[v1.0.2.1] Electrocute Warder(?) - A Shockingly Versatile Build

(update 11/8 - added leveling guide, see below)
(update 10/22 - added kubacabra vid)
This is hybrid melee/caster build with high dps that is designed to be tanky and versatile. Facetanking most of the time while also having the ability to fight from range against extremely dangerous mobs such as madqueen/zantarin in crucible.

While electrocute is a huge damage source, you are by no means lacking upfront damage, there is still respectable amount of flat lightning damage dealt. Unlike older bleed builds, this is not RNG dependent as the electrocute is applied through zolhans/feralhunger which is 50% of your autoattacks and have no cooldown, with decently high OA crits will happen often and fast.

Basically we swing a few times and apply a big electrocute DOT with zolhans/feralhunger then move on to the next pack, weaker mobs will just die to upfront dmg, strong mobs will tick down to the 10secs of DOT dmg. In the meantime you are throwing around storm totems for long range screen clear. Stormreaver makes stormtotems have 2sec CD (down from 5secs) with a 4 summon limit, while lights defender set gives many +skills to to it to take it to 26 without many points. Stormtotem is a prefect compliment for electrocute build because interrupting your melee to cast it doesn’t hurt much at all once you get your 10sec DOT up.

[v1.0.2.1]Video: Kubacabra.

[v1.0.2.1]Video:Gladiator Crucible Wave 140-150.
3min 49sec clear.

I just got back and still suck at doing crucible, (it also lags alot for me) the vid was my first clear, I’m sure a more experienced player can do it better/faster with this build than me.

-high damage both ST+AOE (can kill dummy in 20secs with a few secs of precasting)
-tanky, 21000+ HP with 3k armor and 70%+ stun/freeze resist
-lots of lifesteal, including burst lifesteal with haunted steel ability+ghoul devotion proc
-able to fire and forget (apply dot and run) against harder enemies
-can fight from ranged when needed
-2 sources of life return, wendigo+lifesteal, more versatile vs highly lifesteal resistant mobs
-takes a few secs for damage to ramp to maximum potential
-no hard circuit breaker when not using Mark of divinity, but have two soft circuit breakers with menhir’s will+ghoul proc
-high lifesteal but somewhat slow attackspeed so its not as consistent as a DW’er

GrimTools http://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVb1dzz2

CORRECT WEAPON/ENCHANTS ON WEAPON SWAP - the one with huanted steel. stupid GD tools :
The last few points can be moved around between raging tempest and squad tactics depending on what medal you using.

LMB: Savagery (devotion ability - Arcane Bomb )
RMB: Blitz
mousewheel up: Wind Devil (devotion ability Hand of Ulto’s)
mousewheel down: Storm Totem (devotion ability: Elemental Storm)
middle mouse - heal pot
keyboard 1 - Wendigo Totem
keyboard 2 - Haunted Steel ability

basically hold left click while scrolling mousewheel up and down to pop your winddevil on CD and storm totems. Move around a bit to not let enemy AOE stack under you. Storm totems+hand of ultos provide very good ranged AOE clear as well as nonreflectable damage against reflect mobs. also for very dangerous mobs (i.e madqueen/zantarin), you can fight them at range with totems+wind devil while you run around and kite - you can see this in the crucible vid vs mad queen.

drop wendigo if your gonna stay in that spot for a while, blitz out when theres too much enemy aoe on the ground. pop huanted steel ability as you see fit.

[SIZE=“2”]IMPORTANT: DON’T MELEE REFLECTIVE MOBS! Use totems/wind devil to kill them. Totem dmg not reflectable

Gearing: (everything Mythical unless specifically stated otherwise)

Pants: ___ Alekansder’s pants of Vitality are BIS by far. i dont have it so i’m using a solael sect. if you dont have MI, you can use Feralmane leggings. (your components + enchants will change depending on what pants / gear rolls so i didn’t bother listing them all. basically if you are capped on resist, you can use the 3% health enchant from Barrowholme on your body pieces)

There are probably better MI stuff than aetherstorm rings/tempest sigil, but these are pretty good and very easy to get.

Head:Light’s Defender helm (craftable)
Shoulders: Light’s Defender Shoulders
Chest: Light’s Defender Chestguard Chains of Oleron
hand: Light’s Defender Gauntlets Spellwoven Threads
Leg: Ideally Aleksander’s Pants - X of vitality scaled hide.
Relic: Eye of the storm - ideally with +1 stormtouched/feral hunger
Weapon #1Stormreaver (craftable!) Haunted steel + Potent Malmouth’s Will
Weapon #2 optionalany good ranged lightning weapon Haunted steel + Potent Malmouth’s Will
Ring #1: Aetherstorm Seal Kymon’s Vision
Ring #2: Aetherstorm Sigil Kymon’s Vision
Neck: Peerless Eye of Beronath Kymon’s Vision + Seal of anihhlation
Belt: Avenger’s Girdle
Boots: Stormtitan TreadsMark of the Traveler
Medal: Tempest Sigil or Mark of Divinity Attuned lodestone

Only really need Mark of divinity for Crucible since dying there really sucks. For vast majority of other places you are more than tanky enough

Leveling guide:
see post #2

[COLOR=“DarkOrange”]In closing:
I’m not sure if Warder or Elementalist is better thats why i left the (???). I really think blast shield is a very godly skill espeically for a DOT application build (you can apply your dots and kite when necessary), total speed from vindicative flame is very strong as well, due to us using both melee+casting. However, you lose blitz, which you will likely need to do a weapon swap using riftstone and haunted steel in 2x weapons. You will also lose a strong DOT applicator in Zolhan’s (to be replaced by maxed upheaval) and some resists.

