Two-Hander feedback thread

I maxed it out as well. You mean bleeding build Nadaan??
Piercing one is really lack of charm in my part.
That means I built it wrong, time for more tune up and see how it goes.

You could use it with bloodrager or targo. Considering you could do full pierce cadence I wouldn’t call it bleeding. The devotion tree used was entirely pierce focused for the bloodrager version.

It’s not as strong as it was in playtesting before better adjustments, but it’s still very good.

I guess I will keep campaigning for Leviathan till I die:

Mythical Leviathan

Zantai, this 2h-physical ABB stuff is not working. It’s way too gimmicky, it’s anti-synergetic and anti-thematic to the whole Nightblade class. Two-handed meta is picking up the crumbs and enjoying the side effects of your buffs to 1h Blade Arc (still doesn’t work) and Bloodrager set (meant for Bleeding).

Can we please start properly buffing two-handed items now? Blademasters have plenty of super strong builds, 2h phys ABB is the last thing that someone would do with their Blademaster.

Please, let’s rework 2H-Leviathan into proper physical 2hander that buffs relevant physical Soldier class combos like Witchblade and/or Death Knight.

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Mythical Gutsmasher

Can’t compete with Bleeding heavyhitters like Guillotine or Rancor or even that Gutripper gun. Bleeding EoR just sucks and does not make much sense: dot damage on a chanelling skill. And it’s not like Warlords don’t have enough builds to play with.

My suggestions: rework it for 2handed physical Death Knight or/and Occultist. Basically, similiar as suggestions to Leviathan. Leviathan can thematically support physical Bone Harvest while Gutsmasher can support something like physical Witchblade (add chaos/acid to physical conversions and maybe a RR bonus to CoF and +1 to occu).

Right now both items have strong stats and absolutely good for nothing mods. And it’s not like 2handed meta has too many working builds so we can start putting gimmicky mods like phys abb or bleed eor on bigest two-handers in the game.

Honestly I’d have liked Leviathan more as a cold soldier weapon since I’ve seen enough physical for them. Cold frostburn blade arc or forcewave maybe. And the amulet for cold cadence exists too.

Gutsmasher can be the physical bleed one.

There is a sword for that that can’t be matched. It’s bis for everything cold 2handed. And I have already made 2h cold Blade Arc build based on that sword.

Please, no, two different damage types, one is dot, another one is direct one, different devotions, different itemization. And Bleed already has Guillotine, Gutripper and Rancor. All while physical 2handers got basically nothing except still bad Avenger.

The problem is it’s called “Gutsmasher.” I am convinced on your first point, 2h cold blade arc already exists. Great. So I take back my leviathan suggestion even though it makes 0 sense that it’s physical dmg. Its proc is clearly cold looking. Cold righteous fervor, cold judgment, cold Rune of Hag + some auto attack of some kind, cold anything makes more sense on that item to me than physical. Just thematically. Cold Sigil of Destruction + something else witchbladey is fine too. Whatever. I will drop it.

But Gutsmasher unfortunately is competing with bleed stuff like you say… but just based on the name it either has to be bleed or trauma, and bleed is already done super well by other items… Guillotine OP now. Rancor is great, etc.

So Internal Trauma on stuff we don’t normally see? Maybe Internal Trauma Smite and Shattering Smash? Special ability of item is to unlock shattering smash for 2h weapon instead of shield only? And IT on one more thing to use with it? I don’t know. I just think themes do matter to some extent. Or its current attempt at bleed savagery etc. can just be buffed and its ability buffed I guess.

Cold forcewave sounds lovely with frosty spike sfx if it’s possible.
Imagining Lokarr’s fire ground smash converted to cold one.:heart_eyes:

Just based on its name “Gutsmasher” can be pure physical killer tool. And let’s not balance two-handers around “thematic” arguments, they are in a shitty spot and been in a shitty spot for years now, they can’t afford to be balanced around “thematic” stuff.

Leviathan fits physical Bone Harvest archetype just great.

Gutsmasher can be remodelled to whatever Soldier archetype needs it the most. I think it should be redesigned around Witchblades - class that has long lost any relevance outside of my recent physical Blade Arc build (that has almost zero Occultist bonuses, except good old Black Matriarch ring). Just think about how badly Witchblades need an identity right now compared to other traditional Soldier class combos:

  • Warlord. Godlike class with a lot of superb endgame builds: Octavius, Markovian, Warborn with a shield, dw Cadence Warlord, dw EoR Warlord. It also has Targo set now that keeps being injected with steroids every patch now. Fire Forcewave/Judgment Justicar. Physical Forcewave

  • Death Knight. Krieg. Dual wield Warborn (can actually compete with Warlord here). Blood Knight (mid-tier, but unkillable and unique to Death Knight).

