V1.1.9.0 pre-bitching discussion

bees deal pierce and acid damage, so you don’t need any physical resistance.


Ember’s Calling looks okay-ish for some melee Fire Pyro action other sets look gimmicky tbh.

But no physical res seems to be a bottle neck for those sets.


the sets look rather nice but probably it’s the only good thing about them.
3% phys res all over 3 full sets - really?
Ember Calling has a nice idea behind it but why no melee support like some more FS? as melee FS is in a kinda bad position now. And moreover, it’s a heavy caster set for a spam skill with 0 phys res. Auromancer? But still, it would be greater if UW activated from ALL attacks.
Goredrinker looks okay.
The aether one is more like a joke. Combination of Upheaval and Regen (like on Avenger - oh, wait …) but ridiculous support for aether Druid. No RR, no flat, just a regen buff for a temp buff - Arcane Will?


New sets are SR fashion clothing line, especially the last one :sunglasses:

Physical resistance you say, nope resistance is futile!


The bleed set looks fun, though wish it didn’t have an amulet slot taken so I could use a conduit.

Thanks Crate for continuing to give us new content!

Disclaimer: the following is going to be rude. If it’s going to “hurt” your sensibilities, don’t read it.

Groundbreaking idea incoming…try building around the lack of physical res as opposed to shitting on the free content regardless of the “skins”.

For all the self proclaimed “elite” players you would think they would find a way to get 30+ phys res and still blow through SR 60+. Pretty sure there are other sets that are doing high content with little built in phys res.

Legs 4-6%
Boots 3-5%
Devo 4-10%
Use a phys res class 10-15%

Hmmm looks like 30% to me…

Use a shield…almost 40-45%

Yeah looks fine to me.

Additionally, no one, minus Crate or testers know what else is being included in the patch.

It’s no wonder Crate doesn’t want to post changes because the flies swarm it like the poo that came out of my cow this morning.


Sorry, mate, but I am not sure you understand what you are talking about here.

Not all the builds have the luxury of getting physical resist thru devotions. Sometimes it’s in your way, sometimes it’s not. If you sacrifice neccessary devotions for devotions with physical resist you will end up having weaker build both offensively and defensively.

Getting a “phys res class” sounds even more ridiculous. Are you suggesting that all of those sets are to be played with Occultist, really?

Again, this is nonsense. If you use a shield on a caster or a melee nightblade you will end up hurting your build a lot, and no amount of physical resist will make up for either caster’s off-hand or second weapon. Again, both offensively and defensively.

First of all, congrats on having a cow. Second of all, it’s not like that. It’s about Crate sometimes being tone deaf to suggestions of the experienced players/builders. Couple of examples from this grim misadventure:

  1. Fire DEE is below meme status, especially when DEE itself is still below mediocre. It’s been said few times already (and there is an off-hand for Fire DEE so it’s not like it’s a new thing). Yet set supports Fire DEE of all things. Same with Sabo support - extremely weak class, especially defensively. The conversions on the set suggest melee FS sabo, yet 0 physical resist 0 support for Fire Strike make this another pipedream. Instead we got Vindictive Flame support (like what?)

  2. Pierce/Bleeding set for Paladin. Again, community complained about Paladins having weaker sets and thus fewer high end builds. What does Crate do? Teases BLEEDING PALADIN set. Like come on. Bleeding meta is half-dead and you are forcing Bleeding on Paladin of all classes? How will it work without good source of Bleeding damage, lack of %Bleeding damage passives and no %Bleeding damage exclusive with a HEAVY armor that prevents meaningful Cunning investments?

Personally, I appreciate Crate’s effort to dish out new free content, but oh my god, why can’t we have three strong synergetic sets that make sense and instead we get three meme sets which design is honestly baffling to anyone who played Grim Dawn past Shard 50?


The problem here is not that the sets lack phys res, it’s the fact they lack something defensive. Sets like Light’s Defender has no phys res but it has % armor, and black scorch has Ritual Circle.

A set doesn’t need phys res to succeed, it just needs some sort of basic defense.


Yes there is that part I missed so all sets actually binded to a certain class. Ember builded around Occultist, Goredrinker Inquisitor and Veilkeeper Shaman to get %20 phys resist without sacrificing too much. You get %12 from softcapped AoG, %15 from softcapped AoC, %8 from MotB transmuter of Savagery plus their set has %3 from shoulder so %11. I also forgot that Nightblade side has phys resist aswell(Wasn’t playing for a few weeks). So nothing ideal but managable.

Nah sorry man. You’re argument doesn’t have legs as it’s based on your build parameters and not the entire communities. If you build like “most folks” the sets are fine.

No doubt you’re a better player than I but my standards allow for much larger variety of builds.

I assure you non duel wielding nightblades can do just fine without self imposed build limits.

Good luck with the new sets though. Didn’t read your argument, sorry.

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Most of the community ( or at least a big part) doesn’t even do endgame so these things don’t matter anyways.


Exactly because it is always center on self imposed build limits. That has and always been the case. When you take away what’s “best” or “meta” the world to builds opens up large when your not pidgeon holed into 4-5 min CR or SR 80+

Lee is back in full form :smiley:

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Aside from wanting to see better fire/elemental support on paladin, this certainly looks like a way to mix up a half dead meta by adding additional class support? Adding bleed support to existing classes isn’t going to do much for a stale meta. We’re not privy to other item changes that may support this, but it appears to be trying to address the concern

Just gonna jump in on this part with 2 points:

  • Fire DEE (and Chaos DEE for that matter) won’t get any better if they don’t do anything. They’ve shown they’re willing to try which is better than nothing.

  • We literally only have the sets, we know nothing about the full patch notes which could include further buffs.

Honestly, some people around here need to try being more optimistic for a change.


This “meta” doesn’t mean much when bleeding builds are very powerful right now. More variety is very welcome, but I agree that the set doesn’t look great for bleeding on a paladin.

@Dmt There’s a difference between heavily recycling art for new (paid) releases, and devs making content when they don’t even have to for a free update and making do with no or limited artist availability.


Because to put it simply - it won’t work well for the reasons I have mentioned. Adding a stillborne build to half-dead meta doesn’t address the concern.

It’s okay, this is the level of argument that I have grown used to being on these forums for ~3 years.

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  1. fire DEE is meme because it lacks item support
  2. Item support is added to fire DEE
  3. “Why support fire DEE, it’s below meme”

The circular logic is real


no, fire DEE is meme because DEE is meme in itself.

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