses.


General with Blood of Dreeg

Magical with Hungering Void (~85% uptime) and Dark One (100% uptime in battle) procs up


Videos Ravager of Minds full facetank (3 minutes kill) Crucible Gladiator 150-170 5:50 run (w/Fevered Rage) Shard 90 run (one death) Shard 90 run (few deaths) Crucible 150-170 “naked” extra spawn run Crucible 150-170 Fevered Rage 6:10 run Shards 85-86 run with few avoidable deaths

5:50 run with Fevered Rage and new Blessings/Banner setup (4 blessings + 3 level 1 Storm banners)

6:00 Crucible run with Fevered Rage

Shards 92-94 Boss arenas no deaths by John Smith

Multiple deaths at Shard 95 by John Smith

Nery’s 6:31 run

6:24 Crucible run

6:31 Crucible run

Cruising through Shards 75-76

John Smith’s naked Crucible test (with Fevered Rage!)

Ravager of Souls no buff potions kill

Mogdrogen kill (no buff potions, only augments change)

Crate of Entertainment kill by John Smith

In Conclusion


*Zantai and praetorians after seeing what kind of monster slipped thru testing


Once again, Inspector Lee is the king of the hill. Nice build.


As fan of Dark One set, super dope. Nice choice of amulet. Now after you and Spanks posted Conjurer and Ritualist, I am stuck of trying Cabalist.

Two things though, first picture wtf! Is this Baba Yaga’s younger version? :thinking:

And conspiracy theory enthusiasts question, Did you try Conjurer because it doesn’t require green MI items to shine?

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nothing slipped through… dark one actually was toned down a bit from its initial updated/changed version

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It’s some kind of… Conjurer I guess!

Haha, no, I have made a Conjurer because it’s a Conjurer’s set. I also love this class combo - it’s one of the Old Gods from Vanilla GD that has always had very strong builds no matter how much the meta was changing.

great job, as always mate.

I took the time to actually read the guide, so I feel pretty good about the next question :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of morbid curiosity, did you ever try doom bolt on this guy? There’s that axe which converts 100% chaos to vit on DB, and that offhand with pretty good stats and CDR to DB.

Axe also has +1 to occultist.

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Nope, haven’t tried it nor ever planned to. Build is already a piano and I think that Doom Bolt is still not worth it. And what should I sacrifice for it, Corrupted Storm Totem? No way. That axe is also pretty crappy, I prefer stats on Fang of Ch’ton and its (pretty amazing) proc.

Good stuff.

I TC’d a similar idea as dark one’s set vit oblivion spammer. which I never got around to testing. I can now assume that it does well in practice and those totems keep it safe.

Superman spanks a lot! Now we have to convince Mad Lee to put an avatar on. M on a red background font isn’t distinctive enough.


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@sir_spanksalot , the child or the Georgian from the picture?

More like stalin. Nothing says “For Mother Russia” quite like this picture.

P.S: You can thank @powbam for my obnoxious af profile picture.

What’s should be translation? Stalin’s tender touch sparkles our children’s future :thinking:

“Father Russia has you by the balls”

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I thought Russia was mother? :cry:

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I think Russia is powerful enough to be whatever the fuck it wants to be, ain’t that right lee?

Stalin was as much of a dickhead as Hilter was. Definitely never using his picture for an avatar. Picture also says something like “Stalin’s caress/kindness shines the light on the future of our youth”.

I know. I hope you weren’t offended.

I thought it was funny because it’s so obviously sarcasm on my end. ><

I suppose to be historically accurate the pic should actually show Stalin taking food away from the child.


Shit, mate, I don’t get offended by stuff written in internets. It’s all good )