Upheaval devo proccing test results

Perhaps it’s common knowledge but I was surprised by this:

  • I bound Upheaval to level 1 Mogdrogen with 60 DA reduction
    (also confirmed on Meteor devo later)

  • I have 10% Crit Chance on a single Homestead dummy

  • I have 1 other WPS - 25% chance Feral Hunger

  • devotion shows usual 20% chance for Upheaval to proc Mogdrogen

I expected the proccing to be very bad - 20% on top of that 10% Crit chance is nothing,
similar to your usual WPS without many projectiles.

What happened instead was that I was able to proc Mogdrogen very quickly
after it cooled down with Upheaval, just as if it was a default attack replacer.

Turns out you don’t need to Crit and Upheaval to appear to attempt devo proc at all.

Instead of the proc change being

Crit Chance * (100% - total WPS%) * Devo Chance

and occurring only on Upheaval proc

(which would give me 10% x (100% - 25%) x 20% = 1.5% proc chance

it’s (100% - total WPS%) * Devo Chance = (100% - 25%) x 20% = 15%
so only slightly worse than Savagery itself (20%) in this case

(in comparison binding to Feral Hunger would give only 25% * 20% = 5% chance)

and you can proc devo with Upheaval even when Upheaval doesn’t proc

Of course other WPS don’t work like that and can only proc devotions when they proc themselves.
Perhaps it’s for balancing reasons because usually you have high total WPS chance
and you’d then never proc devotion with Upheaval if it needed criting as well
(well on a single target at least).

Another way to look at it is Upheaval proccing devo just as a typical WPS with (1 - total WPS %) chance
which is on the level of other WPS if you have a few of them
but far better if you have only 1 like in my example (just Feral Hunger).


So in other words, if no other wps go off, then Upheaval always procs; except it just does 0 additional damage when you’re not critting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


When I was working on the mod, I noticed that Upheaval template actually overwrites the default attack, but only activates on a crit. This is clearly visible if Upheaval has its own animation. This explains why Upheaval conflicts with classic WPS. But I haven’t tested how it works with devotion.

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Video showcase

However the real question is what 3 Farmstead Liberators are doing in my inventory.


Uniting the proletariat ?


This is surprising, but I doubt it was common knowledge. Upheaval seems to have a pattern of surprising behavior. I still remember the (very) old Savagery Warder build that bound Oleron to Upheaval. I have not kept up with the current state of affairs, but back in the day, upheaval procs always crit (or at least always counted as a crit for devotion procs) and hence always procced Oleron.


Makes me wonder, can you proc two Devos with the same attack because of this? If you assign an on-crit Devo to your main attack and another on-crit devo to Upheaval, the two devos should theoretically always trigger together, right? Or is there something in the code that only allows one devo to proc at a time? Can’t currently test this myself :frowning:

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w8 but it shouldn’t differ from default attack + standard wps, right?
I showed that Upheavel procs like standard WPS (although with potentially higher % chance equal 100% - WPS%)

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Well the difference is that it’s hard to make standard attack + WPS reliably coincide on their triggers. On-crit devos always have a 100 % trigger chance, so in theory a standard attack and Upheaval with on-crit devo should always trigger simultaneously. But if there’s something in the code that prevents that, then on-crit devos on attack and Upheaval might have a hidden antisynergy where one cancels out the other as long as it’s off CD.


My head hurts… Normal WPS procs on crit devo when it crits itself, right?
But since Upheaval procs even when it doesn’t deal damage… then when does it rolls for a crit?
Is it a hidden invisible roll? Or is it the same roll from the main attack? Probably the former.
Anyway, I’ll test it.


It is as you said, I proc both Blizzard and Korvaak on every Crit when having only Upheaval.

Then I specced into Feral Hunger as well (not shown in the video).
When Crit and Feral Hunger happened simultaneously, I only procced Blizzard.

It matches the theory that Upheaval procs like WPS with a chance complementary to 100%