Do you want more Loyalist Packs?

Per the latest dev stream ( Z admitted that Crate is definitely open to creating another Loyalist Pack if there’s enough interest for it and to voice your opinions on the forum. So let’s do just that!

So, would you be willing to buy another Loyalist Pack? They tend to sell for $8.99 each, if LP1 and 2 are any indication.

  • Yes
  • No

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If yes, what would you like to see in one? Personally I’d like to see some Chthonic Tentacle Armor to weird out :grava: or more whole-body representations of other such enemy factions.

Poll closes in December. Plenty of time to get another pack out! :heart:


1000 more loyalist packs!


Illusions and more Lore notes.
I like medieval stuff, so more stuff in the style of the silver/black knight from the LP2 would be awesome for me

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Absolutely, they deserve the money


I’d like some beastly gear (if we don’t already have one). I’d also like a robin hood look too. Can’t think of much else right now!

I voted yes. Right now I can’t buy since I am out of work. I am lucky just to be able to get the base game. Once I work again and then I can buy the expansion pacts and loyalist packs and any new ones to come.

Awesome game. Love to support the developers if they are still supporting the game or making a sequel to Grim Dawn.


Yeah another one would be nice. I have to much ̶g̶̶o̶̶l̶̶d̶ money anyway. And Crate deserves it.

What to put in it? Pretty please some decent pistol skins. Most are meh and the good looking ones I have overused. And make them big please. Maybe a potion that reduces charsize by 50% for 10 minutes?
:radioactive: A pet dragon with an orange cape? :radioactive:


Yes, more illusions and pets, they’re great.

Also, integrate the rainbow item filter mod as a Loyalist bonus and double sold.

Add some 2handers in the mix YES mooar plz

I would love to see a set based on the theme of the Loghorrean, Kra’vall, Ancient of the Waters or maybe even the nemesis bosses. The MI shoulders for these themes are already in the game so it would be nice to have a set to complement them.


@Korgoth I know what you want

How about robocop?

I’d like:

  • barechested illusion for men, maybe armor bikini top for women
  • chtonian theme armor
  • aetherial corruption theme armor (I guess it will be similar with pyran or festerblaze)
  • eldritch theme armor
  • FG Kymon style shoulder, helm, gloves, pants, boots. (+Barechested illusion above)
  • korvaak theme armor.

Seriously, you guys should give illusion theme for most of your cool boss design!


let’s turn the game into PoE.


nah there are already dope illusions in abundance in the main game and DLCs :slight_smile: Loyalist packs are just a way to give the devs more money, we can all just buy extra copies of the game. PoE is free to play but you need to buy stash tabs and basically all illusions. So, it is not the same thing LOL


Greek and Norse mythology were mentioned in the stream I believe and that would be awesome. It would fun for them to design since it’s out of the Grim Dawn realm as well as millions of other ideas. I’ll throw money at every loyalist pack they release to support the game. They really stepped up the second pack with the knight and wizard illusions. :100:


Just thought of something not mentioned in posts above - how about some sci-fi themed armor? Since Z said LP doesnt have to follow game theme

That is if you read over my Robocop suggestion…
But indeed, +1


More Star Wars items!
Lightsabres, Leia hair “helm”, Jedi robes, Darth Vader helm, etc


It was me who posted the lightsaber question the stream before last… I wonder if @Allminoxy will feel benevolent and take up the challenge