Theorycrafter Challenge - Veilkeeper Battlemage

Hi all! I got a challenge for all you theorycrafters out there.

Can you make a build with the following features?

  • Must be a Battlemage (Arcanist + Soldier)
  • Full Veilkeeper set
  • Must use a shield
  • Must have Giant’s Blood or Healing Rain (ideally both) for delicious regen
  • Must deal decent damage (decent enough to clear SR 75 without running out of time)

Coming up with a build that meets the first four criteria is very easy. But, coming up with something that also has great damage, that also meets the first four criteria seems quite hard.

What can you guys come up with? :open_mouth:

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As a whacky example of an attempt, I decided to try to make something that had more RR to it like this:

A physical damage build, using the Veilkeeper set lol. On paper it looks ‘ok’, but the damage output really does suck, even though the 16k regen is somewhat impressive. Hence the challenge! I want to see what other people can come up with :smiley:

Two questions:

  1. Can less experienced players take part in the challenge without being target of mockery? If so…
  2. Can you, @WyreZ , test the builds of others?

Anyone is welcome to try it - this challenge is already in the category of “meme builds” - every attempt is likely to be not as optimal as other builds, because at the centrepiece of the challenge is a ‘square peg in a round hole’ kind of scenario. :smiley:

I don’t want to commit to testing everybody’s builds - it’s not a competition or anything like that, it’s more like a ‘thought experiment’. Anyone can try their own builds and report back in as they see fit.

I’ve come up with a CHaos concept that I’m about to test… Wish me luck!


Chaos attempt for the Veilkeeper challenge went pretty well :open_mouth:

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EDIT2: just noticed that you have additional requirements beyond just BM and Veil set… my bad. Leaving this here in case anyone wants another horrible BM build to look at.

Dual-wielding Aether version, based off a Deathknight I stole from fordprefect here.

Should get similar performance with a bit less damage and a bit more tank.

EDIT1: Tested it, strictly inferior to the Krieg’s DK version both in damage and survivability. Still gets through SR75 in under 4 minutes and gets to the boss room in about 2 minutes… had to kite maproom protectors a bit though. I’d give it a C-, acceptable, but outclassed by Krieg’s set.


Lighting Battlemage - Battlemage, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

@WyreZ I am unable to test it because of my spasms in my hands (unable to play GD during these days at all).
So please observe the build in GT, test it and let me know…


i feel like blocking 4 slots and going a different dmg type is severely gonna gimp dmg by default compared to just forcing an aether or lightning battlemage out of it, like any and all synergy of the set just goes out the window? :thinking:

Starting with a low hanging fruit - going aether damage cadence
(damage is a bit low, but SR 75/76 deathless is possible)


go league s5? and do aether FW+blitz :grin:

I thought that at first too, but then I realised that the Veilkeeper set doesn’t actually provide that much damage, you can get your damage sheet numbers up to acceptable levels (~2500%, subjectively) even if you go a different damage type, and going different damage types offered much more opportunity for RR which is the harder thing to achieve with an Aether/Lightning Battlemage, so I started exploring damage types beyond the ones supported by Veilkeeper :open_mouth:

Maybe this build (Draft/unfinished/untested) would do ok :slight_smile:

Damn thee, damn thee.

Slept in until 2pm NZ time, so I was meant to be making breakfast, instead my brain went “oooh shiny!” and start on the below abomination, using TSS instead:

Still a work in progress, need to change the devotion path and fix resists, but it should in theory work…

Edit - And it is dones:

I’ll build it after I hit the shower and we’ll see how bad it is lawl.

Edit 2 - slooooow build is slow.

Made some changes in skill point allocations, probably need to redo the devotions to get it more useful and for the love of dog, find some cold to lightning conversion sources that can work with the limitations. Because Veilkeeper blocks so many it’s not funny. Which in turn reduces the potential damage TSS can do.

So frankly the set needs to convert frostburn to electrocute somehow. Or we need a shield/offhand that will do that for us.

Anyhow, took ages to get through SR75-76, but it was relatively easy. Just slow due to the lack of conversion from frostburn and lack of aether RR sources + more damage for TSS. Which Veilkeeper could do with one as a full set proc. Vid’s uploading, but it’s 21 minutes long and youtube is fucking around processing it, so might have to reupload it due to google being “google”.

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1st vid up:

Redone devotion path works better though, as Heavenly Spear increases over all damage output + OA:

Can do SR80-81 decently fast enough, though still lacks enough damage for bosses in the boss room. No deaths despite it being a piano build either, due to stacking enough health regen and life steal :3



Yo @Sir_Mac , I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to give your build a spin and record the progress as you mentioned you can’t play at the moment.

The build is certainly tanky, and was never at risk of dying. I think I might have used one health potion, maybe two, and that’s likely out of habit or reflex. Typically, if I step away from the fight for half a second my HP’s fully replenished due to all of the wonderful regen procs.

The damage output was a bit low, so it wasn’t able to complete the challenge within the time frame in this video. That said, it was my first/only attempt with the build, maybe I didn’t pilot it optimally, and maybe other SR levels/bosses would have made it faster and easier to get through. But, each boss takes quite a while to fight due to the low RR of the build. Solid attempt at a hard challenge tho :slight_smile:


You can so do this challenge, because we believe in you!

Sure, you’ll suffer, but that’s part of the fun lawl.

Right then, made some changes to Sir_Mac’s build to increase RR and overall damage output, and lo, it can do SR75 with ease:

Just got deleted in SR76 shard 3 because I wasn’t paying enough attention. But that’s what happens when I get no sleep and end up just dozing.

Devotions could probably take a different path for more lightning damage, and there’s some other tweaks to make, but otherwise it does the job and passes the requirements. And a thanks to Sir_Mac for theory crafting this very memetastic build.

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My other entry in this challenge!:

Credit goes to Sir_Mac for making me think about a lightning CT build for this challenge! Also, turns out if you use Myth. Arcanum Ellectrollis as the weapon it reduces the the time you need for SR75-76:

I think about 2-3 minutes less, maybe more depending on the map, as the -RR% proc on the gun helps considerably.

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