[v.]AAR Sorcerer - X-ray machine

Since there weren’t much aether sorcerers around that do AAR I decided to make one. This is not a noob friendly guide sorry. I will try to give tips how to level.


As a sorcerer or sorceress you have access to the newly added aether RR on thermite mines which we combine with the rr of BWC, through the devotion tree of life you will have plenty of energy regen and you can play this in the normal campaign no problem its what i designed it for. I did complete crucible with it but it was not very fast due to lots of kiting.

The gear:
Head: Outcasts Secret, so this is for devestation and has some nice stats anyway or clairvoyant.
Shoulders: allagast for stun res
Hands:Mythical Aetherreach, best for AAR builds
Feet: grey magi for trap res and a cool proc
Chest: Fateweavers Raiment, for the res and it is aether so a good fit
Legs: Mythical wraithborn legwraps, nice proc and eather and oa
Neck:Mythical Peerless Eye, for the oa and 1 to all skills, myth essence of grim dawn
Rings: Mythical Albrechts duality, oa and support for AAR also a nice proc
Medal: Mythical Mark of Divinity, this is a safety net. or mark of anathema
Relic: Agrivix Malice, its something i had laying around but it has 1 to arcanist and aether damage so it fits.
Offhand: Mythical Aldanars Vanity, the cooldown proc is nice but also basically 1 to all skills on this or pulsing shard
Mainhand: Mythical Clairvoyants Wand, best for AAR builds

You cast aether corruption, BWC and throw out some Thermite mines, cast flashbang and devastation, nullification if it is a elemental enemy or if you want to dispel something. AAR is what you X-ray everything to death with. Since you be running a lot especially in crucible remember you can use “A” to force move, otherwise just bind move only to mouse button 1 if that is what you are used to. For mobility just upgrade you medal with one of the new mobility skills any will do just i havent dont that yet.

You can level a sorcerer(es) in many ways. Firestrike is one way to level just go ranged and firestrike everything, its easy to manage energy wise and it is quite save. Max out elemental balance and inner focus fast and do the entire firestrike line except static strike. This should get you all the way to level 100. Once you have the gear you need (i understand if you don’t have outcasts secret just use clairvoyant). Use the checklist and the guide on the forum for farming routes and cashes to open to get gear.

Pros and cons
+Nice aoe and single target due to AAR new mechanics
+lots of procs and safeguards
+oa shred and buffs for the team

-armor is extremely low careful for big hitters
-requires to stand still to cast AAR


mad queen kill


The GT link is so small that I thought you forgot about it. :smiley:

How’s the performance?

Do you think is close to MH or Binder.I like blast shield,but survivability is probably worse and you have to go all the way to the bottom of mastery to reach hellfire mines.

I am glad people play and posted unpopular classes:)

I made a second iteration that has less problems with survival but you need this green wich is very easy to obtain and there are better versions out there than i have but this works much better due to the lifesteal.

*second version added

Nice to see someone post a sorc for AAR and you did a very good job overall!! Some things I would personally change and I’d like you to try out: Try mythical essence of the Grim Dawn amulet or conduit of arcane whispers with %WD to AAR. They should both be better than eye of beronath. Also you definitely cannot use seal of might on any aether build, you lose way too much damage from the conversion. Try out a seal of resonance instead to fix your cc resistances, they don’t seem to be that good yet.

yeah the dps went from 112 k to 128 k when i removed the seal. I posted the build as the third version still nice res on seal.

I edited the skills a bit. Maxing blastshield was the best thing i did.

I added grey magi boots and allagast mantle instead of kriegs which wasnt a perfect fit anyway. Now when you come into a boss room at SR you are not instantly trapped/stunned and killed (you die afterwards ^^)

after some testing it seems that the lifesteal from the % weapon damage amulet isnt that effective and not worth the investment really. I found that the essence of grim dawn with the pulsing shard together give enough lifesteal. I pumped in some spirit attribute points and put in another medal which made my dps jump from 130 k to 175 k dps on AAR. I also removed devestation entirely as i found it didnt add much except clutter my screen. Anyway all this sacrificed something like 100 oa and da but i think its worth it. Also vitality res suffered a bit but i don’t know how to fix it.

i added a damage version that does about 20 k more damage (damage of the essence of grim dawn version was 190 k after the patch) You can do lots of different things with this build. If you want lifesteal you go with the offhand for it, only thing is that i found that the lifesteal through the amulet that adds 24% weapon damage is a bit lacking even if you have very high lifesteal. But in the devotions is a lot of healing already so you can do fine with the damage version too.

im still not completely sure how conversion works. I am pretty sure that the vitality conversion from the offhand in the damage version will not be converted since there is already a conversion before it to vitality. But i am not sure how the lightning conversion will be divided between the 100% from the hat and the 30% from the offhand. Maybe it will be 70%-30% conversion but i doubt it. I added a screenshot as that is needed for build threads really.

^In this case as per the conversion mechanics:

  1. damage only gets converted once
  2. skill-based conversion has a higher priority

So all AAR lit->vit (hat) and lit->aether (offhand) happen first in a weighted manner, ie vit (100/130) and aether (30/130). And because it is has already been converted once, there will be nothing left for the offhand general conversion to do here.

thanks for clearing that up

if you wanna learn more

This too


Does the lifeleach from the restless remains sync with AAR. If not, why not use spellwoven threads for the increased damage benefits?

yes you can do that.

Although the life steal works as percentage of your weapon damage, so in reality ~3 doesn’t make much difference.

So on casters without much WD you need either to have big life steal or stack multiple defensive layers. And why not, both?