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hand slot before rings, no?, or did i misread Grey’s pic?

Hand slot? I though you did my GT links in game.

ye i’m on avenger warder, and the sheet there says 0 pierce with 1 or 2 twisters, and 100% phys dmg
which makes sense if mono ele comes before tri ele or when the handslot is before rings

so what hand slot are you talking about?

Avenger club is handslot, ie it takes precident over ring conversion, and would so either way
mono ele>tri ele>hand>ring, either way it shoud be 100% lightn, and that’s what ingame sheet says too

Don’t call it a hand slot when there is literally a hand slot (gloves)


z literally calls it right hand/left hand… why can’t i :pouting_cat:

I thought you mean gloves LOL

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ye figures now by what Snazzer said :flushed:

still, this makes it mad curious
i know 110% i’ve seen multiple times people saying tri ele>single element conversion priority
why/how/where when does single element suddenly come before tri ele, or is it purely because it’s on weapon slot conversion in Avenger case?? - or have “people” been wrong all this time?
i mean there is a reason Norzan too made the quote he did, it’s been “standard knowledge” for a while that Ele conversion took prio

I just tested with Blood Orb of Chthon on off-hand(it has %100 elemental to chaos aura), a weapon with some fire>cold in main-hand and Flame Touched active, everything is converted into Chaos, no cold or fire damage whatsoever when I activate the Blood Rite.


stop confusing me even more :weary: :confounded:
alright, guess elemental conversion now entered Cadence territory, and nothing makes sense :triumph:

So Mythical Quillthrower of Dreeg has cold->acid conversion and enhanced AoE for ABB, but Mythical Hagarradian Enforcer which look like it is suppose to be weapon of choice for cold range ABB has no conversion or anything… Maybe it would be good idea to add like 50% acid to cold for ABB to this weapon?

@Ulvar1 I tested Avenger + Ring in-game.
@grey-maybe Lightning to Phy on Weapon slot comes first


weird, shouldn’t conversion always be full values and not decimals?
it’s from cold conversion, you have a bit of flat cold that gets converted as ele->pierce

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wait sorryr, I’ve got some devos on this guy I need to resett it :man_facepalming:
this might be the reason not numerical error
Then probably no Pierce

[edit] Ok no little pierce now @Gnomish_Inquisition :


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Far as I understand, Avenger’s Crusher (and Gladiator’s belt) can roll up to 120% conversion, but obviuosly since over 100% is meaningless, only 100% at most is displayed, while the actual conversion can be 120%.

So, let’s say it got 120% and the ring has 20%. I don’t feel like doing any math now, but as we all know if conversion rate is over 100% it gets “pushed” to somewhat equielize them, so we get like ~90% percent lightning to phys and ~10% elemental to pierce.

It might be a total crap so don’t quote me on that =)

I made mistake with having some devos - it’s pure Phy

[edit] I’m lucky that weapon comes before off-hand because I’m leveling a build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrB3EGZ with

  • Beronath sword (100% Ele to Phy)
  • some off-hand with X% Fire to Vit

and I want it to be Physical.

I thought this is due to Ele->Phy taking priority over Fire -> Vit
not the Weapon conv taking priority over Off-hand conv

so if it was the other way around I would be screwed.


@fordprefect Wait, so your test contradicts it?

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this would work differently because conversion is not on item but on aura.

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I tested it and it works in favor for me.
I guess it means Auras work first that’s why @fordprefect got his result

because here stuff from off-hand seems to work first

Now it makes me wonder what weird builds concepts I may have missed due to this complicated mechanics.