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By all means try, but I suspect that e-mail address may no longer exist. Even if it does work I doubt she’d agree to make GI open source since she was vehemently against that. I guess she might hand the source over to Crate as an alternative.

MVP, thanks for looking into it!

It’s pretty easy:

  1. You choose version in steam and download it
  2. You copy the files he is showing in the vid somewhere
  3. You chose up-to-date version in steam and download it. Restart Steam
  4. You copy files from step 2 back into the game folders and use GI GD exe to launch the game

I would not mind a player energy bar option.

Error log for modding is a must.


subtitles are russian not helpful…

it’s just the exe overwrite that people already said/posted how to do, the vide does nothing different than that

you have your (presumably) updated 9.8 grim dawn install?
if you’re in steam, just go right click grim dawn in library, select properties then “betas”, in the drop down select 9.7
steam should now overwrite your 9.8 install with 9.7
when it’s done, launch game to confirm it says 9.7 in bottom right on start menu screen
exit game
go to your grim dawn installation folder
copy the grim dawn exe file from the x64 folder, and put it somewhere else, like your desktop or make a new folder and put it in, doesn’t matter where, just copy and paste it somewhere else than the grim dawn folder
(maybe also copy the regular exe in the main folder, but maybe don’t put it in)
now go back into steam library, and in beta tab select none, wait for steam to update game again, maybe hit verify game files after to ensure all is correct
(can launch the game again to check it says 9.8)
now, exit game first if you started to to confirm ingame version, go to your grim dawn install folder, open your x64 folder in there, and take the grim dawn exe you moved earlier from x64 folder and placed on desktop/somewhere else, and put it in the grim dawn x64 folder again overwriting the current (9.8) exe version
now you can use GI again with “9.8” - it will say 9.8 ingame when you launch game and have most 9.8 updates too


I must have been doing it wrong somehow…thought i was doing it the right way before.

Followed your step by step and GI launched your a hero thank you so much.

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What I’m using from GI:
-Show different health bars with 3 colors and icons for Hero+ monsters
-Show debufs on Hero+ monsters
-Nemesis and Nullification alert
-DR and mythical item SFX
-Show oa/da and probability to hit/crit/be hit/be crit
-Dealt dps/Pets DPS/Incoming dps
-Duration of temporary buffs/debuffs with names
-Show pot cd on health/energy bar
-Show inactive skills/devotions
-Auto pickup components/blueprints/lore notes with increased range and speed of that pickup
-Remove fog

Also less important, but it satisfies mu nerdi inner side:
-Show exp gained and time to lvl up
-Show drops and how many of different rarity items dropped
-Show kills and how many of each type (Common, Champion, Hero, Boss, Nemesis) monsters were killed
-Show iron bits picked up / gained in total


just realized removing the UI for cleaner screenshots with Ctrl+F1 was actually a GI feature and not default/vanilla :no_mouth:

so uhm, yea, maybe that too ?


The increased pickup range felt very nice, consider increasing it at least slightly in the base game please. Auto pick up rares is pretty op but maybe there could be a keybind to pick up nearby items in a radius matching the range for picking up iron bits and such, my wrist would appreciate it. I can also understand not wanting to add teleports to the game but the other suggestion of some sort of payment to open a portal to an area would be a very nice qol improvement. Thanks for taking the time to read these and supporting the game for as long as you guys have!

Pickup and Dungeons teleport for me. I’m old and extra clicking isn’t good for my hands and wrists.

I wanted to play the mod season 4 with the extra act but i can’t handle the tiny inventory…I never undestood all that. There is so much to loot and i like picking stuff up

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Hiya! I’m a lurker here and I’m a pretty casual ARPG player.

I created this account to give you a better perspective of what filthy casuals like me would like to have implemented.

My top priority are options that make gameplay faster, since I want to - optimally - experience all of the game in as little time as possible, so I can move on to other games before I get bored and drop the game.

Despite my love for ARPGs since first playing Diablo 2, as a very casual gamer, one my most biggest gripes with games in this genre is just how hardcore or a “no-lifer” you have to be in order to experience most of the game.

Sure, I was able to finish Diablo 2 and GD, but that’s just about 40% of the game, most of it comes from equipment and crafting and that’s extremely grindy.

Even though I was following MayaGD’s pet build, with a mod that increased level cap to 200 and devotion points to 100, I still couldn’t clear a lot of the end-game content because by then having epic equipment is a must.

My proposal: Expand the “custom game” option, integrating features from GI and new ones, these would be modifiers and the player can customize them as they wish, increasing or decreasing the values through sliders.

Here’s my wish list:

  1. Movement/Game speed.
  2. Rare drop item/equipment rate.
  3. Experience cap and rate.
  4. Devotion cap and rate.

1 is my top priority because it has a cascading effect on everything else, it’s already in GI and I imagine it’s the easiest one for you devs to implement. If you can’t do 2, 3, 4 at the very least I urge you guys to implement 1.

Before signing off I might as well leave my vote for the auto-pickups, very useful indeed.

Thank you for this great game and for listening to us!

In my opinion, the most important feature of GI was being able to see incoming and outgoing DPS, broken down by damage types. Super important information to have when designing builds, especially in hardcore. This also helped explain a lot of those sudden deaths that felt instant. The other feature that I liked was being able to change/lock the time of day.

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Even though I’ve never used mods in GD, the one and only thing that I feel is really missing that GI did (from what I understand) is debuff icons on enemies. It’s so hard to play a debuff heavy build and have a clear idea whether you’ve applied all your debuffs on an enemy. Having the icons appear under the healthbar at the top of the screen when the enemy is moused over would make it so much easier to play these builds effectively. It’s really easy to keep overspamming your debuffs at the cost of doing actual DPS, cause you just don’t know if Flashbang or Pox or BWC or Ill Omen is still up.

I’m happy with the game’s healthbars and even though seeing incoming damage to know what’s been killing you would be very helpful, the UI required to do that properly would be so clunky and sprawling that I don’t think it would make a very aesthetically pleasing addition to the game.

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That is exactly the response i would expect from Zantai.

Not very player friendly. Players are the reason crate is what it is.

what response are you referring to? Z hasn’t replied to this thread for 7 days :sweat_smile:

*it’s also not really a “forth and back” (usually), more like Dev(s) make a post opening the table for suggestions, suggestions come/flood in, devs dont’ respond to all of them/most of them directly - and take “silent” note of the suggestions they feel fits or are good enough for considerations


Asking people what mod features they want to have made official is not player friendly now?


Heck, many of us would’ve been/would be happy to give her Patreon contributions.

Hello, is there any chance this tool will update to make combability with GD I only need gamespeed and auto grab features.