[Tool] Grim Internals

I would love the option to auto pick up blue as well :slight_smile: I came here to ask if I was doing something wrong or to ask if it can be added.

GrimCam is a different tool; not made by me.
So it’s unlikely that I make changes to it.

I’m not a fan of auto pickup epic/legendary items at all.
That the tool can auto pickup green items is a leftover from the time when not so much iron bits were dropped and the picked up green items were used to sell them.

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This looks awesome. Will it be possible to filter out everything so only the items tagged with MI, ! and DR are picked up ? It’s a royal PITA to auto pickup all the greens. I had to turn that off and rely on the loot beams to show the good stuff. That would probably be ok if the loot filter can’t be tweaked but then can we get loot filter beams for the MI, ! and DR items (I know the beams are another mod, not GI, but there are config items related to them current beams in the ini file).

I just downloaded GI and was attempting to get to the Config screen (cntl+F5) and the screen is really small. I read through some of the forum and found some stuff about adjusting the griminternals.ini file but i cannot find that anywhere in my computer. Can anyone help a brotha out?



Search for


under [Configurator] in the .ini file and set the value to 1.5 or 2.0.
You have to restart GI after you’re done with it.

The proper way to “ping” someone on the forum is to use an @ symbol at the start of their name, like this:


which would then look like this:


Either that or you were just copy and pasting something oddly there :smile:

That’s what I’m saying though. I am not seeing the .ini file anywhere. In the Configurator folder is just an image of GD.

What happens when you search for GrimInternals.ini? You should find it right there in the base GD installation folder…

Same thing. I have not placed it into Steam though. I simply installed it into the GD folder. Would this make a difference?

FIXED! I installed it in the steam folder and not the game folder. (Purchased game on Humblebundle). I was able to find the .ini file once i re-extracted the game into steam instead of the game folder. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sorry, I read diagonally -)

Hello, can we get new links for older versions. They are broken.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, but the answer is no. Update your game to the latest version.

just gotta love when im looking for internals and see that they just released an update 1.1.7 feels bad not rushing you but any idea when mod will be updated :smiley:

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So, the new version is out there and GI doesn’t work now. Is there any workaround or a new version?

You simply need patience. She’ll update it as soon as she is able. There is no workaround except to go back to the previous game version - very possible to do on the GOG version, a bit more difficult to do on Steam version.

you can always play without the mod, it’s a bit annoying but the wait should not be very long.

Another workaround, and one that has been successful for me everytime, is simply turn off auto updates for Grim Dawn in steam, and use the Grim Internals shortcut in steam to launch Grim Dawn. Then, you can still easily play the old version. When the new Grim Internals version gets updated, then simply update Grim Dawn then Grim Internals and you are good to go.