[Tool] Rainbow Filter (Item Highlighting)

That’s fine, I appreciate every bit of feedback/question. It’s the only way I know something is broken :smiley:
Now I know I have to figure out a way to make groups more intuitive.

I did everything as you wrote, but in the inventory the names of the weapons are wrong.


the “$” are new to me, fixed it though. Gotta do a bit more with the update before I can upload it, so the quick fix is just the uploaded .zip.
Let me know if something else is not working.

put the .zip into /Grim Dawn/localization/ it should overwrite the one that’s in there.

Auto-Update should take care of it (checks every 10min), it also updates when it started downloading and you close the program, if your screen flickers for a sec it just updated it in the background…

Full Change Log can be viewed inside the tool, short Summary:

  • Various Bug Fixes including the one with Polish Localization.

If Auto-Update does not work or you don’t have the tool, yet, you can find it here:

Awesome tool. Thanks for keeping it updated. I noticed two items I think have been overlooked. Kra’vall Shoulderpads and Kra’vall Shoulderguards are green like rares, not like monster infrequents. They drop from a chest similar to Loghorrean’s Corruption which are MI, and the in-game item filter shows them as MI.

Thanks, fixed with the next update.

These are faction items and not MI, but they are colored in MI by WanezTool (v0.2.1).
Is there any reason?

tagGDX2RingF201={^Z}Bysmiel Vile Seal
tagGDX2RingF202={^Z}Bysmiel Chilling Seal
tagGDX2RingF203={^Z}Dreeg Venom Seal
tagGDX2RingF204={^Z}Dreeg Blade Seal
tagGDX2RingF205={^Z}Solael Stormfire Seal
tagGDX2RingF206={^Z}Solael Warped Seal

tagGDX2NecklaceF201={^Z}Bysmiel Champion Pendant
tagGDX2NecklaceF202={^Z}Bysmiel Veiled Pendant
tagGDX2NecklaceF203={^Z}Dreeg Arcane Pendant
tagGDX2NecklaceF204={^Z}Dreeg Venomspine Pendant
tagGDX2NecklaceF205={^Z}Solael Stormfire Pendant
tagGDX2NecklaceF206={^Z}Solael Void Pendant
tagGDX2NecklaceF207={^F}Nightstalker Pendant

They are saved as “Faction Item”, but use the same color as MI, because I put them in the same group.
The plan was to add every item to the tool, but after the first few and still having too many important items to add, I put them on hold. I figured I just leave them in the same Coloring-Group as MI and see if anybody is gonna notice and likes it.

I think, I’ll take them out of the default and add a new group with them inside that would allow for easy adjustments. I plan on doing something with them in my mod, so I kinda want it in there for myself :D, but no reason to affect regular gameplay with it.

Is WanezTool intended to be the replacement for Full Rainbow? Full Rainbow no longer appears to be updated since

Not necessarily intended, but hoped for. It makes it easier for everyone, we don’t have to update the download and let everyone know about it - you can update it whenever you see a missing tag or new MI have been added. Start the program and click save, instead of going here waiting and/or looking for the download to move it into the right directory. However, I understand if there are reasons not to use it. At least while I’m still semi-actively working on it I can fix issues anyone has with it.

That being said, if enough people continue to prefer the direct download, I will probably start uploading them again. There is not much reason for it right now, as far as I can tell it is still pretty much up to date give or take the most recent MI additions to the tool.

Tool just got updated to v0.2.2

Thank you for the quick update!

I understand what you say. Well, I think this is appropriate compared to other faction items. :slight_smile:

Edit: Updated the FullRainbow.zip based on this.

No idea. You gonna have to find out for yourself I guess. It’s easy enough to remove if it doesn’t work out.

Not sure whether or not screenshots are going to help, but here they are :slight_smile:

german Grim Dawn User here :slight_smile:

Tool works 100% with community Translation - Files !

Awesome , thank you for this !

Kepp up the great work !

Can I ask, what is the different between the " FullRainbow" (zip file) with the installation file (.exe file)?

Ok, so I try them, the exe file is really complicated, can I ask what is the benefit of using it rather than the zip file for casual usage?

if you are happy with the fullRainbow as it is, you won’t have to use the exe, if you want to make changes to it you have to change the files and that’s where the tool makes things easier.
So as long as there is an up-to-date zip and you don’t want to change anything, you can just use that. Eventually the tool will have auto updating for files etc, so you wouldn’t even have to worry about updating the files, but for now it mostly just makes updating them easier.

Hello, I am already playing for a few days with the Fullrainbow variant and the German translation.

When I play the Forgotten Gods act, I also get items displayed in olive green as if they were MI. They do not seem to be one. These items even drop quite often.

Since I do not understand much of the way the tool works but just use it for dyeing, I would like to know why. Do you know one?

Thank you

There isn’t much I can do to verify whether or not it’s an issue with the tool, unless I have the item’s name.

This is a good place to check if an item is MI

If you’re having an issue setting the path inside the tool, see if you are still running Grim Dawn, if so close Grim Dawn and restart the tool. I cannot get the files required for the change as long as Grim Dawn is running.

The next update will have warnings inside the tool, but no fix for it. I don’t see a reason to find a fix for this issue, since you’ll have to restart Grim Dawn after updating the colors anyway :wink:

Is there another way to get Full Rainbow until the link is updated? :upside_down_face:

FullRainbow Finished version

This is a finished version for people who have trouble using tools.
It is recommended to download and use WanezTool from OP if you do not hesitate to use the tool.