Feedback Request: Area Skips

As you may have heard, we are planning on incorporating some features of the now inactive utility, Grim Internals. A popular aspect of Grim Internals is teleports. I hope it surprises nobody that we consider this a cheat and do not plan on making that an official mechanic.

However, we may be able to provide more game-friendly methods of alleviating the longest boss runs that tempt you to cheat…in…the future…

Please use this thread to tell us about the boss runs you use GI’s teleports for and why. Note, we already have a thread going for balance discussion, so please keep this one on topic. Thanks!


while i have not used the teleports for farming, stuff that made me consider doing it was Gollus


Lagoth Ak, or similar? The one with the +1 belt. It’s so unfair that soldier an inqui belts drop all over the place from those crabs, while necro and occu need to go miles and miles to hope for the drop of one single enemy.




That one, thanks.

Theodin sceptre can be kinda annoying too, would be kinda neat if the return portal to Fleshworks stayed unlocked inbetween restarts once unlocked :thinking:

All those deeply hidden single target Mis really, like also Nacrathan.

Lunal’Valgoth wants you to visit his sanctum :grin:.

The only annoying place to visit frequently is Crate boss location. You have to restart every failed attempt (or swim in boxes) , so sand, camels and maggots, again and again. Can something be done there?


2nd portal that unlocks after clearing maggot could be made permanent after first Crate kill? :thinking:

Hm, while I don’t use GI or any other mods, runs that have made me question my sanity:

  1. Crate - if not make the run shorter, at least make the summoned crates despawn after death so we don’t have to reset after every attempt. I don’t even try the boss after I’ve gotten all his loot anymore (took only 2 kills, thankfully) because of how obnoxious it is to even give it a few goes.

  2. Steps of Torment - if you just want a Zarthuzellan book, you have to run through half of Broken Hills and 3 dungeon floors to get to it. That’s the shortest run you can do. If you want Ilgorr medals, +1 floor. Alkamos, + another floor. So to even get a chance at an Alkamos ring you have to run half an overworld map and 5 floors to usually come out empty. None of the Challenge dungeons are this time-consuming, even though Tomb of the Heretic does give it a run for its money in terms of run length. If the portal in TotH was not in Lost Oasis but a floor lower it would be so much better too, though.

  3. Lunal’Valgoth and Gollus, not even so much that the run itself is long but that you also have to look for the dungeon entrance.

  4. this is not so much an MI farming issue but it would be nice if the portal out of Theodin’s arena took us just one floor up, to the entrance hole to the Fleshworks so we have a shorter run to Allostria on Ultimate. Cause the portal being in Crown Hill makes no difference anyway.

  5. I would almost include Bargoll if it wasn’t for the fact his MIs can be bought in Ancient Grove. But getting his MIs = exploiting vendor resets on Vinelton so we don’t have to keep spending keys. Cause there’s no way we’re running Bargoll for real. Maybe giving him a single consistent spawn would be better, but I’m not sure people wouldn’t just stick to Vinelton anyway.

And then a handful of MIs that have nothing to do with skips but are annoying to farm anyway:

Gannar’Vakkar, not for distance but for his AI. He runs around like a damn maniac at near-relativistic speeds and ignores the player unless attacked. It’s not a matter of getting to his location but finding out where the hell he is cause he can just be running circles in the same direction you’re going and you miss him completely. I think I once ran around in his spawn area for 5 minutes before we finally crossed paths. Same applies to Gulgazor and Vilgazor, not sure what’s going on with their AI but it’s like they’re cosplaying Sonic.

Ugdenbog Boltthrower/Arcaneweaver: the heroes that drop these spawn so rarely and unpredictably that farming these is an excercise in futility. The one hero you can rely on that might drop these is Avril Marrowill and her spawn jumps between two separate dungeons. I did a 3 hour farming session for Arcaneweavers once, hitting the spots where heroes spawn the most and I left with whole 10 of them. Even Barrowholm isn’t a very good farming spot, even though they can drop from normal enemies there.

  1. Crate. The boss itself is pretty much the most random fight in the game and the run to it is the longest in entire GD. having a portal in the area next to it would be super-cool.
  2. Having a teleport right to the Dungeons’ entrance is good but not really crucial, I think. so 50/50 on this. (tho having one in front of Morgonet’s tomb would be nice)

Lagoth’Ak actually drops a valuable medal but getting to him (he is deep in BoC) is a pain. Some portal would indeed be nice.


I think the solution would be more riftgates and they should be closer to the most farmed bosses. The Warden’s Laboratory rift, for example, could be centered in that area and not in the first entrance.

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Maybe do a mini puzzle with unlit torches or pressing a rock while in the first stage then once you solve it, a secret entry point will emerge then will port you right before the boss’ lair. :thinking:

This dude actually take long route to farm too

I would love a permanent teleport outside of SoT that is one i use my GI teleport for all the time on my alts. I hate running through that area just to get to that dungeon.
Hmm the trouble with that is Im using it to get my alt to the dungeon to do the quests. If you have to discover the portal first then that still requires u running the area first to get to it. lol o well.
Thats one of the things I love about GI teleports is they are useable by ur alts even if they havent discovered the area first. Which of course is a cheat.

I never used GI and only installed it for Crate test runs. Getting to that boss repeatedly for testing is some slit wrists territory.

Again didn’t use Grim Internals, but instead skipped on using certain content completely as their farms are simply an exercise in frustration and futility. No joke, I have better odds getting something nice from them in shattered realm than in their dedicated runs, on top of being showered in blueprints/legendaries.

Cronley, Karroz, Voldrak: At the end of a dungeon that have an arbitrary lack of back entrances precisely to prevent this farming.

Loghorrean and Thalonis: I like fatty’s shoulders, I like their blood / sigil drops, as well as Thalonis’ medal. Going through a varying degrees of annoying route where you spend most of your time looking at a map screen and cursing when you end up needing backtracking doesn’t help the overall experience.

Steps of Torment: Getting to the dungeon is way too boring, although the totem that occasionally spawns halfway is a nice bump in enjoyment.

GannerFakker, his gannerfakking desert and it’s gannerfakking friends in the Ancient Grove would be my #1 reason to want an increased movespeed cap (and occasionally question crate’s [lame excuse]/[explanation]/[reason] (depending on my mood at the time) for it being so low)

Yep it’s just….long. Only consolation is you can farm Solael sect pants and yeah, monster totem sometimes.

Speaking of monster totems I have a suggestion that probably won’t get implemented but still: make them harder. There are iirc three tiers of totems with varying difficulty, right? Well the hardest one is a joke with a properly built level 100 char. It’s way too easy for how much loot you get I find. Not sure if something could be done about this; I have a few ideas.

Give the highest tier a chance of spawning a Nemesis enemy. (If nemesis is unlocked). This would add a higher risk to farming them, give the player a tingle of anticipation when they click the totem, and an added challenge.

Give the totem an aura that reduces resists by some amount; nothing crazy say 20% (not phys pls lol). It may not seem like a big deal but you’re already barely capped on poison and now it’s even lower; you have to be careful with the fight and the challenge goes up.

Just some ideas.

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I had my own ideas recently:

  • Raise a visible, impassable border around a totem after activating it. This will prevent excessive kiting.
  • If player runs away too far, reset totem and despawn monsters. Consider it an escape.
  • Put an hourglass on totem after activation. If time runs out, there’s no loot.