Things you think you are the only one doing

I am very courious about things you do, which you think you are the only one doing. Like things that you think are unusual or unrational or even stupid.


  1. I cannot resist to not doing full playthroughs every time.
  2. I stashed only 1 of each epic/legendary item. Like a museum.
  3. I consider devotions not good enough even if they contain only 1 node which do nothing for my build (stupid)
  4. Starting Ultimate only at lvl 100.
  5. Never play normal, only Veteran.

to be continued

Have fun


5 is super commonplace, 2 is perfectly normal - many only keep one copy with best rolls, some keep two best copies, and 1 isn’t unheard of too.

The most irrational thing I’m doing by far is making builds for levelling, and everything that comes as a consequence out of it.


I have some weird perks

Contrary to professor dragon, I tend to GD stash most of my beginner builds (which includes GD stashing faction items and yellow craftables… ) and for my “real” builds that I play and farm with and try to optimize, they are all 100% “legit” :stuck_out_tongue:


I never use constellations if they aren’t match char damage type, e.g. I’ll never use Revenant for non vitality builds, Dying God for non chaos builds etc, no matter what. I’d even vote for mechanic that limits what constellations/items build can use based on its damage type. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is revenant a vitality devotion? Why is Dying god a Chaos devotion?
I do not like prevention of stuff, it does not rhyme well with build diversity

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Revenant is vitality/aether devotion because skellies deal that type of dmg.
Dying God is vitality/chaos devotion because of dmg bonuses.
Red/blue path is for chaos/primordial, look at the affinities names.
I don’t understand druids that summon skellies and stuff like that.

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So you wanna prevent Raise Skeleton on Ritualists too? :wink:

Have you heard of a thing in this game called “damage conversion”? Wanna get rid of that too?


What do you expect, mate? You act like I’ve already made a suggestion and bribed Z, so it will be included to the next patch, and you I’ve known about it sitting on the toilet with your morning newspaper. No need to be sarcastic. Yup, I think mechanic like that should exist, because I like roleplaying and don’t like “LEGO” builds. I also want some lore for items, not just RNG that way to often generates stuff that doesn’t even make sense. You like the opposite, because of “diversity”? Fine, I can live with this. There’s no need to convince each other, esp in toxic manner. TS asked about curious things and I’ve told one.


Edit: posted wrong

Treating Grim Dawn like the game is called “Grim Dawn: The Witch Hunter”. Because I always end up creating just another Witch Hunter.


This game has 9 possible damage types. 8 can converted in or out. This is a main factor for making builds for a lot of players.

I chose to play only this one damage type without any possibility to convert.

Weird? :rofl:


Some of my habits:

  • I ignore the quest for Direni in Burrwitch
  • I skip the highway robber couple at Twin Falls
  • I turn the camera by 180 degree, because I think the game looks better this way
  • I run past the three Oligarchs and wait to become Respected with the Rovers, because I hope to get the bounty for them in the same session
  • I try to avoid to use the same main skills / constallations on subsequent chars, even if the second one would benefit from using them, just for variety

I’m a chronic campaign player. I play very little end game and always do the entire campaign when I hit ultimate.

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I imagine that there might actually be more people that do this than most people think. I do it anyway.

There are quite a few that do this too. I usually do but sometimes I like to play Normal to better gauge the gap between the two for testing purposes.

As far as things that I do that I think noone else does? Mmm hard to say that definitively but if there was one thing I do that the vast majority of people likely don’t do it would be that even if I play softcore if I die 90%+ of the time I will delete my character and start completely over. And frequently I often don’t merely delete the character, I will wipe the stash and blueprint files as well.

I can be a bit of a purist at times I suppose when it comes to the idea of running new characters “fresh”.


I never pick the second mastery in level 10. I fully commit to one mastery first and once I maxed everything needed there I start investing in the second one.

  • I use GD stash but I keep shared stash full of my legit days farmed legendary gear/good rolled MI.
  • Always kill the crazy protective man in Malmouth are, even if not intentional.
  • My first thing I always buy when leveling a character is big amounts of health potions.
  • Almost always use the key numbers for skills and not letters.
  • Don’t play Valbury at all, dislike this dungeon.
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I always level my characters with their final build no matter how nonsensical. No starter builds.

I use a macro to spam the last few skills on the bar. I hate short duration/uptime buffs or debuffs that I have to spam every single monster pack. I also hate not going full ham with all my skills on every monster pack. Grim Dawn in full of short duration buffs/debuffs/devotion procers that you have to reuse every monster pack. The macro is honestly the main reason I didn’t quit. Even with the macro I still need to manual use 50-90% of my skills, and I created a piano build that can’t even benefit from the macro somehow lol.

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Thats funny. Is there any point why you do this? There must be a specific thing that draws you there. Please tell about it.

Does that mean that you make builds on the way? Could you give an example? I struggle to understand what you wanted to say.

You have no leftovers from other chars? i am too thrifty even though health potions are cheap.

I can understand you. But have to do it. I cant resist. And i am happy to be feeling exeptional cruel in Valbury. I have to kill them all. No mercy. Its like my Archenemy Dungeon. Its a planned Dungeonozid if i enter Valbury. So… I can understand you.