[Tool] Grim Internals

unsure about guide, but it’s relative simple, they benefit from player stats, but only %dmg, conversion, share your OA/crit, if you slap a devotion skill with weapon dmg on them they use your weapon dmg, other than that they don’t benefit from your weapon dmg/global flats, and not speed either

this is easy to tell, it will say so in orange text, notice how guardians say “scale on player bonuses” , real pets like briarthorn etc will say “scale on pet bonuses”

So GI is running correctly in Custom Game but when I attempt to load Crucible it loads for a split second and then jumps back to the main menu. Main Campaign crashes completely. I’m on steam, I have /mod:dom in my launch parameters, and I’m running it as administrator. Any help here? Just wanna be able to play Crucible with the Dawn of Masteries mod.

Crucible is already a mod, you can’t run 2 mods at the same time.

Yes, you can sorta. Glocken made it possible to play modded characters in Crucible. See the Q&A for details. You’re not running 2 mods, but playing the DoM characters in Crucible. Trying to run both will crash things I expect.

oh right I wasn’t aware of that. sorry for the confusion.

Love Grim Internals! It is amazing and now I probably couldn’t live without it.

Is there any chance to change how the teleport list works? Like when you click on the drop-down it would be really cool if you started in the list at the last teleport spot you used. Currently it just goes back to the start of the list for me, but my list is getting quite long.

Thanks for everything!

Hello, I have a problem with Grim Internals: when I launch it, it says “version mismatch! Grim Internals v1.107 is not compatible with your version of Grim Dawn. Please ensure you are using the lastest version of Grim Internals and Grim Dawn”.
Of course, I run the latest version of Grim Dawn, v1.1.9.7 x64.
Some help is welcome, thank you.

Edit: ok problem solved, it appears I hadn’t the latest version of Grim internals (v1.107 beta). Redownloaded it and runs good. Thank you.

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Can anyone explain to me how to do crucible right now?

I used to set in INI:

ModName=Grim UI X-Mod

Target: “C:\GOG\Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\GrimInternals64.exe”
Start in: “C:\GOG\Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn”

Windows 10/Gog

Setting a target to have mod flag is enough now.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\GrimInternals64.exe" /Mod:GrimLeagueS04

(in some shortcut to the exe for example)


"C:\GOG\Galaxy\Games\Grim Dawn\GrimInternals64.exe" /Mod:Grim UI X-Mod

Not working for me

Don’t think that’s the sort of mod that GI supports for this. It’s more for mods like Grimarillion and Dawn of Masteries so you can play characters from those mods in the Crucible.

I’ll try it and get back to you if I make it work

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@GlockenGerda specifically modded Grim UI X-Mod to be compatible with Grim Internals. It didn’t used to work, and then she modified the code within GrimInternals.

You need additional quotes like that since the mod name contains spaces. Otherwise it would attempt to load a mod “Grim”

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\GrimInternals64.exe" "/Mod:Grim UI X-Mod"

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Thank you so much, this worked, although I tried it earlier a few times. Always seems getting initially started can be a bit janky sometimes.

How do you take screenshots in grim dawn?

This screenshot in particular is from Steam and is saved in its specific directory but you can do it w/o it by Print Screen. Mine are saved in My games\Grim Dawn\Screenshots (the save directory)

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Damn, mine just come up black with printscreen.

did you go to the actual screenshot folder ?
or did you just print screen + insert in whatever tool you use like ex Paint

I did a screenshot and went into my screenshot folder. I’m assuming it’s maybe because I’m at 2k native resolution, but running at 4k in game. I know there are some settings in the grim ui config regarding 4k, so I’ll take a look.

I definitely had black screens in the past too but now it works. I don’t know what I changed.