[] Fire AAR Sorcerer: Haze

note that the updated version of this build will be placed in the second post!

This build i made after making a Aether AAR build you can find that here. I decided that i wanted to try the fire version and started building this what I have now.


NEW build what i use now


Some core build choices
everything in spirit for max damage only physique for gear. Also the masterbar of demo is at 41 skillpoints thats exactly enough to support my weapon.

The items
Weapon: Hexflame, its a craft and key item
Offhand: pulsing shard, try to get something with physical res.
Head: Justice, because of the armor bonus mainly another option is pyran
Neck: Conduit with the 24% weapon damage to AAR, keyitem to this build
Shoulder: Justice, for the armor bonus another option is to replace this with dawnshard
Chest: fateweaver, resistances physical res. Just a multipurpose armor. now its justice
Hands: Aetherreach it gives the hard needed skillpoints
Legs: you can do whatever here but something with some life on it would be nice. arcane harmony
Feet: you can do whatever you please here
Belt: Phantom-thread girdle, it has +1 to arcanist oa and + damage and energy absorbtion great allrounder but you can do whatever here
Medal: Mark of ulzuin, key item
Relic: iskandra’s balance, great proc +1 to arcanist
Rings: Lights oath and combustion band or 2x lights oath.

AAR: both AAR and disintegration are very important for the damage in this build
Flashbang: nice da debuff
BWC: for procing elemental storm and the physical damage reduction
Thermite mines: for the RR and procing fissure
nulification: handy skill for debuffing shields and reducing elemental damage
Mirror: panic button
Displacement: its needed for this build to get out of sticky situations and keep your distance
canister: to proc raise the dead.

You cast BWC, mines and flashbang and start AAR ing everthing to death. If you get overwhelmed try to use teleport to get out and get them in a line behind you so you can get em all at the same time.

Crucible is fine, SR although resistances are overcapped over 30% and energy management is fine is always tricky. One type of bossroom all nemesis jump you at once no matter what you do and then it becomes a bit tricky. If you can lure em 1 by one you are totally fine. I did a 75 rift died and closed at 76 due to just to much agro.

video of crucible 150-170 4 buffs

Beginner tips
Don’t start a new build and use AAR the energy management will be terrible whatever you do and it will not be so nice. Try using firestrike and ranged, use IEE second skill and last skill to boost your oa and crit damage. Always use innerfocus max. Firestrike line you need the first and last skill max at least. Try to get some lifesteal in your build at a little higher levels to stay in the fight. Use mobility skills as soon as you can get them.


reserverd for inevitable improvements
everything that is suggested and added in my current build i post here as a new build so keep this in mind

justice chest: it has been suggested as it gives a crapload of da, also you give up about 9% of phys res to swich but you gain a butload of da and armor
essence of grim dawn: it has been suggested as you gain some lifesteal and you can invest in different devotions. I however chose for the conduit lifesteal method.
arcane harmony legs: it has been suggested these have skill disrupt protection so i took em.
Light’s Oath: I have a really crappy roll atm but overal it offers pierce to fire conversion some healing increase, i thought it would be a better fit.

NEW-Build with justice chest and dawnshard shoulder-NEW


Improvements explanation
Now bat is linked to AAR for some more sustain and i can facetank most nemisis np (hate you grava) also there has been changes in the devotions, i never thought of using raise the dead devotion proc to get that point resistance reduction instead of ellemental storm or the last skill from BWC. Overal everything has gone up. Overcap is a gone down a bit but its fine really (until you get RR on you and die). I invested a lot of points in DA while that could have been done simply by augments and justice chest which by changing that freed up devotions that i used for DA only(wolverine). Now meteor shower is there together with more lifesteal due to revenant.

Thanks to

Thanks to Ya1 and sir_spanksalot for thinking with me on this. And nery for helping me with the basics of uploading to the forum thanks.

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Nice build. I made something similar except it was just like 5 times glassier because I was trying to make a spec capable of competing with lightning AAR.

