[v1.0.0.2] Piercing Primal Strike Conjurer - 8min BoC Full Trash Clear, 15sec Fabius kill etc..^_^

Update: mozarus killed clones of bourbon on HC with a variation of this build, scroll down to see his version, i basically pasted the contents of his PM for those interested in the elementalist version, with a couple of my own comments. Overall I feel elementalist is a significantly tankier but with lower damage/quality of life.

[i] This build is based on the gun [COLOR=“Purple”]Vortex of Souls which has a 100% chance to pierce. This means that primal strike’s aoe explosion will trigger on every enemy hit by a single shot. Resulting in each enemy in the group being hit by multiple primal strikes in 1 shot from you. 1-2 shots will decimate an entire screen of tightly packed mobs since each mob will be hit by multiple primal strikes in a single cast. Much like lightning fury in diablo2.

Note that graceful dusk’s description is bugged above, the gun actually has around 250-250 base dmg, full aether.

Basically enemy A standing close behind enemy B. A gets hit by projectile, primal strike aoe triggers hitting both A+B. projectile pierces A, then hits B, primal strike aoe triggers again, hitting both A+B. Repeat. Go to 5:30 in the BoC video to see this effect in action.

Finally special thanks to the tall handsome individual who gave me a free ultos’ gem, when I couldn’t find the damn thing in trade.
[v1.0.0.2]Video: 8min BoC run, full trash clear, killing nearly every white mob

[v1.0.0.2]Video: 15s fabius kill; facetank 100-0% no consumables. Note that against most single targets, we switch to ultos’ stormseeker for more single target dmg

This gun also have very high base dmg, that full aether. meaning no conversion required. making falconswoop very powerful, a full 390% weapon dmg in aether per proc.

Primalstrike by itself is weak against single targets, however, due to torrent being a separate attack, it has 2x chances to proc per cast, meaning falconswoop has 30% chance to proc on a single target. This ability shotguns at close range, making it extremely powerful against single targets, this effectively remedy’s primal strike’s weakness against single targets. (if you aren’t familiar with this ability, see my spellbreaker guide for more detailed explanation on falconswoop)

1 more advantage of a 2h gun, is the ability Silverspread from silvercore bolts is very powerful, since its 80% weapon dmg x 5. and does 50% more vs chtonics. You will see in the boc video, that while we are pretty good at facetanking, we can fight prefectly well from range, esp with silverspread against cthonic bosses. One strength of this build is that you can facetank to maximize dmg but you don’t have to, playing safe from range is perfectly viable.

Against nonchtonic single targets, weapon swap to ulto’s axe as it does more dmg against 1 target, ie. fabius etc.

Without +skills. note slight variation depending on belt choice

LMB: Primal Strike (devotion ability falconswoop)
RMB: Silverspread
midmouse: Blood of dreeg
mousewheel up: Bloody pox (devotion ability arcane bomb)
mousewheel down: Curse of Frailty
keyboard 1 - wendigo totem
keyboard 2 - weapon swap

Cast curse of frailty + bloody pox (to trigger arcane bomb), then if convenient, line up the pack a bit before shooting into it. against weaker packs just CoF and shoot, dont need to cast bloody pox.

against high hp singular mobs, i.e. bosses, switch to ultos’ stormseeker, as it does bit more damage against single targets. Position urself right up against the enemy not just within melee range, this is to make sure all projectiles of falconswoop hits them.

In BoC, silverspread is very powerful for finishing off higher hp mobs, you dont really need to weapon switch against heros here.

Shar’zul Tips: easily facetankable with wendigo totem, start by charging in with ultos stormseeker. when he enrages, he can still be tanked but also have chance of bursting u hard. so when he enrages, switch to gun and fight from range with primal + silverspread. silverspread with a 2h weapon hits chtonics HARD. -> see boc vid.

Fabius tips: switch to ultos’ stormseeker. zerg.

Finally remember to stutterstep. move forward inbetween attack cooldowns to avoid wasting time, like playing dota/lol etc.

Due to having very high Crit dmg from devotions/overleveled stormcallers pact. We focus hard on OA. my char has around 2900 OA at lvl 77 without procs (ring proc up 100% of the time so not really a proc.)

Belt either stolen dreams or guthook are ok. use guthook vs fabius for human dmg. stolen dreams energy burn can get annoying against reflect mobs, so use guthook always if ur lazy.

Head: Ultos’ Hood sancified bone or leatherhide + 15 psn resist augment
Shoulders: Ultos’ Spaulderssilk swatch+ chaos/aether resist augment
Chest: Ultos’ Cuiress chains of oleron + 15 psn resist augment
hand: Elite Harvest Grips spellwoven thread or unholy inscription + 10%fire/cold resist augment
Leg: Empowered Legplates of Valor silk swatch+ 7pierce10fire resist augment.
Relic: Eye of the Storm - ideally with +1 Torrent
Weapon #1Vortex of Souls Silvercorebolts or hellsbane ammo augments = +human or chthonic dmg
Weapon #2Ultos’ Stormseeker Amber or imbued silver. augment = +human or chthonic dmg
Ring #1: Closed fist of vengeance corpse dust or ectoplasm +sanctity of mogdrogen augment
Ring #2: Open hand of mercy corpse dust or ectoplasm +sanctity of mogdrogen augment
Neck: Ulto’s gem arcane spark + Kymon’s reduce enemy dmg augment <- very important, since our spam is >100% weapon dmg, this enchant effectively a free warcry with no cooldown or casting animation.
Belt: Girdle of Stolen dreams or Guthook Belt molten skin+ 7pierce10fire resist augment.
Boots: Elite Rhowari Greaves traveler’s mark + 7pierce10fire resist augment.
Medal: Blackstar of deceit black tallow or attuned lodestone or arcanespark

Note the faction green gear - you can keep remaking game to roll the best stats on them before you buy.