  • Tactician. Octavius. Runebinder auto-attacker. Elemental Arcanor Forcewave. Dual wield Shattered set for pierce.

  • Commando. Not much, but fire Forcewave should be very strong with recent mines buffs.

  • Witchblade. Nothing. Does dw Warborn MUCH worse than Warlord and Death Knight (less damage and squishballs). Joke of a retaliation set. That’s it.

Basically every demo build has a commando counterpart for those who don’t wanna die. Also that fire blade arc I told you might be good but sharzul buff got delayed for next patch.

What skill do we want for WB? Physical BoD comes to mind but that’s too bland. Blade Arc/Cadence/FW are overused. Occultist just doesn’t have many good offensive skills that isn’t per based.

Leviathan could support cold forcewave just great too.
It’s unlikely Crate would let Leviathan support 3 classes.
If they do take advice and rework it to support Deathknight and Witchblade,
that would indicate a minority of players are gonna be ignored including me.
Not saying that I’d against it or be triggered by this possible make-over, still there are lots of options waiting to be renovated in GD.
Like Soulrend, also a good candidate for this job. Hardly see any powerful build pick it as top choice.
Designing new items is another solution only Crate is willing to burn resources.
Come what may, no matter what change Crate has offered we have to adapt one way or another.

I’m always down for more Witchblade support. Physical Sigil of Consumption? Ayyyyy.
Or even bleed Sigil and make blood spray up from it. Physical bleed sigil. Ayyyy.

I still think Leviathan being turned into a phys item made little sense but I’ll bite my tongue I guess. I only think one of the items ought to support Witchblade and I don’t particularly care how.

Also removing Guillotine from the list now. The Shaman side of it is broken strong atm.

Also also, leviathan being a cold weapon again and outright replacing boneharvest bone spikes art with rune of hagarrad projectile appearance, that’d be sick.

Bleeding Witchblade…well, this brings up Mythical Guillotine for me.

I know, the weapon got really buffed last patch but I still don´t see why Necromancer is supported. Bleeding Death Knight/Cabalist? Why not move it to Occultist for Witchblade/Conjurer? No RR needed, both would have enough, just some other Skill modifiers.

Personal preference can’t survive in a big community. Haven’t we learned this lesson ages ago.
Agreed It’s annoying item functionality doesn’t fit its name, what are we supposed to do, giving feedback for new name??
I really really want a two handed-weapon that support physical BM, and what choice do we have, playing witchblade instead??

Just add something that enhances Soldier side, no need to go all gimmicky with some physical sigils or anything. Something like convert chaos/acid to physica, -10% rr to Cof, 10% attack speed to BoD. All of those or two of those.

You have Sword of the Winter King and Soulrend - two strong cold two-handers, pick one of them for that mod. You also have Fire Forcewave items, Elemental Forcewave item, fire Blade Arc Conduit.

I don’t get all that need for item being “thematic” and “true” to its name. Also, two-handed physical BM is a super gimmicky build. And Blademasters got quite a few very very strong specs, all different flavour. Do you really think it’s wise to give Blademasters another build which is gimmicky and loses to every other Blademaster build out there all while Witchblades got jackshit?

I did mention that but again, it’s boring.

that’s physical damage in a nutshell, not much you can do. Witchblades will take “boring”, they’ll take anything. And personally, if I played Witchblade, having a unique and strong 2handed build that is only accessible to your class is anything but boring.

I know we have Fire, Lightning, and Elemental Forcewave.
What we don’t have is 100% physical damage converted to cold to Forcewave from item mod.
ATM I don’t see it will happen in the future.

You don’t have to. Arguing this issue is pointless.
No matter it’s your personal preference, mine or anyone,
the feeling is mine alone, it shouldn’t bother you or Crate.
Every item and every build exist for a reason. I do realize physical Witchblade is far superior.
I’m just role-playing a build with a specific damage type in GD.
Everyone knows it’s gimmicky build, doesn’t mean no one loves and enjoys it.
Also I did mentioned not against Leviathan to support Death Knight and Witchblade.
I want physical 2handers has a brighter future as bad as you.
Again there are lots of items that fit this job in GD,
Crate could upgrade some obsolete Epic item into Legendary ones too, tons of possibilities.
In the end if it has to be Leviathan, why not.

Removed Adversary from the list. Someone made a fine Grenado build with it. I agree with his feedback that Grenado could use faster projectile speed though.

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Haven’t check my build again in this new patch, but hellborne shouldn’t even in that list.
Edit: oh, you said grenado. Ok.