I will probably give elementalist a try when I have time.

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Leveling guide:

lvl 1-3 hit a few things and pick up a 2h weapon if possible. Start shaman, get to primal strike asap.

-> go to crucible if you have it, do wave 1-10 on aspirant for a bit, and use tributes to buy the first 10 devotion points or so. then go back to the campaign to get a head start on devotions.

if you don’t have cruci then proceed normally.

max primal strike line asap and level with transmuted primal strike - focusing on lightning.
get a few points in heart of the wild line and eventually work your way up to stormcaller’s pack.

-you may have trouble finding much conversion early on , which is fine, just level with a hybrid primal strike. The advantage of primal strike is that if your defense is weak or against really strong enemies, you can swap to a ranged weapon (even if low base dmg is ok since theres plenty of flat dmg on primal) This way you don’t need to focus super hard on defense compared to leveling as pure melee.

If you have mana issues, put as many ectoplasms in your gear as possible, and even level up mogdrogen’s pact. you may farm ectoplasms in spined cave in A2 from ghosts if its your first char.

lifesteal -> is very good for leveling get them on rings if possible, if not you can put some points in ghoul/toad.

Devotions: basically the important ones while leveling are -> #1 kraken -> #2 elemental storm #3 -> hand of ultos. rush these and get prereqs as you see fit.

components: other than ectoplasms. use sancified bone in helm+chest for big resists. there isn’t anything good for melee weapons so use purified salt/imbued silver. for ranged weapon, you can use the lightning one with the aura. 1-2 scaled hide for armor absorb

after you have stormcaller’s pact grab winddevil/arcanebomb for more -resists once able.

once you reach AoM content, you can go far enough to unlock coven/barrowholm reputation so you can continue to gain them in earlier acts on the next two difficulties. as late A5 is a bit hard, you can skip it on normal/vet since you cant gain malmouth resistence rep outside of later parts of A5 anyway. This will also allow you to skip aether resist while leveling.

when you need to grind exp, do it in BoC.

stay in elite until lvl 70. and if you are using rep scrolls you should have mostly revered so you can get all the nice resist enchants on your gear before moving on to ultimate.
most important resists while leveling: fire, poison, vitality/chao

as per others, stormtotem/winddevil is good leveling tools as well. i have not tried this so can’t comment. i’ve lvled many chars with primal strike and know that it works so thats the one i put here.

how you level after elite really depends on what kind of items you have/find. non-myth stormreaver’s item ability and is an extremely powerful leveling option. you can switch to savagery once you have enough aoe, but also depends on what kind of gear you find.

quests not to miss that give bonus stats/skill points:

-Hidden path line in all difficulties
-minerva(ghost npc) near broken hills WP, all difficulties
-devils crossing aether crystal one - can’t miss this one
-the other you, starts with killing sylvarria in A5 coven hub, +1 skill point ONLY on ultimate. you don’t have to even do a5 on other difficulties.

Nice Build !
Any vanilla video ?

That build can be played in HC ?

If a build can solo gladiator it can easily handle HC. Keep in mind this builds power is fairly gated by items though it can definitely work without them. Will be quite tanky regardless, but damage will drop a lot w/o sick item. Was really worried you had posted my fairly different electro warder :smiley: Nice build / glad you’re back sir

edit: Finally tested my version with Wyrmbone helm. Was able to hit 530k on dummy with rly aggro setup, but your build is far tankier though. Electrowave is fun though :slight_smile:

I see you’re back

I see you’re sense of humor is back with you as well :rolleyes:

So why no elementalist? Also how consistent is DoT ticks for you? And what is your average DoT tick. I was very much interested in Electrocution this expansion good to see it works

Welcome back JaJaJa, sir.

Your builds + JoVs will probably make Zentais life a misery due to the sheer OP`es :slight_smile: Looking forward to all the ideas you have!

It seems pretty cool then, shaman or soldier in first spec ?

Was wondering why not elementalist too. Obviously you can make warder more tanky but is that the only reason?

>More experienced player

Thanks for the laugh. Good to have you back.

nice to see you back around here, stillin love with savagery/lightning dmg i see :wink:

How come people keep asking for elementalist? Is it supposed to be much better than warder?

Can you do this build but with mythical items??
Nice build bro!

Well it has access to more DOT damage and critical damage for example.

He’s back!

It’s like Christmas came early this year. Expansion followed by another jajaja build!


which faction to prioritize for recommended EQ?

lvling and endgame

how do i see the skill points without the +1 bonuses on the skills


This looks like an awesome build. I always wanted to play a melee two hand build. I will give it a spin. Thank you!