[Tool] Grim Internals

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Sadly, no, it doesn’t seem so as the creator of the tool doesn’t seem to be around anymore. Which is why Zantai is asking players to post what features they use from GI that they’d like to see added to the game proper.

There is a workaround you can do which is posted rather up the thread.

Hi Zantai! Glad to hear you guys are interested in putting this tools features into GD. I honestly think the best thing you guys could do for the community is put literally everything this tool offers into the game as optional tick marks by default (or just create a new menu button where all these features can be housed) and I think you guys should charge like $5 on steam and call it a feature expansion for the hard work yall do.

Just an opinion of one guy, dont execute me people!

I am in possesion of a uhm copy of if anyone needs it for archival purposes

Not needed. Zantai set up a branch for you can switch to on Steam if you want to continue playing or do the workaround to make work with GI.

And then people may not be able to play together because the versions of their game may be different if it’s something you have to buy and install separately.

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don’t think people would execute you
they might however get disgruntled with Crate/redirect some dissatisfaction towards Crate
perception (potentially) being, “Crate” borks GI/beloved features by updating game, Crate then puts those/some of those features into the game; and paywalls it
i have a sneaking suspicion that atleast a few players that enjoyed GI is gonna see that as a "not cool bro"move

idono, maybe i give players too little credit and they will totally cheer for it :grin:

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The important core functionality is of course the various DPS statistics. The “internals” if you will. Being able to see in real time a breakdown of the various damage types both going in and out, is incredibly useful for keeping track of what your build is doing, highlighting any lack in defenses, etc. The other functions that I have found useful are the Nemesis warning, the active proc list, the improved auto pickup and the fog removal. In many ways probably the single most important feature is the Double rare/Monster infrequent prefixes. That one especially would be a nightmare to lose at this stage. I also like the addition of an item’s value to it’s description so you can see it directly in your inventory instead of just at a merchant.


  • The DPS statistics.
  • Active proc list.
  • Nemesis warning (I hope you keep Beethoven)
  • DR/MI prefixes
  • Item value.
  • Improved auto pickup.
  • Fog remover

I think I sorta see what you’re saying so I’ve come up with another solution. The update is free but alongside it they release a $5 cosmetic dlc and anyone that wishes to support crate can do so. I know many people here would. A lot of that programs main features allows people to test builds easily without having to actually level stuff up and that’s fun for some people and others it’s seen as not pure but it’s not up to any of us how anyone enjoys the game. Different strokes for different folks! This tool has become a staple for most people’s installs so adding it to the base game only enhances the game that much more (along with rainbow mod).


another support dlc/cosmetics pack just to have something to throw money at Crate for has been suggested and requested many times over the years, i welcome you to some of the few posts about it
Suggestion for 3rd Loyalist NPC , Ideas for Loyalist Pack #3 and 2020 Updates , [Suggestion] Add new illusions to the game, even if it is a loyalist pack #3 , Do you want more Loyalist Packs? , so the interest is def there, but sadly been rebuffed a bit when asked for :sweat_smile:

Most definitely not a good thing. Maybe some secret side quest that enables access to an npc that could teleport you just to those specific places people desire, and that quest should only be doable of you actually finished the game and accessed those areas before how it is currently intended. Sounds like a lot of work but it would probably appeal completionists to get a shortcut to all those places as a reward.

Edit. Regarding the possibility of a next loyalist pack, i personally would really like to see some aura around character + wings cosmetics for an even more stylish and bad ass look.

Wouldn’t say it was rebuffed as such.

Just not sure when Allminoxy will be up to making more items for one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I mean they have a reason now with this request. Why not be positive about it instead?

again, not my point :smile:
i’m saying/“confirming” the demand is definitely there for another support pack
but Crate has so far not deemed it “necessary” if you will
i’ve no idea what/how much the other packs sold for/if there hasn’t been a good enough return on investment, but either way, as you can clearly see, you’re not the only one that had that idea/the requests have been plenty, but that hasn’t made it happen still (yet anyways)
so it’s not about being positive or negative, i’m just showing you “the past”, take from that reality/hope as you will

Sure but I think it helps if crate sees more people saying they are willing to pay to support the team. Would you consider yourself one of those people by chance out of curiosity? I’ve put 700 hours into the game so far and can say without a doubt I would.

yes, which is why you will find comments of mine in some of those posts cheering on the suggestion for loyalist 3
i’ve run out of ways to throw money at Crate :sweat_smile:, i own the game on both steam and gog, cosmetic packs included, bought both plushies, the soundtrack, - i’m a proper “take my money” fanboi at this point i think :blush:

Making something official means we believe it is appropriate for the game, that anyone using it is doing so knowing it is part of the game’s intended design.

Things like teleports and game speed do not fit that criteria. One is a cheat and the other fundamentally goes against the pacing we painstakingly created. I understand TQ ended up having a setting for it but baseline TQ is, for lack of better words, slow as fuck.

I’m sure some people will feel let down by what we do not include, but it’s not like a feature existing as a mod/utility is some law that it must also become official. Mods/utilities are, by their nature, modifications of the base experience.

I think charging for what we do borrow from GI would be pretty gross. It was available for free for years.


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Time of day control. Early morning and late night are the best visually.

Nemesis notification, with the massive radius kept as default. This one is huge for players who like me don’t run SR and rather hunt Nemesis bosses in campaign.

Much wider area of auto pickup, and much longer list of items to be picked up automatically. Lore notes, potions, any and all craft mats, all purple quest items, and if possible a short list quite similar to the loot filter where we can toggle greens, MIs with a green affix, etc to be auto picked up. Ah, speaking of, the pillar of light which signals a purple and a double rare, that is a true delight.

Permanent teleport locations would be nice, very nice in fact i’m skeptical that you’d be willing to let us keep this overpowered feature. When leveling a new toon, i use it quite thoroughly to collect lore notes and to skip some of the walking needed to traverse campaign.

Thanks for considering those of us who use gi <3

Yeah I agree which is why I eventually said make another cosmetics pack instead and release the parts of GI that crate deems acceptable (if anything at all) as a free update. I personally only use this tool for the informational aspects and notifications of a drop since in game vanilla does a poor job with actual DPS and other info that only GI seemed to tell etc (emphasis on the knowing what gear you should actually check out that drops because of that nice light pillar notification GI adds for M+ etc). Idk was just trying to brainstorm ideas to support the devs while attempting to get the most popular tool of grim dawn to be part of the game. :person_shrugging:

side note i want you crate devs to know i love you guys this game means alot to me its a really great place to just decompress from the day to day

Please take into consideration the population of 3x speed enjoyers (me) and bake it in to the next update.

I don’t post on the forum much, but I was wondering if anyone knows a current way to get a dps check working in the game like this tool had? After not using GI, it’s the only thing I’m wishing the game had, just for the occasional check on where exactly my DPS is going.