One critique - arcane harmony pants is without a doubt BiS because you need disrupt resist.

ok ill look up those pants but i have no grim dawn stash or any mods so might take some time. I noticed this disrupt its anoying as fuck

It’s craftable. So maybe you have it already.

Nice build!

I agree with Spanks about Arcane Harmony legs, super dope. Spirit, DA and disruption protection-vital stat for AAR builds.

Oh and can you please upload pics directly in the forum, cause they look broken otherwise :sob:

about uploading ill try to fix this.

its done thanks, nery. also the video is done of my crappy crucible run.

Don’t disparage yourself. Completing 170 is an achievement in and of itself.

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Can use a ring with “of Gildam Arcanum” suffix instead…

Sorcerer cant really compete to Mage Hunter in terms of tankiness, so it’s a natural outcome.

@BOG - Firstly, the BiS ring here isn’t reign of ice and fire, nor is it “of gildam arcanum,” though both are phenomenal choices.

In my opinion, BiS ring is this - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zDYykZ


  1. A devotion I highly recommend OP to try is Bat. it’s great. Ring converts some pierce to fire.
  2. Better conversion on 2x seal of blades + better OA.

Also, the dude is playing self-found. Good luck finding an “of gildam arcanum” ring with OA capable of replacing that of reign of ice and fire, and which gives relevant %damage.

The 2 things all AAR builds need to shine.

As for tankiness, no it’s not because it can’t compete to the magehunter, it’s because I built mine like this - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD4E9pZ

ill check out that ring, though my stash is a total mess i just throw stuff in there no order what so ever lol

Reign of ice and fire is a great choice too. Especially with the crafting bonus. Ring change is only worth it if you squeeze in bat, if not, don’t bother.

You have so much adcth as it is anyway.

What I was trying to do is to compensate for the %adcth loss by stacking as much raw damage as possible.

Sheet value 1 DPS value in game was 320k before all procs. ~6min 30 (3 + 1) clear.

Lightning AAR is still the king

EDIT: I’m never going to make a guide out of my build because I think it’s too gimmicky (i.e. it’ll only ever survive in MC and buffed/bannered crucible). Also, the only reason why i can pilot it is because I normally play naked crucible.

Feel free to try the changes if you want, but it’ll become a build extremely dependent on positioning to survive.

well if you saw what i did in crucible it didnt go smooth, i am basically a one trick pony i pick the same arena and lure them around the rail then they kind of get stuck a bit and go in a line and i kill em. not very fast but whatever, im not good with caster builds either but i dont like playing these retal warlords either for me some danger is required.

I can link you a video of my piloting the AAR sorc if you want, I dunno if that’ll be useful.

yeah awesome

Trick is to blink back and forth between the polar ends of the enemy pack

yeah i do a lot of walking which eats time like a mofo

I dunno what playstyle you enjoy best, but for me, it’s glass cannons.

The suggestion I give people is this - when you do your “first draft” of your build, make it excessively glassy.

You will die a lot. That can’t be helped.

But in that process, you’ll learn a lot about how to maximize your builds potential.

That’s when you start to slowly tone down the DPS, and increase defence. That way, as you polish the build, it becomes easier and easier to pilot.

If done in the opposite fashion (i.e. defence heavy first draft, with gradual increments to offence), the build becomes harder to pilot because you’ll have developed many bad habits which stems from an over reliance of face-tanking, when a simple shift in position, or altering the casting sequence of your skills might have been all that’s needed for you to survive in the first place.

Yes, that ring is good. If you can keep decent resists with it.

I’m done. Sorry BOG, but it just seems that you’re constantly out to disagree with me, when all I’m trying to do is put forth my honest opinion.

Like look at OP’s build. He/she has 100% overcaps on elemental, which renders reign of ice and fire’s resists kinda worthless. Chaos res on light’s oath is straight up better here.

But you do you, mate.