[Tool] Grim Internals

I definitely had black screens in the past too but now it works. I don’t know what I changed.

Personally I have to hit the Window key + Print screen button to take screenshots.

I have used this tool for ages and only just discovered the prefix/suffix alert!

Wondering if there is anyway to add an SFX alert to the drop.?
I get the screen alert, but a sound would be useful as I don’t always notice the alert and don’t have rare autopickup enabled.

PS thanks for all the hard work!

Is there any word what-so-ever from Glocken regarding when v1.1.9.8 drops?

Will GI still work? Probably not, unless someone updates it

Not that I know of, though has been said by some players on the discord that it works with playtest version.

i hope Gerda is okay since it’s been long time she’s been heard from :crossed_fingers: :pray:

i don’t know the technical stuff, why GI had to be updated each time with new patch or if it was something specific to the patch
but i’m using the 107pt GI version that was the last release, on 9.8 playtest, and had zero issue just updating grim dawn and keep using GI
i don’t know if it has anything to do with the grim dawn patch(es) themselves going from 9.7beta to 9.7official to 9.8beta, or GI could just work with them automatically
someone suggested that maybe something was deliberately changed in GI to allow this, iirc they said maybe “checksum verification”? was different or such (i’m a luddite)
suppose we will see later when 9.8 goes live or it gets 9.9time if it keeps being able to just use automatically

Hey guys, can someone please tell me how to fix this??? Its annoying the hell outta me coz I have pretty poor eyesight :frowning:

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([Tool] Grim Internals - #4758 by ftaru)

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grim dawn internals v1.107 is not compatible

same shet sad

Yes, it is compatible with v1.1.9.7. You have a legit copy of the game?