Trying HC for the 1st time - What are the tankiest pet and non-pet builds?

Hi guys,

Could you link me some resilient builds that are very suitable for HC?
I wanna try it, see if I can get some achievments, it can be pet or non-pet, but what do you think it’s the best choice if I don’t wanna die ever?


Conjurer class can be rolled as pet or non pet (vitality caster) and will be suited. Of course playing HC is also about skills, but this and of course full metal Warlord will give you good fighting chance. Also leveling Death Knight/Witchblade or other vitality casters should be relatively safe.

I vote for Conjurer :slight_smile:

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I vote the same :yum:

Conjurer has awesome pet builds. Non pet also conjurer and THICClord (pure retal or hybrid with EoR)

Also, I forgot to say, since it’s my first HC build, I don’t have any items, Z E R O

So I guess it’s easier to level with Conjurer and not Warlord right?

Between Conjurer caster and summoner, what would be safer?

Still Conjurer… :slight_smile: Pets or not pets? Who am I to judge?

No items? Also conjurer has a little piano playstyle if it doesn’t bother you, I personally dislike it, I like more QoL. Both can be good as starter, I can recommend you a guide, the leveling is too easy and you can respec later after getting the gear for true endgame. [] Dreeg's Dreidel - 2H Acid EoR Dervish - Beginner friendly MC farmer! . You only need the sword, you can ask it in discord for trade

Yesss I prefer QoL too, besides that build, any other that comes to your mind?

Not really, I started as WL and made my other characters from what I got. That build is made for Dervish (Oathkeeper and nightblade) but there is grim tools link (basically the skills placed) for Warlord, you level with EoR (spinning)

Pet conjurer has literally 4 buttons to press while playing. You consider this a piano build? :slight_smile:

You have 4? I manage with only 3. :wink:

Not dying is HC is a question of not allowing RNG factors to pile up. Even the tankiest guy can die if he’s unlucky or careless.

Pet conjurers are tanky but they got little in terms of heals You can still die if aggro doesn’t go your way, and enemies choose to gang up on you instead of your pets. But if that doesn’t happen, pets are maybe the tankiest of all concepts.

Vitality conjurers can heal a million health per second which combined with accessibility to ridiculously high health gives nigh immortality. Until situations arise where you can lose a million health in half a second. You can still get one shotted when debuffed and ganged up on.

So I conclude that retal soldiers are the tankiest. They can stack defensive layers to a point where they just don’t take dmg. At least not to any meaningful extent which even when multiplied by a dozen debuffs woukd be a threat.

Yeah, my problem is how do I level one in HC without any items? (since it’s my first char)
Is there any sort of guide for leveling retal Warlords?

Don’t have guides for retal warlord, but here’s my fresh start series for a vitality conjurer


As a relative HC noob, I also say Conjurer is awesome. It’s a very flexible class, which I find is important in early HC as you often re-specc when you find a cool item or two. Conjurer can do pets (not my thing but hey), but also vitality caster (easy life) or two-handed melee god (also easy life when you get a decent weapon).

There’s a reason Conjurer remains so popular and why it’s one of those classes that can go deep SR. And that’s because it’s very versatile and powerful.

A proper conjurer can do literally all content in the game, even crate of entertainment, which I believe some retal builds struggle with.

Leveling in HC is basically all about being careful and sorting through drops to pick up most useful resistances. Before level 40-50, it doesn’t really matter what class you are. IT’s also about knowing the evironment so if you’re a beginner without much clue how to level a char, HC isn’t for you. You’ll die and waste time. Enjoy SC first, imo.

Start up as soldier and pick up a two hander. Go for transmuted Forcewave and roll with it until you finish soldier with all the essentials. Go east with devotions but take Bat and Ghoul for safety. Then pick a second class and see what you can do once Forcewave gets old. That’s the oldest way to level a soldier.

This is my leveling log for my very first HC char:

Started in AoM days but conjurer is still alive, going for sr #25 now… The last achievent.