Arcane bomb debuffs both aether+lightning resist which is perfect for vortex. spear of heavens adds both aether+lightning dmg, once again perfect for our gun.

we don’t need much defensive devotions because shaman tree offers so much hp/healing and also we mostly fight from range and most of the time we don’t take that much dmg.

Leveling guide:
Lvl with physical focused primal strike. get primal bond. After finishing primal bond primal strike+torrent+heart of the wild. go to occultist and max CoF first to debuff physical/lightning resist. you can do this all the way from 1-75.

Initially find high dmg 2hander, both range+melee. go melee when u can tank, if cant, go range. silverbolts is a great weapon at lvl 50 to use all the way til 75. Oh and rush kraken on the devotion, u can get it really early, shit is beyond broken and makes leveling a joke.

In closing:
This is quite possibly the best full screen clearing build i’ve played so far. I was surprised how good it was at killing single target as well which was unexpected.

Very satisfying and fun to watch 1 shot clear the whole screen and a bunch of orange numbers pop up. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it :slight_smile:

elementalist version from mozarus:
First rule: Dont even try this build without Mark of Divinity.
Second rule: Dont fight when Mark of Divinity is on cooldown, better go to town / exit game.

Major diffrence Conjurer / Elementalist

  • Blackwater Cocktail + High Potency (Amazing HC skill)
  • Blast Shield (Even more amazing HC skill)
  • Better OA with Flashbag
  • Max MS
  • Higher HP
  • Better Lighting Damage
  • Lower Physical Damage <- I think actually a bit lower overall damage going from CoF to thermite which is a rather poor quality of life type skill
  • No Aspect of the Guardian means need to swap belt (before 75lv U can be 1shot by totaly OP Dreeg Evil Eye) <- not sure what he means here

Without +skills.

Gearing diffrence:
Hand: Grasp of Unchained Might + (Unholy Inscription)
Weapon #2 Ultos’ Stormseeker (Blessed Steel + Potent Essence of Ch’thon)
Belt 1#: Ulzuin’s Torment (Molten Skin)
Belt 2#: Empowered Alchemist’s Belt (Molten Skin)- for +80% poison resist
Boots Alt: Golemborn Greaves (Mark of Mogdrogen)
Medal: Mark of Divinity (Attuned lodestone)

Leveling tip:
Primal Strike 1p > Thunderous Strike > Max Torrent > Max Wendigo Totem > Max Primal Strike > Max Primal Bond > Max Heart of the Wild > Max Blast Shield > … whatever
Falcon Swoop > Hawk > Eel > Kraken > Behemoth (Gigant Blood) > Widow > …

Link to image:

<a href=https://zapodaj.net/9abe547f14675.jpg.html>zapodaj1.jpg</a>

<a href=https://zapodaj.net/e5f9f0f70dcb9.jpg.html>zapodaj2.jpg</a>

Link to char if U want:
pass: Raziel

Attachment: _Wraith.zip

Your builds are getting more and more insane for every passing day.
Well done on the theorycrafting. Impressive build to say the least.

Very nice build, I may try this out.

I just noticed the character name, nice choice.

definately needs nerf…

Inb4 Vortex of Souls nerf

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Its funny I’ve been building something similar lately, with RakaJax.


Got to try the rifle and the axe to test while it works



how would this build be for a newer player? i have beat the game on normal and few chars in the 30s. Having hard time finding which to stick with but i dont have much for like great leveling gear or anything. so would be pretty fresh.

I debating between this and a warder retal build w/ blade arc for some kind of dmg lol.

I have a conjurer around lvl 20 as a pet build that i would just respec to this.

This one relies on endgame gear and ranged primal strike is more challenging to build than average fire striker. I went from feeling OP to underpowered and back frequently while leveling and I have lots of items to support it.

The rifle is mad. I have same sheet DPS with it by the way, 26K.

Finally someone made this thing work!

Never occurred to me to go for Conjurer, I was always focusing too much on the aether damage. I have a lvl 80 Conjurer and an Ulthos set, I just may give it a try.

ok thank you!
I will get me another guy up to farm some gear before I worry about this.

Damn bro! I just finished making your Pyromancer build and now you want me to try this? Sigh Okay…

You beat this game over and over with style. You are really good at this. I wonder why your builds are not on build compendium :confused:

You can also use the 2-handed rifles Will of Fate and its empowered version to trigger the same effects while leveling as they too have the “100% Chance to pass through Enemies”, however, I believe it is not listed in-game…

Very good build.
But why not druid?

I have this gun and it doesn’t have the chance to pass through enemies ?

I imagine that curse of frailty/vulnerability resist reduction gives you more damage than anything in arcanist. The way the game is balanced right now reduced resists is pretty much the single most valuable damage boosting stat.

This :frowning:

It doesn’t say it on the in-game weapon sheet, apparently. But it still passes through enemies from what I’ve seen.

Same with the Will of Fate rifle someone mentioned earlier.

I think jajaja can smell the nerf from a thousand miles away but anyway still gonna try this next time.